FEBRUARY 9, 2013




FEBRUARY 9, 2013


“We who wait upon the LORD shall renew our strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and we shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31 Adapted to New Testament Personal Revelation)


This is a short preface to the search for a clearer understanding of the word ‘Agape,’ used exclusively in our New Testament to define God’s Love. I wanted to know the origin of the word and how He intended its operation.


The Subject of this study has developed over ten years of recurring interest. Being aware that our body is the Temple and Dwelling Place of God, my interest has focused on how our Heavenly Father designed us to experience and manifest His Love Nature.


I turned to Wikipedia, my new reference source, along with research in ‘Merck’s Medical Manual’ plus the Thibodeau and Patton’s‘ Structure and Function of the Body’ to find how the human brain determines the origin of a word and how a word affects our nervous system. My revelations opened ‘doors’ I never expected.


The brain uses Information, in the form of thought, to make decisions. It flows from one nerve ending neuron, to another neuron, across what appears to be an empty gap, which is called ‘synapse.’


“The synapse is really just a gap.” (crj) I shouldn’t say ‘just a gap’ because the gaps between nerve ending neurons are not only in our brain, but also in our entire nervous system. Every cell in our body contains billions of tiny intelligent decision - making brains, and each one is an intelligent brain.


The very Presence of the Invisible Creative Power of GOD is in the gaps, in the synapse of every section of nerve cells, in every person on Planet Earth. Selah.


Now picture in your mind, a spark plug in an automobile. The ‘spark’ plug has a gap where it creates a spark in order to create combustion or ‘life.’ It is the same in our quantum body. God, Elohiym, El Shaddai, YHVH, Yehwah, Yeshua, or Theos are all names that Christian ‘believing’ men have used in their effort to discover the origin of life. I propose that our thought life creates a ‘spark.’ God designed the process so that His Presence in His Kingdom is in the ‘spark’ (sp-ark, sp-arc); in every spark, all along the journey to conclusion in the head, in every synaptic gap. That rhema revelation will change your perspective of life. Chew the ‘cud,’ ruminate and consider.


The Spirit Teacher sent me to the Prophet Ezekiel for understanding the mystery of the spark in the gap. The Scripture was already ‘filed’ in my brain, but I had never had a personal identifying application. I knew that God’s Plan for the Earth is incomplete without His man. HE had positioned Man, in the spirit, as the image and likeness of God to have dominion in the Earth. The Old Testament pictured God as searching for a man to stand before Him, in the GAP. I pray and trust that our Teacher will guide you to see; what was to me, the most important truth hidden in the Greek word ‘Agape.’


Agape is the unique Greek word translated to signify God’s Love. Agape is used exclusively to define God’s Love nature. It exploded with light to me, when it was opened by breaking it into parts: a/ gap /e. It was like the light that came from ‘splitting the Atom.’ It was an exciting experience of being party to the glory of the great Mystery of Proverbs 25:2; “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing.” It is a great honor to experience rhema revelation. Now comes the assignment to change it into a Logos.


This I believe is OUR reward for acting on the challenge: to “mount up with Wings as Eagles” to search out truth. 


As far as I can tell, Christianity has been confused about where and how The Kingdom of God exists. Ezekiel’s

Prophetic insight: God said; “I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me...” (Ezekiel 22:30) Friend, I invite you; “Stand with me; On Higher Ground.”


My awakening: LORD Jesus was correct; the Kingdom is within (nervous system).


There it was...hidden in plain view for two thousand years... until I was shaken awake to the hidden truth of the synapse. The synapse is the word defining the gap between two nerve endings on its journey to the head, delivering a thought or an idea or an emotion. The Holy Spirit has hidden the redeeming truth, in plain view, in the word Agape. This thought creates an even deeper earth reality when it is given expression; when ‘it is given a spoken alphabetic word description.’


In His PLAN, the Invisible GOD positioned Himself as The Spark of Life, along with His Created Earth connecting man, in the gap between each nerve ending, in the synapse. In the Plan, Man was given dominion to give The Origin of Life His earth Expression. In our Spirit function as man, there is no facet or aspect of our being where God is not a present tense reality. The Scriptural requirement for us is: to be consciously as He is.


When Eve (the separate reproductive aspect of Adam) acted independently, the mother of all living corrupted God’s Covenant. Sin caused separation and Adam lost his innate God consciousness and his spirit identity. He

was blind and unconscious of God’s Presence. And God was left alone in the synaptic gap, without a man to give Him an Earth expression. Cut off. He looked for a righteous man with peace and joy to stand with Him in the gap. Adam experienced the Synapes becoming the Sinapse.


God, as Spirit, was left in the gap without the representation of visible man to complete His Plan. Genesis recorded that God gave ‘Created Adam’ His power of attorney over the visible physical Earth. He has not and cannot reverse Himself. God was left without visible representation or expression on Earth.


The mystery is put in focus; how can a God of Love allow atrocities and destructive calamities to happen to mankind? God’s Presence is incomplete; He has needed a man. He has waited...waited for an Adam who was like and equal to Himself.


