NOVEMBER 23, 2003

I’m looking in your eyes sweet Jesus. You’ve got everything covered, haven’t You? In the depths, way down in Your eyes, I see a grin. You’ve got the whole creation covered, with all things under your feet. You really meant it when You said, “I have overcome the world”, and indicated for us not to be afraid.

No wonder I recognize such power within, for I reckon all things are mine, praise God, and all things are under my feet. Your covering is over everything from You, the Center, out. I may grin too, hallelujah.

How may I describe this feeling? I just swallow time whole, swallow lack whole, and swallow opposition whole, with love. It’s like cream! It’s like honey! It’s like a chorus of 10,000 meadowlarks! It’s like, we all are rainbows! It’s like everyone I have ever known is here huddled up together, celebrating our new home!

I say, “Jesus”, and everything is illumined. I say, “Savior,” and my heart leaps. I say, “Prince of Peace,” and all is well. I say, Counselor,” and the soldiers of my thoughts snap to full attention. This is Heaven, and I am the author; the conductor of all things. I have hold of a marvelous rope, and I may allow all the slack I choose. Come, grab hold with me. It’s yours too. You are beautiful, and whole, and divine my dear friend.

I have this unction: You and I shall dismiss the darkness of the world together, as we accept the full measure of His redemption, so free; as we amen the new covenant. Let us amen, amen, amen forever, in thanks

 and deep adoration, hallelujah. We are arrived in a broader sense of vision, accepting the sacrifice and resurrection as our own, and for all of creation. We simply replace the darkness with winds of change with Presence of His Being; with an everlasting smile, an abundance of Love, Grace, and reality. We are the believers of the good news of the Gospel as we see Jesus, the Light and the Glory of the new creation. We rest His rest.

Within is release, drifting on the grandest river of all, a song and a dance of intense joy. We hug each other, and remember all the children, God’s friends. All is well, all is well, as the Heavenly language of the Holy Spirit sings praises unto our Father.

We are swallowed in Divine purpose, praise God.




HIS EYES [JimDarling Melba Crofford]          1


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