POEM – HEALING TIME [Sunny Orly Coffman] 12-25-95          1


It’s time to see above the circumstances.

It’s time to walk in the Spirit – safe and sure.

It’s time to venture into trust and take our chances

It’s time to allow God to mend us and bring the cure.

All of us have been victims of an enemy plot.

We’ve allowed Satan to kill, steal and to destroy.

God said we’re the winners – Its time for destruction to stop.

It’s time we stand up, act like winners and stop this ploy.

Jesus gave only one new commandment.

He gave us life that we might do one thing.

It’s time we search out the enemy’s encampment.

It’s time to locate the enemy’s weapons and remove their sting.

Satan may have used rejection to defeat you in your walk.

For another he may have used jealousy, gossip and strife.

Unforgiveness has been the subject of much of our talk.

Placing the blame on another could be the focus of your life.

Whatever lie you have believed that’s brought you misery,

It’s only a tool to bring division, loneliness, and grief.

Jesus came to remove the power of our enemy’s usury.

It’s time we trust Him and receive His precious relief.

It’s time to lay down that which we’ve built against the other.

It’s time to cease our efforts in the blaming game.

It’s time to receive the pure love of God and pour it out on our brother.

Who is our brother?  Jesus said we’re all the same.

It’s time we stop bringing pain to our Holy God

And drop on our knees in reverence of His power.

It’s time we give our pain, regrets and sorrows to the Lord

And let Him bring His peace and joy in this hour.

Our self-focus has been a stench in the nostrils of God.

When He sent His precious son to die that we might learn to love.

It’s time to be concerned to obey the commandment of our Lord.

It’s time to allow His sacrifice to produce in us His unconditional love.

Love is the Godly salve that heals all pain.

Love is the judge that covers a multitude of sin.

Love is never extended in vain.

Love is the warrior that conquers all and causes us to win.

Our own ability to love is limited and small,

But the love of God in us can cover the world.

It’s time we’re baptized in His love and answer the call.

He said that we are to go into all the world.

But, Master, I lay hands on the sick – Your miracles I did do.

I traveled the world and preached the gospel to them all.

But He said – you didn’t do what I told you to.

Loving your brother is my only true call.

Healing the sick and doing the miracles are fruit that will come,

But the real call is to love those that abuse you.

It’s time to put our hands to the plow – not just love some.

But to lay down your issues and let God flow through you.

God is a Spirit and He uses human hands to heal.

God is love but He pours Himself out through you and me.

God’s new commandment is love – It’s the Holy Seal.

God’s love will open blind eyes and allow us to truly see.

Has God called you to a healing ministry for Him?

Has He placed the power in your hands and the desire in your heart?

Has He put a fire in your bones to hate all sin?

Are you standing at the gate – anxious to start?

Just remember – God alone does His holy work.

For His own reason He’s chosen humans in His plan.

But He rewards only those who do not shirk.

His first commandment – to love each and every man.

It’s time to allow the Healer to rise up in you.

Let Him take control of all you think and do.

Give Him the reign over your agenda.

And allow Him to bring you into His arena.

POEM – HEALING TIME [Sunny Orly Coffman] 12-25-95          1
































POEM – HEALING TIME [Sunny Orly Coffman] 12-25-95          1


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