When Jesus was sent in the likeness of sinful flesh, for sin, all judgment is given him by the father. This qualifies Him to bring judgment in the spirit realm. Sin in the flesh is now condemned. Now judgment to flesh works is put away. It has no purpose. Man is already judged and all have incurred the penalty of the law. Now all are in death. All having participated in flesh and sin. They have no virtue to reverse the punishment. The light of this situation is revealed in the Christ of God (John.3:18-19) (Col.2:13) 


Just what did the son who came in the flesh identify with? This world, sin, death and evil men? In one way or another he took part in all of this experience as man. What of hell? Did Jesus experience hell? Peter gives us some insight on this. (Acts, Chapter 3)  He reports David prophesied that Jesus’ soul would not remain in hell, nor would his flesh see corruption. So Christ did partake in hell. Yet there is no indication that there was fire or physical torment some other place than earth. The physical took place during his arrest and scourging. This was physical. We know that human body parts, the bones, remain in the earth for a long, long time. So hell fire with endless torments cannot be an after death physical experience. It is recorded that after the cross, our Lord was only gone for three days and nights before he appeared again. Being raised in spirit, he spoke to the spirits that were disobedient in the days of Noah. (1Pet.3:18-20) This was not to humans. This earth in one way or another still embraces those bodies. The hell experience for Jesus must have been while on earth. Hell is a place of the unseen - a place where one does not perceive who or where he is. In the spirit realm humanity is inhabited and led by hordes of spirits. They are estranged from reality and from the true nature of God, Christ, and the creation. All mankind has spirits they are led by. All as sheep are lost without a shepherd. 


This is the hell that Jesus came into. We have the record of what these blind men did to the light bearer of spirits reality. When on earth Jesus marveled at man’s unbelief. He was beset by accusations that he was of the devil. They ridiculed his confession that God was his Father, intimating he was born of fornication. They accused him of having a devil. He had Jewish leaders following him constantly, and men bearing false witness against him. They chose a murderer to be set free, leaving him in bonds. He was mocked, spit on, scourged and killed. Feeling separation, he cried out (not father this time) “My God why hast thou forsaken me?” This, plus other oppressions, was his soul enduring hell on earth.


This evil world demonstrates hell here and now. To our lord there was no one to stand with him. Today this world brings the suffering of hell without selection. The saints identify in part. No one can really fully know what the only begotten son really had to endure. An understanding of hell is limited to those who hear the spirit. Man is unable to hear. Today God speaks through his Son, spirit-to-spirit. Man is ignorant and in his mind hell and heaven is but an observation in the mind of the flesh. His confession is born of imagination, not revelation. The religious systems harbor the same ignorance as the world. Isaac and Ishmael had the same father. Yet Isaac was persecuted by his half brother. Isaac was born of God’s word in a promise and prefigures those now born of the word that brings a fruit the flesh has no ability to generate. This is the basis of Christ’s conflict with the world and the religions - a conflict everyone born of the spirit will experience. 


Israel represents the servant under law. A covenant that is not in effect to the saints. We, born of the promise, are to cast out the bondwoman and her son. They have no inheritance with us. (Gal.4:19-31) The spirit of Christ enables us to be righteous without the Law of Moses. Replaced by a desire to do and be the will of God. Those who have chosen heaven as a dwelling, see Christ as a lesser of the two. The heavens are a false hope. They are the place where the real conflict resides. God has not offered heaven. His offering to man is His Son. “If the light in you be darkness, how great is that darkness.”





HELL…? BEEN THERE [Lloyd Ellefson] 7-21-04         1

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