“Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise, and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding,” (Prov. 17:28)



This certainly goes much farther than just keeping one’s mouth shut. One might sulk, be moody, repress talk, never say a word out loud, and still not have peace within, because they are as a seething pot, boiling with agitating passions, emotions, fears, and frustrations. Some would feign sleep, wear a placid smile, whatever to cover up that which is within, but the unrest spills out – a tapping finger, a shaking foot, etc. It is when there is PEACE WITHIN that you can hold it, and not be upset with the outward conditions. If you lay your peace aside, and take up with the problem, then turmoil ensues. But if we hold our peace, victory will be ours in due time.



“He (Jesus) held His peace, and answered nothing,” (Mark 14:61) Standing in Pilate’s Hall, all the accusations hurled against Him, but INSIDE WAS PEACE and He held it. His outward calm was due to this inner state of being that he retained, held fast. Had He let go of the peace, and joined in a verbal battle with his accusers, the victory would have been lost. He kept His peace in the judgment hall, trudging up Golgotha’s hill, and on the very cross itself, and because of this inner victory, the outer victory was sure.



“The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace,” (Ex. 14:14) With the Red Sea in front of them, mountains on both sides, and Pharaoh’s army rapidly approaching from behind, Israel was sorely tried. Yet the greatest battle was not outward, it was within. The message was clear, they were to hold their peace within, and God would do the fighting in the outward circumstances. If we abandon our stand within, and give up the peace, the enemy has already won the battle. As long as we hold fast to the peace within, the outward conditions may roar and rage, but they cannot destroy us, and God will fight the battle and give us the victory.



“Hold thy peace, and I shall teach thee wisdom,” (Job 33:33) Keep calm before the Lord, and He will impart that wisdom and understanding needed for these times – so shall we triumphantly overcome.



















HOLD THY PEACE [Ray Prinzing]          1

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