MARCH 9, 2013




MARCH 9, 2013


“We who wait upon the LORD shall renew our strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and we shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31 Adapted to New Testament Personal Revelation)



ASCENDING: “WE, who are ascending, first descended” (Ephesians 4:9) In our union oneness with Christ, we must be aware that We came down, or I should say; we were sent down, as Spirit, to this lower, slower frequency realm for the purpose of being made physical and visible. In the process we were subjected to and made interactive, with our inherited genetic ‘brain’ in this realm of the five senses. We were born like every other human, into the Earth Dimension, into a ‘separated from God’ (sin) consciousness. At the baby stage, with our inherited DNA brain, we began constructing an awareness of this Dimension as our reality, or as our human truth. The brain mind in our head is limited only to what we learned through our See, feel, hear, taste and smell (5) senses.


Jesus, The Christ Messenger, announced that ‘we’ must be born again (born from above), or born into our concealed Spirit memory. We were born again into our awareness of our ‘first birth’ as a beginning, to start ‘remembering’ our God Spirit connection. Our first birth was with and ‘in Christ’ and to ‘God’ as our Original Father. We were born in this realm, as the ‘dead to and in Christ’ who were intended to rise first. “The dead in Christ shall rise first” (1Thes. 4:16). We started our ascension into our ‘On Wings as Eagles’ Spiritual awareness by remembering our descent into this realm.


Abraham, the father of our Faith cognition, was given ‘a secret code name of Heber.’ Heber is translated from Hebrew and means ‘to cross over.’ In our ‘returning journey’ to our true Spirit identity, it has required about 4,000 years for us to discover that ‘crossing over’ is about changing frequencies in our thinking. This happens when we are introduced to the higher frequency of the brain in our heart.


At our Valentine meeting held near Myrtle Beach, Allen Newton (descendant of Sir Isaac, I believe) requested that I share about my ‘crossing over dream’...and out of my memory, I began to recall during our meeting my very lucid dream I had in March, 2012. In the dream, I found myself standing on a well-manicured grassy slope, trying to remember how I got there. I could not remember being sick, and I wondered if I was in an automobile wreck, had a heart attack, or was shot. There was no memory of dying. I remember thinking that it would be wonderful if, for every one, there is no memory of dying.


I began to walk up the slope in front of me that had the appearance of a well-manicured golf course, while wondering what I would find.


There were no Pearly Gates, as I expected from my religious programmed brain; there were no other people, I was alone; but there was in front of me, a wide and heavy ornamental ‘security gate’ that was seven feet high –the type you might see at the entrance of an exclusive gated sub-division, but very heavy. I saw no other person, there was no activity; and seemingly, I was there all alone. Then I noticed to the left of the heavy gate, almost hidden by the shrubbery, a small guard house. Seeing no one, I began walking in that direction. As I approached, a window was being raised slightly; and a clip board, with a pencil attached with a cord, slid out onto a shelf. A voice from within said; “You must sign in.”


I picked up the pencil and signed my name; ‘Rudy Jones.’ The clipboard was with-drawn, and the voice said; “Just a minute.” I waited and waited for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes. I began to be concerned. Finally the clipboard re-appeared and a voice said; “I have double checked and there is no one registered here by this name.” I experienced a sinking feeling. The voice said; “Did you possibly have another name? I responded; “Rudy Jones is all I have known since my childhood; but my given name, given to me by my parents, was Calvin Rudolph Jones.” So I signed my full name. “Just a minute”; I thought, “Your minutes here are really long.”


Again, there was a long wait. Finally the clipboard re-appeared, and the voice said; “I’m sorry there is no Calvin Rudolph Jones registered.” I whispered, but I felt like I screamed; “Oh Hell” There was an even longer period of silence. Finally the window opened so that I could see an ordinary looking man inside. He was dressed in what I thought looked like a uniform, like a Hotel clerk, or maybe like a railroad conductor. He said; “Son did you ever hear the Gospel?” By now I was not as assured as I had been before and hesitantly I said; “All my life I heard what I WAS TOLD was the Gospel – frankly at this point, I’m not sure.” I sensed that it didn’t really matter what I thought. 


