AUGUST 9, 2003

For one to hear the voice of God, he must have the ability to be Silent… willing to give attention to the words Father is speaking. 

One must also realize that he is not the center of attention.  Pride hinders accurate hearing.  Humility enhances the ability to receive clear instruction.

The scripture speaks “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches.” [Rev. 2:11] I do not believe that is referring to a building made with human hands, but to us, as individuals, the building that God created from the beginning. 

Once the resistors of pride, bitterness, fear and pain of damaged emotions are removed, a clear channel opens for communication – spirit-to-spirit.  Spirit now outweighs soul [right inner relationship] and peace prevails. It is in this state that LIFE can come forth – a river flowing from within.

God never speaks through power of suggestion – manipulation.  He always speaks a clear, direct word.  A pure heart receiving His word is quick to apply the instruction or revelation given.  A servant’s heart is set to please his Master.




















HEARING WITH THE INNER MAN [Roger Dale Coffman, Sr.]  8-9-03         1


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