MARCH 20, 2004

We had a visitor at our house.  At first we assumed it to be a thief. He didn’t get everything however, because we had already gotten rid of most of our baggage, and our knowledge, and our past and future. But, I pretty well can say, “He got everything else.”

When He came, He took away our understanding, our power, our pride and our position. Then He took away our training, our Bible, our Sunday School lessons, and even our names. He took it all; even our reasoning and our fellowship.

Then He would not leave. He deposited Himself right in our midst, and said, “SEE!” He said, ” SEE THIS:”

This that I am cannot be measured; cannot be explained; cannot be limited or cannot be denied. I am; I just am. I am your New Heart Center, The Word of Myself. There is no way to make comparison because this is all new; never having been a thought come to man, even to this very moment. I am The New Creation.”

“So, go ahead and bow before the all new that I am, that My fullness shall arise to your joy and amazement. Everything is prepared and set in order.”

“My Word to you is that your heart is your escape vehicle into My pleasures forevermore. You are, “Peace be still, and Love sublime.”

“With heart in hand, you may go to your neighbor knowing he is as you, absent from the body of the old man, and present with the Lord.”

There is a light, ever increasing on its own. It has captured our household, and expressed itself as perfection. There is a Holy, Holy, hush settled in. It does not tolerate darkness for it lights everything. Blessed Be This Light forever as we see more and more clearly!

We certainly are expressing our Beings in what we think or say. If it is not mercy, forgiveness, love, and acceptance, it is not to be thought or said.

Of all the wonderful, beautiful children of God we know, or of whom we have had the pleasure to come in contact, it appears that no two believe exactly alike. Now isn’t that just special, and so what? The HOLY LIGHT bears witness of Himself in pure love and mercy, and opens all hearts as He chooses, and when He chooses. He is come to reveal Only Himself.

Oh Light so true, we rest in You.

We make no plan nor follow man.

We’re here to behold Your City of Gold.

Star of Heaven, now or Leaven.

Now, there is an arising within of a surety that The Righteous ONE is here. He is opening the seals of beauty, Himself, deposited in every man, each man Being a book of His Grace. He is not dispensing The Light, for The Light is already everywhere; The Great Free Gift. The Light has made a blazoned path of awakening to the Glory of The Only Begotten. It is the resurrection, The resurrected ONE, The Lord Jesus Himself come forth in all, and as all. Blessed are the ones who publish this good news.

The Light is on, and no man may turn it out.

SEE, ” He said, and we see:

The boldness of The Light.

The Light come as our pardon.

The Light’s beauty for ashes.

The Light’s face in all men.

The Light’s absence of fear.

We Rest Complete, in The Light.

The Light of assurance in The Father’s House.

The Light has carried us away.

I hear a voice: “You are not under any law of limitation or exception. Now remember this as you go forth as Pure Love Light. You are an open book written of Myself and read of all men.”

So, I hesitantly stand; Me, a gentle breeze, looking toward Heaven, and ask, “Father, how may I be identified, or who may I say that I am?”

The sweetest Word I ever heard: “CHARITY!”

I am Charity, and I see that whatever is come, is not mine to withhold or keep, but is immediately to be a treasure to all.


No might. No power. No guile. No Word or knowledge of His own. No way of His own. Nothing stored or remembered. Nothing kept for Himself. He is the Dweller of The Father’s House, and Father’s Deliverance, Expression and Love to all men. He is our Pardon and The Restorer of The Breach; The Light of Life; Savior to the Uttermost, and He has returned all back to The Father. He is within His own; The Lion Who has conquered all things,  now seen and known as The Lamb of God.

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit.

I come to do Thy will, oh My Father, and to say Thy Word. “


Love to all,


THE HOUSE HAS BEEN EMPTIED [JimMelba Crofford]          1


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