As I joined with our small home group for prayer, the Lord stirred, and this word came forth. Though it is a difficult word, it came with a bubbling sweetness, quite unlike the usual feeling of prophetic words regarding judgment.

I saw a huge wave, rising up and getting ready to break upon the whole earth. Then these words came: 

“My children, judgment is about to break upon the entire earth.”

Then, I saw the children of Israel huddled in their houses in Egypt, and the sign of blood on the lintels.

“Only those who do not forsake the covering of My blood will be protected during this judgment. Do not forsake it! Let nothing tempt you out from under the covering I have provided for you for every one who comes out from under My covering will be broken in judgment.”

It seemed the word was finished, so we began to fellowship in worship songs again. Suddenly the prophetic word was stirred within me again, and this came forth:

“Just as I brought the children of Israel out of bondage immediately following my judgment upon the Egyptians, so, too, will I bring those who remain under my covering out of bondage after the judgment of these days is completed.”

I feel that this is an important word to the church. We are looking for revival but this is NOT a time for revival. Rather it is a time for judgment. Stay in the secret place, you and your family, with Jesus, until the judgment has passed. THEN the Lord will lead us forth out of Egypt, by His own word. Do not be hasty to believe every ‘word,’ but test them carefully against the scriptures. Many, many false words are going out in these times. Trust only the anointing within to teach you unleavened truth. Cling to Jesus not to a fellowship, not to a doctrine, not to a movement, not to a leader, not to your own understanding. 

Cling, I say, to Jesus!
















HIDDEN IN HIM [Brenda Imus]          1


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