APRIL 10, 2008

Make no mistake: Father came to earth and took the name of Jesus fulfilling His desire as The Christ and He is known by man as Christ Jesus.

This same Jesus gave Himself to all of mankind, The Light and Life of all men.  Remember, this same Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He is your Life.

It was written of Him that he is the light that ligheth all men.  John 1:7.8.9

The Life we are is now the same Life that is Jesus. That is how; suddenly he is come again in the flesh, and is the perfection that men shall never know except as He. He is not processing, awakening or growing or learning, but is come as our fullness; the promise fulfilled. It is Father in Heaven come as Jesus in the flesh; The Body of Christ.  He has done a quick work and cut it short in righteousness.  It is for us to know even now as He rolls back the veil of His Presence. It is true, no man can come unto Him except he be drawn.  However, it is promised that if I be lifted up (At the Cross) He shall draw all men unto Him. It’s OK if you must be dragged, for He cares for you.

He fills all space, has returned all things to The Father, Salvation is His Being, whole and complete. Therefore, it can be received, “Be ye perfect, even as Your Father in Heaven Is Perfect.”

It is the given free gift of the fullness of God. No man can work for this Glory for it is freely given without exception. Jesus as the Holy Spirit lives and is the Captain of our ship today; even if we do not know it. He is the author and finisher of faith. He is our footsteps; with all power in Heaven and Earth, He has made one new man and made all things new. He has swept the earth with Himself and placed a blanket of righteousness over it; which righteousness is His shed blood. All the honor goes to the Name of Jesus, by whom all things are made. Even we the inhabitants of earth are made of Him. There is no separation between Heaven and Earth in this new Glory Covenant that He brought at the Cross.

He did not come to show us how, but to be the how as us. He is not a pattern Son, but the only begotten whether He walks the earth as a single being or walks the earth as all mankind.

Righteousness and Perfection is His Appearance and His Being, ever looking to The Father within. (The Father Within Being Eternal Knowing, Blessing, And Love. The Father Within Being Everlasting Life extended moment by moment as He Lives It. The Father Within Who’s Arm Is Not Shortened, Who’s Mercy Endures Forever Without Death.)

We bow to Our King Jesus and we bow to His Name for which all things are birthed and named.

Now, if you cannot receive these words, OK for love will cover all anyway. It is the Grace of God.




HONOR to JESUS the ONE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-10-08          1


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