Gen. 25:21-26…21] And Isaac intreated the LORD for his wife, because she was barren: and the LORD was intreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived. 22] And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to inquire of the LORD. 23] And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger. 24] And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb. 25] And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. 26] And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau’s heel; and his name was called Jacob: and Isaac was threescore years old when she bare them. (KJV)

This account took place almost 4,000 years ago and is a wonderful example of how the scriptures say so much more than what is seen at first glance. This part of our study will deal with the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA and how the scriptures deal with this molecule in words other than those used in modern times. The ability to bear children was an important part of the lives of the early Israelites. God’s promises were mentioned in terms of generations, and seeds. I am the God of Abraham, and Isaac and Jacob. The blessings flowed to the children and to their children’s children. So it was that Isaac intreated the Lord concerning his wife Rebekah. Not only did the Lord bless Rebekah so that she conceived, but she was found to be bearing twins! I am sure that Isaac and Rebekah were ecstatic over this double blessing. However, as the days went by, there was a problem. Actually, it was more Rebekah’s problem than Issac’s. Rebekah was more and more made aware that the children were in a terrific struggle inside of her belly!! This was not, mind you, the usual kicking of the babe against the mother’s side, which most of us have had the experience of having the mother to be ask us to put our hand upon their belly and smile when we felt the kick of life. This was a war! Two babes struggling in close quarters and Rebekah went to the Lord to see about this. She asked a simple and logical question to the Lord. If this is to be a blessing to me, why are the children struggling so? The Lord gives the answer. There are not just two individual children in your womb, but TWO NATIONS and TWO MANNER of people, one stronger than the other one. Usually, when we think of twins, we think of two individuals that look similar, if not identical, and have a close bond to one another. In this case, the two children are different in every way.

Esau came out of the womb covered with red hair. He is obviously the stronger physically of the two, having struggled with Jacob in the womb and getting the upper hand by sheer strength to be the first born. The name Esau means “hairy” and his nickname is Edom, from which came the Edomites, which was given to him because of the “red stew” he ate. He was a hunter, a man of the field. He was a free soul, one that put material things ahead of all else. He was the favorite of his father, Isaac, and solidified this relationship by bringing Isaac venison, which Isaac loved.

Jacob was destined to be the one to carry on the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ. This was destined before the womb, in the mind of God. Thus, we find a wondrous thing in this situation. One of the children is strong in the genetics of the body, able to take by force the birthright. The other, though destined to be a part of the Messianic lineage has to give way to the physical power of the unchosen, yet, by instinct and nature, still manages to lay hold on the heel of the earthly child, a spiritual force taking the babe over. Remember, these kinds of actions cannot be accounted for in the natural. The brains of these babes are not developed enough to understand the significance of being born first or second. They have no knowledge or intellect to persuade them to fight for this right. This is purely an act of nature, an instinctual behavior that is mind boggling. How does one explain how a babe that is still in the womb has the wherewithal to struggle with another for an order of birth? Add to that the amazing tenacity that Jacob manifests when he wraps his chubby little baby hand around the heel of the first born and refuses to let go!!

What we have here dear ones is a realm that defies the ability to reason this out in the natural. It is a gray area, where the natural and spiritual come together and destiny meets up with mortality and spirit merges with the natural to accomplish acts that are unheard of. DNA is an area of our being where we really don’t have any idea what is embodied within this structure. Heaven and earth come together and are joined within this great and awesome molecule. A physical structure but something that is at the same time endowed with certain attributes that cannot be put into a box of knowledge, or put into a compartment of spirit, or natural. I believe it to be made up of both.

