NOVEMBER 18, 2008

They are a testament of The House Not Made With Hands.  They have seen The Father, and are filled with His Glory.  They go in and out and have found pastures.  Riding the wind, they are the Light of His Presence.  Holy is only a partial description of the wonder of it. Everything is in order.

No sweat or tears here; just rapturous beauty; nothing to build or nothing to change.  The Word is sufficient to describe it, for The Word Is All In All.

So, it is said: THIS WORD.   Be still and know salvation is free.  Come and dine at the Master’s table.  Come and be baptized in purity and come and see.  Come up hither to Me in the realm of beauty.  Come and see The Whole, and Be The Whole.  Release yourself from the beggarly elements, and be free.  Come unto Me and find perfect rest.”

Not built with hands nor works of the law, but by My Spirit.  They have entered.  The waltz of never ending delight, The Free Divine Gift, is above all appearance and circumstance.  It is not to be worked out.  It Is Come.  She, The Gift, Is Grace and endless mercy.  She is Heaven within and consequently without.  She Is Mine Own Habitation; The Perfect Dwelling Place; My Bride.  I bow to her.”

“You are not being called to work, but called to Heaven.  Time shall be no more as you behold My Face.”

“Welcome All.”

Love indeed



HOUSE not MADE with HANDS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 11-18-08          1


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