JANUARY 3, 2013




JANUARY 3, 2013


“We who wait upon the LORD shall renew our strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and we shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31 crj)



We were told by Astronomers and Prognosticators that on 12/21/12 all the Stars, the Planets, the Moons and our Earth, as seen in the night sky, would all align as they were 26,000 years ago. The date 12/21/12 has passed and seemingly nothing happened, at least in the visible realm; however there are suggestions, even evidences that ‘changes’ are happening in the in-visible spiritual realms.


Writers like Seiss, Bullinger, Capt, Velikoski, Job, Jasher and David in the Psalms have kept us interested in the role that the night sky plays in revealing God’s Plan for the earth. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus’ birth was announced at night. He came into this dimension ‘in the fullness of time’ (i.e.just at the right time). When He hung on the cross, the night sky came at noon, to make the Constellation Pisces visible  announcing a new 2,000 year administration. When Abram was born, the Magi observed a new star, announcing his birth. Many things are happening in the night. 


Personally, in my quest for enlightenment, I had a dream; or I should say I had a very scary nightmare. When I awoke, completely exhausted, I rolled onto my back and I heard in my Spirit; ‘You have had a Jacob experience, like he had at Peniel. When he was totally exhausted the Angel touched him.’ I sensed in my mind;

‘When you were worn out and flat on your back, your Pineal gland opened.’ I lay there quietly and waited to see or hear a word from the Spirit. I heard in my brain a tune that I recognized; “There will be peace in the valley, oh Lord I pray.” I couldn’t remember the other words.


I got out of bed, washed my face, and went to the computer. I typed in the words I remembered and the first verse showed on the screen. It said; “When the Lamb is the light, the night will be as bright as the day.” Immediately I was aware that when the Constellation Aires guided the Magi to “The Lamb as our Light,’ he revealed to them for us, God’s Salvation message; “Peace has come on Earth.” The Light in that night sky confirmed to the Magi (Astronomers) the Savior’s birth. The constellations’ night messages proclaim the ‘Day’ message of the New Testament; all should agree. The Gospel in the Stars and the Gospel written as scripture are a second witness to each other.


The ‘overhead’ night sky, viewed from our Earth, now is proclaiming the messages of Aquarius. The Constellation of the ‘man with a water pot’ is the Father, fulfilling a prophesy spoken by Jesus when he said to Peter and John; Go into the city and look for a man with a pitcher of water....“And he shall show you a large upper room [already] furnished: there make ready. (Luke 22:7-13) I suggest that we are positioned NOW to individually experience the ‘prophesy’ fulfilled. Selah.


Today, go outside and look into the night sky. The man with a pitcher of water over head is Aquarius. Jesus said; when you find him, ‘make ready.’ I believe that ‘make ready’ is for us as it was for Jacob, when he received a new nature. Becoming part of Father’s Plan for His Kingdom begins with recognition that ‘we’ are helpless (‘flat on our back’) to help the Spirit put His Plan into operation. Make ready is surrender, for “It is The Father who doeth the works.” Faithful is He who calleth you; who also will do it.”


When Jacob received his new nature, he saw things as God saw; they had a single eye. Physically the ‘single eye’ is seen as the operation of the Pineal Gland; it is designed to ‘See what our Father Sees.’ Jesus said; “I do only those things that I see the Father do”; “it is the Farther in me, He doeth the works.” Jesus said; “Let your eye be single.”


Connecting Aquarius: Aquarius is the picture of a man, on one knee, pouring water out of a pitcher. The Constellations emit upon the Earth their ‘electrical spiritual’ energy. Aquarius is the Constellation directly above the Earth now. The picture of a man bowing on one knee is actually ‘a picture definition’ of the Hebrew word GRACE. Strong’s Concordance defines GRACE as “a Superior bowing in submission to a lesser.” Aquarius pictorially prophesied eons ago that the Creator, as man His Son, would humble himself and make Himself, ‘a  Servant’ and pour us out as His Living Water Word, upon and into whosoever will believe; qualifying them for His Kingdom.


I propose that 12/21/12 was ‘the time fully come’ for God, as man the Son, to come into operation; when ‘First Fruit’ Believers were qualified to put into operation Romans Chapter 8, where Paul prophesied that the whole Earth and we ourselves, would be in ‘travail’ waiting for the Adoption (‘The manifestation of The Sons made ready.’)

































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