Starting off September ON TARGET, as a guided missile aimed so that it is moving automatically and flawlessly toward the real goal.

There’s a passage in an English version of the Bible that defines sin thusly: “To know to do something that is of God and not do it is sin.”

In the original language it is quite clear that the meaning of the term that was translated into the English of the 1600s as “sin” meant simply to miss the goal or target which is “God” (By Whatever Other Title Or Name – BWOTON). Religious tradition and teachings have convoluted the meaning to include all sorts of behavior, which may be “sin” for some and not for others.

If we want to avoid missing God we need to do something about the unconscious parts of these body bags we occupy. The instincts that one New Testament writer referred to as our “lower” or “animal” natures.

Here is a wonderfully dangerous “prayer” I’ve just been given, that will pay off in huge strides to train what we think of as the subconscious part of the brain – but is actually part of every cell and organ of these human bodies we occupy, running us by instincts that do not (always) promote our higher or better good; this “declaration” will bring about the process of bringing us into the center of “God’s will” automatically:

“Every part of this body I occupy, whether conscious or unconscious is being brought into alignment with the Creator of the Universe and everything in it. I am being guided and directed into oneness with the Infinite Creation and, thus, I am moving automatically into all things and substance beyond my finite mind to achieve, and yet my finite mind is being energized to be the instrument of the Infinite!”

This is an easy declaration for me to make, simply because it is perfectly in line with my stated purpose in the life – that is, to be in continual, intimate Daddy/Mommy/offspring relationship with Whom I refer to as our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT.

If it is true, as many are saying in these “latter days,” that we cannot judge correctly about what constitutes “right” or “wrong” …“good or evil,” but rather that we need the continual guidance of SPIRIT to properly direct us, it is no wonder that I feel excited about waking up to this thought just now – and hearing “SHARE IT!”  — Check it out to see what needs to be changed so that it works for you; it works perfectly for me!

I am committed to memorizing this and declaring it multiple times each day; I know it will produce results that are in line with my purpose in life …and in fact these are words of LIFE for me.










HITTING the BULL’S EYE…or MISSING the MARK [Brad Cullen] 09-01-12          1


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