APRIL 30, 2013


“We who wait upon the LORD shall renew our strength; we shall mount up with wings as Eagles; We shall arise with healing in our wings.” (Isaiah 40:31; Malachi 4:2, Adapted to New Covenant revelation)



By the way...“Wings” are symbolized by the hem or fringe in the ‘Prayer Shawl,’ representing our Spiritual DNA.


We have entered a Spiritual Transition zone...We are positioned to interrupt past recorded History from continually repeating itself. WE are positioned as Christ’s resurrection presence, in the Earth to ‘Make’ and to Change History. He has positioned us (as his presence) to make The Resurrection New Creation His - story. It is Time for the Aquarius Eighth great day message to be introduced by our words. As your ‘tour guide’ I declare...We have arrived at our destination. It is time for Sons, with understanding, to begin to create Kingdom

of Heaven evidences in the market place.


NEWS FROM CERN, SWITZERLAND: On March 14, 20 13, after months of tests and after hundreds of University Researchers had examined the evidence discovered at the World’s largest Atom Smasher; the Higgs Boson was announced. (In my High School trained grammar I will try to relate the significance.) The Earth’s Scientific Community confirmed: They have verified a time in Space History (about 13.5 billion years ago) that a ‘Spark’ caused “a big boson (an unlimited) ‘Big Bang’ explosion” causing light matter to come into existence out of dark proton energy. Before The Big Bang, there had been no visible matter. At Cern; Electrons

appeared out of the smashed protons, producing organized visible matter. And the universe of dark energy is still expanding. “Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end. (Isaiah 9:7)


The News Release was made in Switzerland at the largest Atom Smasher in the world. The discovery of the Higgs Boson is also called The God Particle. The news opened a door for the Scientific Community to take a quantum leap, to consider a paradigm shift, and to examine the historic record; “In the beginning, GOD [Elohyim]”; recognizing that God, without Christ, is outside of Earth and Galactic time.


In our Higher Ground #3 article, I wrote about God’s need to have a man stand in the gap before Him. The Spirit of God’s Presence is symbolized as the Spark, which is personalized in every synaptic gap in our nervous system. The response from that article has been, for me, the most rewarding ever. My understanding of our Quantum body has been dramatically clarified and elevated after learning that our nervous system is electrical. Since the days of our Tabernacle Series” (fifteen years ago), I pointed out that the Hebrew word ‘tesla’ was translated ‘side.’ The Hebrew word tesla did not have any personal significance for mankind until the man Nickoli Tesla was born. This ‘Spiritual truth’ in the Tabernacle construction remained hidden for 3,500 years until Tesla, the father of alternating current, was born. The Old Testament Prophets and Priests never knew that the Tabernacle was a ‘symbolic Parable’ of our Spirit body.


Mankind did not have a personal point of reference to the name tesla, until the man Tesla was born in 1856. (His) God-given ‘let there be light’ understanding of alternating electricity gave the word tesla a significant human Spiritual reference point. His gift unveiled the Ark of the Covenant as a reference to the symbolic electrical apparatus of our human heart. I wish Mr. Tesla had known that his name was in our Bible; it could have changed his life. The Mind of Christ gives us our individual relevance. The Ark of the Covenant, with the Mercy Seat and Cherubim, represents (beyond the veil of flesh) the generative Presence of GOD in our heart that creates an electrical Spark and functions like a capacitor. It is the source of the ‘electric Spirit’ in our own Christ identity. Jesus said; “God [is] a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship [Him] in Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:24) Oh; how I Hope you get this! Tesla would have flipped out.


A LIFE CHANGING PHONE CALL... (As far as I know, the information written in this context has not been reported. I sincerely believe that ‘my purpose in life has been revealed.’) 


A Spiritually Certified Nurse from Oklahoma, whose name is Mrs. Joseph (Colleen) Bilyew, introduced me to information that was to me a “Let there be Light” rapturous moment. This revelation has given me a new level of confident faith. We really are ‘Spirit’ people. The Holy Spirit is the operative electrical God presence in the synapses of our nervous system.


Colleen was trained in microbiology and cellular anatomy. She and I had not known each other; she had never read anything we have published; she had never even heard the name‘ wequanta.’ The Spirit caused our Higher Ground # 3 article about the synaptic gap to show up on her computer. It was another one of those spiritually unexplained events


She sent me an e-mail with her request to call her if I felt led. When I called, she had scientific and medical knowledge about the ‘synaptic’ nervous system that was new to me. Years ago, the Spirit of God had revealed to her detailed Spiritual understanding that went beyond the human anatomy being taught in College. During our telephone conversation Colleen introduced me to documented scientific information about the human heart that I had never heard. It caused me to re-examine my theology about the Bible term; heart. What I learned, once again, has given me a new Bible . Halel-Yah!


