Yes, welcome to The House of Worship. You may touch Me now, for I have ascended unto My Father, and Worship is Who I Am. Here at home We are Worship, Father and I as You; Scintillating, Holy, Worship.

(Webster: give off sparks, sparkle, twinkle as a star; That’s You no matter who you think you are.)

And We care for You! We care for You! You Be Worship, You know; vibrating wholeness, The Temple of The Lord, Divinity’s Seal. You are Mine and I Am Yours bypassing all thought, and lingerings, and teachings of man. You are and Father sees You as You truly Are.

Today is Rest come, manifested Grace You are; resurrection! Today is Your free gift, blossoming, awakened grandeur, The Lord Jesus Christ as You, The One and Only One, Salvation’s Blessed Son. You are the dweller in earth (“I am the Lord Thy God, and beside Me there is none other.”) Now You know the Love of God and the power of Presence, for We are ONE. We are earth’s own Divine Face.

Awake and alive, You, The Inheritance, plumbed and measured, the length and breadth of the all, new creation. That’s You, Worship, sweeping the skies of the new Heaven and Earth joined to the Grand Awakening. You Worship, are worship, and You are fully alive. You are One Glory, Indivisible.

Worship is Home, The ONE; Divine application of Our Presence. It is the eternal open gate of The All, New Creation; The Fountain Source of True Love and Fellowship. It is peace, joy and righteousness.

Not to work, not to linger, not to hesitate, but to Be. In stillness, You know Me, Who You are; Worship and Son of Worship, The Only Begotten, True manifestation of The Ever Living God, Father to all, dweller as all.

Peace forever!!!

If there be a lesson here, it is never hesitate to worship, for this is who you are.




HOUSE OF WORSHIP, THE [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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