As you have heard many time, one of the meanings of the name Jacob is “supplanter.” Jacob has been prejudged by all the scholars by the fact that his name has a quality of deception to it. I think we need to look at the other meanings for his name in order to get a better idea of what drove this man to do the deceptive things he did to gain a birthright, that, in his mind, was stolen from him in the womb by his stronger, twin brother, Esau. The name Jacob also means “heel catcher” or “heel grabber,” but in the arabic it means, “he whom God protects” and in Ethiopic the word “akaba” means “guard, keep.” In defense of Jacob, he was driven by the innate, spiritual knowledge that he was, in spite of his physical weakness and his disdain for the hunters life that Esau enjoyed, the heir of the birth right, and since it was taken from him in the womb by physical might, he would take it back by mental agility. It is questionable in my mind whether or not Jacob was doing what he was doing by reason of a deceptive, and lying nature, or whether he was acting out of a desperation of a calling and destiny upon his life that he did not have the knowledge and intellect to fully appreciate. Whatever the case, he was successful in the ruse and, aided by his mother, who more than anyone else was keenly aware of the impact upon the world this deception would have regarding the two children, reaching into the area of NATIONS, Jacob gained back his destined birthright and fled from the wrath of Esau, who sold him his birthright for a bowl of food. Such it is, when given the opportunity, flesh will always settle for the lesser, and the spirit will always go to great lengths to obtain the greater.

Jacob is said to be 77 years old when he makes his flight to the house of Laban, to marry one of his kinswomen, and on the way, he grows weary and stops to rest. It is here, with his head lying upon some rocks that he gathered for pillows, that Jacob has a dream. This dream has become a part of the Genesis story ever since this sacred book was penned, but what Jacob saw, and the significance of what he saw, could not fully be told until almost 4,000 years later. Many have ministered upon this narration and have ministered much truth about the significance of angels and how they intercede between heaven and earth and how the Lord Himself has become the mediator between man and God, but there is much more to be told of this account, that could not be told until God allowed an event to happen in 1953 that lit up the whole scientific world and put an image in front of the world that was staggering in significance to the church and the age that we are living in. It has gone largely unnoticed by the church by reason of the church’s refusal to look any where but in the scriptures for the plan of God. One could go further and say they refuse to look any further than the King James Version of the bible, but don’t get me started on that!

Gen 28:10-13…10] And Jacob went out from Beersheba, and went toward Haran. 11] And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them for his pillows, and lay down in that place to sleep. 12] And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. 13] And, behold, the LORD stood above it… (KJV)

What Jacob saw in his dream was a ladder (staircase in the original Hebrew) set up on earth that ascended to the heavens. At the top of the ladder was Jehovah God and angels (messengers or messages) were seen ascending and descending upon this ladder. The word “ladder” is very significant to us in this study, as we attempt to show how God has ordered the steps of all men and has throughout history fashioned a tapestry that when viewed with the eye of the eagle saint will be shown to have a thread of truth running through it. The significance of the ladder that Jacob saw in this dream was realized in 1953. At the time, I am sure that Jacob was very limited on the reason for this structure. Why a ladder? A ladder is known to be made up of several parts. Usually it entails 2 side boards, called ribs, joined together in the middle with horizontal boards called rungs, positioned as steps in even spaces apart from one another. A moveable staircase, so to speak. All of these structures are very important to us, as we will see. The next significant event that happens in this dream is that the Lord, standing at the top of the ladder, speaks to Jacob and makes a covenant with him. But not just any covenant. It is a generational covenant, affecting Jacob and continuing into his “seed.”

Gen 28:13-15…13] and said, I am the LORD God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed; 14] And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed. 15] And, behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of. (KJV)