The man said; “Let me ask you this way: Did you ever hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ?” I responded confidently; “Yes sir, I did. I heard about Christ.” He said; “Son did you ever accept Christ?” “Yes sir, I did accept Christ.” “Then young man, why did you not sign your new, real, name?” I quickly took the pen and marked through the previous two names and wrote boldly, ‘Christ.’ As quickly as I crossed the ‘t,’ the gate swung open... and I awoke. I had never understood that accepting Christ was the same as accepting a new identity. The New Creation finally made more sense. I had never seen the reality that when I accepted Christ, I not only became One with Christ, I became Him. I became His visible presence. 


There was much more to the Covenant transaction than accepting Him as my Savior, and receiving my assurance of going to Heaven. He provided me with a new personal Spiritual identity, to replace the old Adam human genetic identity. Finally I understood the importance of dying with Him; which actually means dying to the idea of ‘the separate person’ who ‘I thought’ I had been.


In the dimension of the other side, the only name there is Christ; everyone there, in our ascended nature, is Christ. There is only one Son, and one name. 


Rudy, Alternate suggestion...In the dimension of the other side, ‘Christ’ is the only name there is; everyone there, in our ascended nature, is Christ. There is only one Son, and one name.


Continuing the dream sequence...Two weeks after my first dream, I found myself standing on the same slope, as at first. This time I was assured that I belonged there. When I reached the crest of the slope, the guard angel was standing outside the guardhouse, grinning. When I got closer, I asked; “What is so funny.” He said; “‘We’ knew you would be back.” I said; “How did you know I would be back?” “Because of your curiosity! You have to know what is on the other side of the gate.” I agreed that I wanted to know. He said; “Go on in.” I said; “But the gate is closed.” “The first time was an automatic gift; this time you must open the gate for yourself.” I walked to the side of the gate that opened in the first dream and found that the gate did not easily open. Looking back at him, he said; “The violent must force it open.” I thought I understood; I put my shoulder to the gate, and finally got it open enough to squeeze by.


On ‘the other side’ I found that there were no mansions, no houses – not even any little cabins. I realized that, on the other side, there was still refining to be done. I found myself on a wide, beautifully landscaped and well-kept pathway, with a variety of shrubbery on either side; but I was by myself. Again the path led upward. I began to walk and soon realized that the path was getting narrow. Soon there was a sign with an arrow pointing to the right. The sign said to “Go Back.” I said to myself; “I’ve come too far to go back.” As I continued, I found that I had to force myself through the shrubbery; and the way got so narrow that I could not see what was ahead. Just as quick as I started to wonder, I came to another opening, with another sign that read; “TO Be Poured Out” and there was an arrow pointing ahead. I said to myself; “Sooo! This is what it is all about. Life is about preparation; it is preparing us to be poured out. I will open YOU, the windows of Heaven, and pour YOU out AS a blessing... which can be received” crj.


Later the Spirit revealed to me; ‘The ONLY thing that Father will pour out through us is the single, unadulterated Spiritual message of the Truth of our Christ identity. Law mixed with Grace is double mindedness. A mixture  Father will not pour out.’ I am aware that most of what made up the messages of my own spiritual journey has been a struggle, trying to balance and make sense out of a duality; a law and grace mixture.


After I shared my dream at Allen’s Valentine Gathering, I was told by others that they had had similar dream experiences. I have wondered about myself for many years; ‘Why am I driven to understand the meanings of words?’ The Angel made it clear for me...I was given a double dose of curiosity. Thank you, Father: “Passing over is changing the frequency of our thoughts from the slower frequency of our brain to the higher frequency of our heart.”


By the way, I think I did wake up. And, what a coincidence...I have learned recently, that the ‘tassels’ on the Priests Garments are also called wings. He (We the Son) shall arise with healings in His wings, as Eagles.



































HIGHER GROUND ASCENSION, #4 [Rudy Jones] 03-09-13          3

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