Colleen told me that when she was in College studying for a nursing degree, The Holy Spirit revealed to her that our heart has it s own independent electrical system. She taught me that the heart beats totally independent of the brain’s nervous system. That was different than what I had been taught. The independent ‘atomic electric generator’ located in the left atrium of the heart is called “The Bundle of (His)” or we could say “His Bundle.” This truth can be confirmed in Wikipedia or a medical dictionary. This information was discovered by the German Physicist named Wilhelm His in 1893. Are you amazed that since He gave Moses the design of ‘Our Spirit body, the Holy Spirit waited 3,500 years for Mr. HIS to be born before the electro-magnetic micro heart generator (His Bundle) was revealed? We certainly must be here at a special time.


I don’t feel led at this time, to try to retrace all the research that led me to my ‘light’ moment. Just let me say; I had to reconcile what I had written previously about the Liver (the Kabed) being the center or heart of our body.

I now see that the Liver is identified in The Old Testament as the distribution ‘heart’ center of the important chemical and hormonal combinations for the health of the visible flesh nature. The ego driven brain in the head

is the one we are all born with. But now The Holy Spirit has revealed a new heart!


NOW, We are coming to a convincing conclusion: Our Father gave us a Superior Brain in our Spiritually functioning ‘human’ Heart. Yes, the revelation of the human heart is that it is a Mind of Christ brain, with ‘two chambers’ as the two tables of flesh, identified in Ezekiel 11:19; “I will take the stony heart out of their (our) flesh, and will give them (us) an heart of flesh.” Also in Jeremiah 31:33; “I will put my law in their inward parts.”

And also; “the Lord looketh on the heart. (1st Samuel 16:7) Praises to God! HE only see s us within the Christ heart!


Seeing the Spiritual designed purpose for the pump in our chest, opens to us the pre-written Christ information

that is not available to the carnal brain in our head. The brain in our head is ruled by the personal EGO, which also accuses us. The brain in our heart is the lesser, but is like the Father’s nature: “The Least in His Kingdom is the Greatest.” We must ‘Cross Over’ from the head, ascending in to the heart. The mystery of ascending requires ‘first descending’; i.e. In and with Christ ‘we were sent down, to the darkness of this flesh.


’His ‘Spark of Light’ PRESENCE (in the billions of neurons) makes up the synapse structure of our Nervous system. His Presence knows ALL things about the Christ in us, in our heart. “He who is least in The Kingdom is Greatest of all.” The Father, as the Spark, is least; but is greatest of all; greatest because HE is absolutely necessary for life to exist. He is present in every synapse gap. Everything we know about Christ as our life, we learned from our heart, even though we might have thought it was learned in our head. The singularly personal and intimate Christ oneness only originates in the thinking heart.


We should be able to see now why the Holy Spirit concealed the source and power of Faith in the Rhema Word. (Perry Sanders’ insight on Romans 10:17; “So then faith cometh by hearing...” [Paul did not say, faith comes by having heard; but by every time you hear]; “and hearing by the [Rhema] Word of God.”) The Life changing Faith gift is stored and concealed as the pre-recorded Word of Christ written in the Library of our Heart. That Word Christ, written in our Heart, is our own spiritual resurrection identity. We are Him on the Earth and He is us (1John 4:17).


This quality of Faith is only available to the ‘persistent seekers of Truth’; to those who cannot be content with religion. It does not become available to us until we have arrived at the place of ONENESS with Christ and until He is our own (crossing over) identity. The Smithsonian style library of information in our heart, available in CHRIST, is recorded in our Superior heart brain. It is not available to the Ego controlled religious idea of faith

recorded in the head brain. The Christ person al and individual identity comes to those who have ‘crossed over’ from the head to the heart. The Holy Spirit has enabled us to see our own image as the Christ. Seeing (His) Glory in our own image, in a mirror, requires persistent, determined, sanctified overcoming Rhema Faith (

written and hidden in the heart brain). Some are saying; “I always knew there was more to salvation.”


I propose that God is Light first and then He is Love. The Light of the world reduced Himself to the least element of life ‘the spark.’ He is the Father of those who image Him; (little) lights. The Hadrons Collider at Cern cost billions of dollars and was financed by the nations of the world and has now given to the spiritually minded a ‘hint’ as to why God so loved the orderly Macro-Cosmos. Our wonderfully and fearfully made bodies are a Micro-cosom of the Macro-cosom. Hidden in the dark energy of our Quantum subatomic cellular world, within our humanity, is an exact pattern of the orderly universe.


There are billions of galaxies in the universe; each one has their own sun. There are billions of neurons in our nervous system and each and every one has a Son presence. Father looked for a man who would stand before Him, in the gap, in the synapse. Man kind is Father’s Earth connection. He is not only in us, He is everywhere we are; and everywhere we are He is our Life. When He gave man dominion, He does nothing in the Earth, except as man.


Father designed us to image Himself. He reduced Himself to be the spark. “Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer.” It’s hard to see a ‘lightening bug’ when its ‘day’ light; but when He sends us to where there is darkness, we who have been shown the ‘spark’ principle represent Him; believing that it only takes a ‘spark’ to start a flame in some one’s heart. The Bible begins with the idea of darkness, where in the beginning...“the evening darkness came before the morning.” (Genesis 1:5crj) More about the Resurrection Heart;










HIGHER GROUND ASCENSION, #5 [Rudy Jones] 04-30-13          3

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