E-MAIL DATED: November 11, 2003

TO:   Sunny Coffman

FROM:   Linda Keith


Greetings all:

I have been waiting for 1 month and 7 days to write this news to you!!  It is a most thankful praise report!!

On October 4th of this year, I suffered a stroke.  When it happened it was, indeed, a scary thing.  I woke up at 3AM, and thought that I had slept on my arm wrong.  So, I got up and walked into the living room. As I walked, I noticed that my left arm and hand was like “a swinging piece of dead meat”.  I sat down and just rubbed it, thinking that I could bring back the circulation into my arm.

I had all kinds of thoughts, thoughts just scrambling through my mind.  (As I had experienced going through this very thing with, both, my Mom and my Dad.  I sat there in panic for 15 minutes, and all at once a PEACE came upon me and the THOUGHT that just engulfed me, was, “I AM ONE WITH FATHER AND NOTHING CAN TOUCH HIM!”  

That happened at 3:15AM. Just as though nothing had happened, I went back to bed. STILL, the ONLY THOUGHT that was in my mind, was, “I AM ONE WITH FATHER AND NOTHING CAN TOUCH HIM.”

I went to sleep with this thought, and none other, in my mind.  I got up at 8AM, called my sister, and we went to ER. Sure enough, they told me that I had had a stroke and sent me home, telling me to contact my family doctor. No medicines, nothing.  This was on Saturday and I could not get in to see my family doctor until Tuesday (because he is closed on Mondays).

I got in to see the doctor early on Tuesday and he just told me the same thing the doctor at the hospital had told me.  So, he sat up appointments with 2 doctors; one for a brain scan; and one with a nerve doctor. The brain scan came back OK.  The nerve test was scheduled for yesterday.

When the doctor got back, the brain scan report, it showed that all was OK.  So he then scheduled a scan for my neck, thinking it might be a deteriorated disc. That scan, also, came back OK. The nerve test was set for a couple of weeks later. So, I just waited.

I WAS NOT led to ask for prayer!!  I felt it was for some kind of learning, or a testing. I spoke with only 5 people about what had happened.  I was told, by one sister in the Lord, to search out “the left arm and the left hand.”  More and more I felt that Father was telling me something. That PEACE that I was engulfed with, 15 minutes after it happened, had stayed with me; ALONG WITH THOSE WORDS: “I AM ONE WITH FATHER AND NOTHING CAN TOUCH HIM.”

As I started to do a study, I remembered that the RIGHT HAND of God was BLESSING; and the LEFT HAND of God was JUDGMENT (which means, changing that which is not correct). And then, I just was not led to study it out. So, I talked and listened (mostly listened) to Father every day for a period of time. When I pray, I don’t just pray for a person, I go to Father and WAIT for Father to TELL ME WHAT to pray, and I pray the words that He gives me. IF I receive nothing, I pray nothing. And IF I am not led to pray for a person, I don’t.  I also learned, to not ask just anyone to pray FOR ME.  Although they might and usually do have good intentions, people can pray OUT of Father’s Will and end up causing a person to go through something all over again, if they do not allow Father to tell them WHAT to pray. So, I ask for prayer ONLY when Father leads me to. So, like I said, I only talked to about 5 people when this happened. (GRACE!)

So about a week or so ago, Father spoke and said, “the ARM strengthens the HAND”.  That’s all that He said.  As I pondered this, my attention was on my arm and my hand. It was still a hanging piece of meat, at that point in time. I began asking myself, “if the arm is the strength of the hand, what am I reaching for?”   It all came together at ONE TIME!!  I have been teaching of our being ONE WITH FATHER!  The hand represents “ministry”. Not always ministry behind a pulpit, but THE LIFE WE LIVE IS ACTUAL MINISTRY!   I kept asking, WHAT AND WHO am I REACHING FOR with my arm?  Being ONE WITH FATHER!!  That is the thing that strengthens the ministry in me, FATHER’S LIFE flowing out from within me/Him.  

Along with this receiving, put together with the Words that FATHER spoke, “I, AM, WITH FATHER AND NOTHING CAN TOUCH HIM”, I knew WHY the stroke had happened; and was being shown HOW the reaction of us that KNOW that it is Father’s Life being lived through us, NOT us AND Him, but just Him, must react to ALL THINGS.

Father allowed me to see some fear in this, the first 15 minutes, just to show me that AT ALL TIMES, we must immediately allow HIS THOUGHTS to come forth and regardless of the appearances of things, KNOW that HE is working the working that is being worked through us, that HE MIGHT BE SEEN!!   Glory to Him!!

Once this was clear to me, I went about business as usual. And one night I was talking to Jan Antonsson, via email, and all at once I REALIZED THAT I WAS TYPING WITH BOTH HANDS!! From that time on, my arm and my hand was back to the way it was before the stroke!!  Praise His Wonderful Name, which we ALL share!  Glory to Him, our Life!!

I want to thank those that did encourage me. The Body is indeed strength to other members!!

I wanted to share this wonderful news with all of you, to share with you that, Father is INDEED LIVING HIS LIFE through this flesh body of ours/HIS, and HE is teaching and bringing to pass, that HIS THOUGHTS  are/will be the FIRST thought that will come upon those who are walking , talking and having their BEING in Him.  Knowing that INDEED, that it IS NOT US LIVING, but Him ALONE!

This is the 2nd time that Father has dealt with me, using my left arm!!  The first time, all I thought of was HEALING. This time I KNOW that He is showing that HIS THOUGHTS THAT MUST come forth, regardless of appearances.

More and more, HE is PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY MANIFESTING ON EARTH. Bless Him!!  Today my/HIS arm and hand is as it was created to be. Thank You, Father.

Be blessed and love of Father to you all,  Linda

Let us continue to seek God until we awake fully in His likeness, and remember, “When He appears we shall be like Him, for we shall see him as he is.(1 John 3:2)

HEALING REPORT [Linda Keith]          1


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