The word that is given is a word that depends upon Jacob passing his genetics onto his children and their children, until it affects “all the families of the earth.” This cannot be accomplished solely by genetics of the flesh, but as you know, there is a spiritual law of heredity, fully explained in the scriptures that let us know how one act of one individual can have consequences that reach into all of mankind. The scriptures declare that by reason of one man’s disobedience we have all come under the curse of his act, meaning Adam and his children. They also declare that we are made free from that singular act by reason of another singular act by another individual man, Jesus Christ, who died for us and rose for us and was made a curse to free us from the curse. Jesus died physically and rose physically but did not pass the victory wrought through His flesh but rather through the spirit of the Christ Life. We are heirs of His grand victory by reason of our union with Him in the spirit. So it is, that as we study these physical acts we must understand that they have spiritual consequences and far reaching ramifications. Jacob is a prototype for all of us that are holding for a nature change. Later on, after an immense struggle with a man, that lasts all night into the early breaking of day, Jacob is given a new name, or identity. His name is to be Israel, a prince with God. The significance of this name change is one of realized position versus unrealized potential. All of his life Jacob had to fight to come into the promises that God had for him, and he fought with shrewdness and tenacity. After the wrestling match, he was given a position that could not be taken away from him. He was now a Prince, a birth right that would not be shared by a fleshly twin, or alter ego, but a birth right that was solely his. The struggle was over. Our struggle is over. God has given us His name, the name that is above every other competing name, called us by His own identity and character and birthed us by His own substance. We will no longer answer to the old man, but we are free from the curse, given a new nature that is swallowing up all of the remaining remnants of our former identity. Like Jacob, we have entered into a generational ministry, not ministering to mere individual needs, but facing and dealing with generational abnormalities, sins that follow certain lineages, infirmities that are more than physical diseases, but are rooted in the infirmity of the soul. It is an interesting thought when one considers whether the things we are facing today is the result of a natural action or are we meeting and conquering natural things inhabited and empowered by spiritual entities. I am not talking demons and devils here. I am talking principalities, powers, dominions, that are anti-christ, drawing their power from darkness and death, rather than light and life. The ministry of this day must be ready to do battle with forces that have been kept under a disguise, masquerading themselves so that the church ends up flailing against the air, and not hitting the mark of these powers. As we delve into this study, we will find there are many things that are not what they seem to be at first glance and many things that are layered under a false covering that must be rent in order to get to the real substance. Jacob was to be a man that God would use to show us that our problem isn’t Esau, or a father that doesn’t understand us, or a domineering mother, or the pressure of being different, but our real problem is the generational sentencing, the curse that is written into our minds and on the tables of our heart that we must allow God to rewrite and to expose the original code of life that has been embedded within us since our first beginnings. This is the job at hand.

The fact remains, that in 1953 a drama unfolded in front of the church world, much like the birth of the physical manifestation of God’s salvation almost 2,000 years prior, that has gone unnoticed and unrevealed in the most part. This is the account of this dramatic event. It is not told in words of “thou” and “thee” and “shalts,” but it is a story dripping with spiritual significance to those of us that are looking for His appearing in the saints. This story is about natural men, being moved upon with a spiritual force, to discover things that have been unseen and unknown until an appointed time of the Father, and it has happened in the very generation that we are living in right now! This is the generation of His regeneration! Glory to God!

DNA was known to exist since the latter part of the 1800’s, and was studied and looked at with casual attention, but it was thought to be too simple a molecule to explain and answer the question that seemed to elude the scientists of the 20th century. How did the cell pass on the information of heredity? If cells came from other cells, and if a certain family was known to have special genetic attributes that was passed on from one generation to another, how did the cell pass this information on and do such a good job of keeping the attributes intact? The cell and its components was being made more and more accessible to the probing of the scientific world by reason of advances in microscopic technology, and the biochemists were hot on the trail of finding this awesome “book of life.” As it is now, with competition running rampant in the fields of research and discovery, with different companies vying to be the ones that get credit for the cure of cancer or the extermination of AIDS, the climate of the scientific world in the middle of the 20th century was one of intense competition. DNA represented an exciting frontier filled with promising hope of the discovery of the secret of all life. All that was missing was the structure that would prove that DNA could handle the complex instructions that the scientists knew was involved in the passing on of generational information. Little did they know what all it would entail and the speed at which this discovery would launch a new era in the world of genetic research.

Linus Pauling, one of the most brilliant chemists in the world, was hot on the trail of the as yet unknown molecular structure of DNA. Pauling was the hot shot of the research scientific world and was already famous for his work with the structure of proteins and was soon going to be given his first Nobel Prize for this work. He was in competition with several other scientists to be the first to unlock the image of DNA and it’s function in the cell. Among those that were running in the race for DNA were two men, James Dewey Watson and Francis Crick, Watson being an American biochemist and Crick an English biochemist. They were employed by Cambridge University and had been working on the problem of DNA in 1951 together in the Cavendish Laboratory at the University. Watson and Crick worked well together and one complemented the other with their divergent backgrounds, Crick coming to the field of biochemistry from the field of physics and Watson having worked mostly with viruses that infected bacteria. Most of the other biochemists were interested in enzymes, proteins, energy transfer and such, but Watson and Crick were more interested in information and structure.

