Jesus submitted to burial - raising out of the waters of judgment and was anointed at Johns baptism. The heavens were opened to Him.  A voice from heaven confirmed Him as God’s son.  

When God sent His son into the world He came as the only begotten son. He came as the way for man. This Jordan experience was His identity as a man. His true nature was spirit. He was and is bringing this relationship to mankind, having now accomplished this. He assigned Peter to open the heavens to man. (Matt.16-19) Peter fulfilled this commission. He was given the keys to the kingdom. He opened the heavens to the Jews (Acts, chapter 2).  Then after being convinced by a vision, He opened the heavens to the gentiles (Acts, chapter 10).  

John saw the temple opened in heaven and the ark (Jesus) opened (Rev.11-19).  In chapter 12 the man-child emerges out of the covenant (word).  This is the corporate son of man. God's ministry of the heavens is now opened to those who believe and hear. The veil on the hearts of men is rent and access in Christ is provided to man. Now all may have access in one spirit to the Father (2cor.3-12) and (Isa.25-7).  No other access is provided for man. The son came to bring the believer to the father. It works. We may ascend out of death on the wings of the spirit to dwell, in spirit, with our feet walking on this earth.

This place is not available to man. The veil of confusion and ignorance is rent from heaven to earth... in the son of man coming out of heaven (John 3-13). Now faith is here to realize that the finished work of God in Christ is given. Israel had the assurance of God's promise that the land was theirs to take… now fulfilled in Christ. 

Jesus said I am the door. By me you may go in and out. In him the heavens are opened. God sent His son into the world to generate a holy nation... not made up of Jews or gentiles. Behold - I lay in Zion a Cornerstone - chosen and precious - to those who believe He is precious. This is the very stone the builders (Israel) have rejected. This is a people who were not a people. They are now the people of God (1 Peter, Chapter 2). These are chosen to be hated of all nations - because they have taken His name (Matt. 24-9)

God makes out of one flesh every nation, setting times for them to seek Him (Acts 17:26-27). Christ Jesus was given up by the chiefs and the scribes to be put to death (Matt 20:18-19).  Matthew tells us the last days will be similar to the days of Noah. Here in figure, a chosen family is gathered to escape the Lord’s judgment of the nations… those who rejected the word of God. The ark was a figure of that, built by the word of God, to be a place of refuge when God’s judgment came on the nations. This present escape is not a rapture of man. It is a new generation - in the sons of God... not a doctrine or hope… but is now reality for the believer. 

Now faith will bring the heavens open and receive the finished work of God… now brought to this world in the witness of Jesus, the anointed. There is one way…it is narrow… few find it. It is life out of death… faith out of doubt… joy out of sorrow… spirit out of flesh. The heavens are opened. The veil is rent. Let us together enter with boldness all prepared for those who love God. Now the end is come for begging or pleading God to do something. Behold! All things are now ready. Hope gives way to faith. What manner of love is this - that we should be called the sons of God… by Him.







HEAVENS OPENED, THE, [Lloyd Ellefson] 1-15-04          1

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