I hope you have been shown that the Adam ‘formed of the Earth’ was ensnared in earthy genetics that could not be fixed. Our Father found it necessary to replace His ‘earthy’ Adam. His replacement was a man born of the Spirit with a physical body. His ‘mother’ was told to call his name Joshua. The first Joshua was given passage over the Jordan on dry ground at Bethabara. He is always identified as the son of NUN (Perpetuity or Everlasting). 


The new Joshua (the Son of God) would challenge and defeat the Jordan (the symbol of death, at Bethabara). In His victory over death, He taught resurrection life and was empowered to give Resurrection life, victory over death, to those who could believe. His Kingdom waits today for any believer to receive with understanding, His Christ identity.


You are (now) and I Am (now) “the resurrection and the life” just as Jesus first told the sister of Lazarus. Jesus took upon Himself the Adam nature and carried it to the cross. “He who knew no sin (separation), became sin (separation.) When He died as Adam the sin history of Adam, beginning in Genesis and ending at the cross, was erased from the Heavenly record. Jesus died for the sin of the whole world. The only sin today is the one we cannot forgive our self of.


As a preamble to His Covenant with Abram, prior to the Mosaic Law, Abram was commanded; “Walk before me, and be thou perfect” (Genesis 17:1)


After the introduction of the Mosaic Law, a second witness was required for Truth to be established. And so the prophet Ezekiel was selected to reiterate God’s command to Abram to “Walk before me” [filling the gap]. Ezekiel declared that God said; “I sought for a man among them, who should build up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land...” (Ezekiel 22:30)


Abraham and Ezekiel did not have the benefit of Jesus Christ’s understanding that God’s Kingdom is within man. This article is to set forth that Father’s Presence is within every person. His Presence is in the gaps between the neurons. His Presence in the gaps between the neurons is incomplete without a Christ person.


When GOD Made His Covenant with man; His Covenant was first in the brain of every cell in man’s body. Each cell of the body has its intelligent decision making assignment. The brain in the “head” was designed to be the decision-making apparatus for the entire body. The brain in the head has the advantage of the five senses. The first son of Jacob was named Reuben; “behold [see] your son.” The sense of sight (seeing) was given the most power of influence. The nation Israel wanted to SEE Jesus do miracles. God’s Covenant with Adam was and is not based on the natural senses. His Covenant Presence begins with His Words of Promise. That is our stand. 


The first super natural birth, of Isaac, was fulfilled or consummated by the word of Promise to Sarah from ‘the Angel of God.’ God established His Promises as the Greater more powerful Spiritual Truth, above the natural five senses. The senses are limited; they accept visible reality as the real world. The Word of God cites the unchanging invisible world as the Eternal Real world. Faith in what a person can see is not Faith at all. Faith is operational where believing the unseen Promises of God’s Word overrules the sense evidence of the world. Seeing is often the basis of man’s Faith. Those of us, who are privileged to Know Christ as our Life, are the ‘Sons of Promise.’


God’s ‘unseen’ promises are concealed in His revealed rhema word; not in the visible written word alone; but in the mystery of a revelation that suddenly becomes more and more personally part of who you are. Even though you might have read and even memorized the same passage a hundred times, that is not where faith comes from. “So then faith comes by [that inner] hearing (the rhema), and hear ing by the ‘rhema’ word” (Romans 10:17) Also; “Man shall not live by bread alone; but by every (rhema) word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4); or out of the mouth of God’s Image and Son who is one with God.


The rhema ‘comes alive.’ It is a faith rhema !! It’s different. A rhema word is the scripture that is a revelation to you. Your own Holy Spirit knows that you accept the responsibility to become a ‘doer of that Word.’ When we ‘do’ the rhema Word, the Word then is a completed Logos. The completed Logos is the Word that was in the Beginning with God, and was God’s fulfilled Plan.


Our Father made His Rhema Kingdom to function on Earth thusly; ‘When We, by faith, change the way We See things; the mystery of Faith causes the things We See to change.’


Summation of The Discovery made on Higher Ground than we had found.


The Covenant Life of the Spiritual Creator is actively located in the unnumbered synaptic gaps within, between the neurons of the nervous system.


The Creators Presence creates physical life, beginning as a spark (sp-arc or sp-ark). His plan to manifest His Kingdom is inhibited without a man to stand before Him in the gap.


The Scriptural record in Genesis portrays God, by Covenant with man, transferring ‘Power of Attorney’ to rule on Earth to His Spirit man Adam.


God is blocked, by His sworn Covenant Word, to being interactive with the Earth without a ‘Oneness Spirit Man,’ with the same purpose and identity, to stand before or with Him in the ‘gap.’


The Bible presents Jesus Christ, as the 42nd generation, as qualified to stand with the Creator Father in the gap.


Christ offers us His own 42nd generation identity and position, with the promise that we will do the things He did and greater.


P.S. The least in the Kingdom of Heaven is the greatest of all. God made Himself to be the least of all, the spark.








































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