Every situation we go through is God’s perfect will.  It is precisely the necessary one.  So praise God of each situation.

Accept yourself exactly as you are and as you feel.  We have to be content to be what He chooses to be in us at the moment.

You cannot tell what God has for you, or what future purpose He might have in the experience you are going through right now.  Just keep doing what you feel at the present He is giving you to do.  He has perfect purpose for all that is happening to you, even if at the moment it is not clear. 

The single eye of faith enables us to remain free within, regardless of outward circumstances.  We are to accept fully the situation of the moment He has us in and the way we feel towards it, knowing that it is for the purpose of manifesting His Life in us.

Because He was determined to take us this way, He does not see the confusion, heaviness, or perplexity, but only His next step in His perfect plan, and He is the One who will bring it to pass. 


“Just keep on the single path.  There is nothing but God-in-love, whether appearances are evil or good.  HE ONLY is in all of them.  Here is the secret.  Thru the Fall we got a divided outlook and see two powers, good and evil, but back in Christ and Christ Universal, we see ONLY ONE, even if He often seems to appear in the devil’s guise!  The only battle I have to fight is not against circumstances, or problems, or people, or even devil, except the devil interfering with my inner outlook.  If he can get me to see evil, then I am controlled by the evil I am seeing and believing in.  But if I replace all such negative beliefs in outer appearances by seeing GOD ONLY in all, then I have the faith that overcomes the world!”
















HIS WAY IS PERFECT AND GOD ONLY [Norman P. Grubb]          1


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