SEPTEMBER 22, 2012


They that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31 Old Testament Prophesy)



In the New Testament with Christ as our True Identity the Old Testament Prophesy should read: “We who wait upon the Lord [wait #6960: bind together in oneness] shall renew our strength; We shall mount up with wings as Eagles, WE shall run and not be weary; WE shall walk and not faint.”





In the scriptures, the Holy Spirit uses The Eagle to symbolize a higher plane of active faith in a dimension beyond the elementary doctrines of Christ. It is not in the future. It is a present tense dimension. The goal of this article is to act as an encouraging invitation to all: “Let us go on.” “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrines of Christ, let us go on unto perfection. (Hebrews 6:1) The word principle is #746 Greek ‘arche’ and means ‘commencement in time’: i.e. We commence to go on ‘after’ we learned the doctrines of Christ; “let us go on unto perfection.” Perfection is also completion, and completion is ‘overcoming the last enemy.’


So we together make the choice to leave the views established in our elementary, ‘earth connected Crystal River and Crystal Sea studies’ as Truth 101; and sign on to“ The ‘Masters’ Ascension into the realms of Eagles.” If you are with me, say; “According as God wills, Yes and A-men.” The air will get thin, but we have the promise: The Holy Spirit will be the spiritual wind beneath our wings.


Jesus said, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:48) ABRAHAM’S PERFECTION was introduced in GRACE.


In God’s preparation for Covenant with Abram, the LORD said to Abram; “Walk before me [in front of me], and be thou perfect. (Genesis 17:1) The Principle of our journey into Perfection embraces the daily pursuit of the goal. My views are based upon the understanding that the Life our LORD GOD has NO physical presence in His Earth, except in and through His Spirit Covenant man.


Abraham was not only physically positioned in front of the LORD; he was also in this Earth His Father’s face. Paul declared that Christ was the SEED of Abraham. Christ was the Seed that was promised to Abraham. Paul further spoke to all those who are ‘Christs’; you and I, ‘in Christ’ also are Abraham’s Seed (Galatians 3:18 & 29). “Beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord”; takes on a more personal, unique application. He is talking about seeing our own face as Christ’s face in a mirror (2nd Cor. 3:18).


Choosing to Ascend into our true conscious identity: We are Spirit, in Christ. We will launch our journey from the Court Yard of Moses Tabernacle. That is where the Holy Spirit first introduced me to Christ in 1954. Let me remind you that Moses means “one who was drawn from the water.” Each of us can relate to Moses because that is how we arrived here in this physical dimension; we were drawn from our Mother’s water.


We began to remember our Spiritual origin when we became aware that Our Creator had foreordained that ‘when Christ was raised out of the ‘waters’ of the Jordan, we were Spiritually in Him. When He fulfilled the prophesy of defeating the last enemy when He was Resurrected from the Jordan, we were then and are now part of His Resurrection. Therefore; “As He is, so are we in this world. (1st John 1:17)


Moses was selected and Anointed (Christed) for a very special task; He was to create a vivid contrast between Israel’s mortal human Adam life and the Spirit Life of their Creator. They were created to be God’s physical image. We learned from Scriptures that Moses was to accomplish his assignment by building a physical Tabernacle Sanctuary; to house the description of The Creator’s Nature, written in stone for emphasis. We are privileged to live in the New Testament Era of Grace and Faith understanding. The Tabernacle was a physical working symbol of our Spiritual body. The daily role of the Priests, in the Moses Tabernacle Pageant, gave us a pattern of our role as the priesthood of Christ today.


Our Father has shown me how He used the Altars in the Tabernacle of Moses to illustrate how the fiery heat of the Sun, filtered through our atmosphere, changes the waters that run down as rivers into lakes and seas and oceans into a lighter than air mist, causing it to rise or ascend into our atmosphere and continue into the ‘ionosphere.’ According to the Sciences of Hydrology, at 22,000 feet the moisture mysteriously takes on an electron, which causes it to spin and become drops. As it continues to rise, the temperature drops to below freezing. The ionized drops cluster into larger drops and get heavy enough to begin to fall back into the atmosphere. The temperature in the atmosphere changes the ‘drops’ into sleet, rain, hail, or snow. When the Earth receives the moisture, it is also re-charged with the ‘heavenly’ electron.


I trust that our Teacher (The Holy Spirit) will give you a rhema revelation of how He is daily pouring out the ‘extra electron Believers’ upon a dry and thirsty ‘Tzyon people.’ (Zion is the Hebrew word Tzyon and means a ‘dry, parched wilderness.’)


Pause (Selah) and allow the Holy Teacher to give you the pictorial illustration. The Teacher will guide you through the preparation of the clean animal, representing the person who brought a Sacrifice. You will see the fire that came from the Presence of The LORD to ignite the wood on the Altar. You will watch as the ‘fire’ changes the flesh of the sacrifice into a spiritual ascending energy; which follows the same pattern as the water in the atmosphere that we described when the Sun changes water into a mist. It is the same pattern because it is the same Author Who is always the same. 






















HIGHER GROUND ASCENSION, #1 [Rudy Jones] 09-22-12         2

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