One of their colleagues, a British physicist, Maurice Wilkins, used a technique known as X-ray diffraction, a technique that had worked well in deciphering the structure of complex proteins. Many things were known about the DNA molecule, such as it being composed of four bases, adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine and that the amount of these four bases were always equal to each other. This just made the actual form of the molecule an even greater mystery. Watson and Crick were making models of the DNA molecule in the lab out of cardboard and not getting the structure right. The structure had to allow for all of the material in the DNA to communicate with one another and it had to account for the vast array of hereditary material to be passed on in a photocopy of the original molecule.

One day, after another discouraging day of making cardboard models that fell short of the true form, Watson walked into Rosalind Franklin’s office, a talented researcher working at King’s College. Franklin had made X-rays of DNA molecules lined up parallel to one another in a thin glass tube and had produced pictures that provided some vital clues to the DNA mystery. First, some parts of the molecule were arranged like the rungs of a ladder. Second, certain structures repeated at specific, regular intervals. Third, the molecule probably had some sort of twisting, helical shape that also repeated at regular intervals. However, no one could put all of this information together into a foolproof structure. As Watson passed by Franklin‘s desk with the X-ray picture laying on it’s top, he saw it for what it was, the missing clue to his and Crick’s theory. In Watson’s own words, “The instant I saw the picture, my mouth fell open and my pulse began to race.”

Running their own X-ray tests and doing the mathematical formulas, Watson and Crick published their findings in the magazine, Nature, in the April 25, 1953 issue and then in the following issue, May 30, 1953. Linus Pauling had been hot on the heels of the discovery and almost beat them to the publication but for a few unfortunate events, one of them a problem with his passport! Watson and Crick have been immortalized by this discovery and since then their colleagues have continued to work with this molecule even up to the present hour. It is the most exciting and most promising field of medicine today. Hopes have been raised by researchers that eventually we will be able to genetically correct all of the problems caused by faulty genes and the war on cancer and other scourges will be fought at the molecular level, implanting corrective genes and creating “smart bombs” made up of synthesized genes that will eradicate cancerous cells without hurting the good cells. Even the mind-boggling aspect of cloning organs and tissues and even human bodies are all dependent upon the discovery in 1953 of the elusive structure of this fascinating molecule, deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. Whether man uses this knowledge for good or evil does not negate the fact that our God, our mighty Lord, is the master engineer of this small, but complex book of information that is the basis of who we are and who our children will be. It is His original design, and He knew the form of it 4,000 years ago when He showed it in a dream to a man that needed a change in the most base part of his being, a form that would be seen again, not in a dream, but in a laboratory, and once again the man that saw it had no more idea of the significance of it than his colleague, Jacob, did. Indeed, it is not given to the natural mind to know the significance of these things. It is given only to those that have been regenerated, that hold the keys of the kingdom, and have been chosen by God to rent the veil from off these natural patterns to reveal the true patterns that abide eternally in the heavens.

The structure that Watson and Crick revealed was indeed a ladder. Not something that resembled a ladder in an obscure way, but a form that has been repeatedly announced by men and women that have never cracked open a bible, that this molecule is in the form of a ladder, or staircase. It has been found to be made up of four bases, adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine that lined up between the two side ribs and joined in the middle to form the rungs of the ladder. It was further found that wherever adenine formed a half of the rung, thymine was always the base it joined itself to. The same for the other two bases, wherever cytosine was found as a half of the rung, guanine was the other half. The bases were each joined to the rib of the ladder by a phosphate and a sugar, with each base and phosphate and sugar forming an arm that was termed a nucleotide. With the nucleotides joined together end to end, the molecule formed a graceful structure, much like a spiral staircase, in the form of a double helix. Watson and Crick went into the history books as the founders of the form and structure of the most stupendous structures in the world, a structure that is still yielding information today to the scientific community that is transforming the way the world looks at life.

As we wrote in our prior study, this great chain of events happened at the parallel time of the great Latter Rain Movement, which began in 1948 and continued on through this time of discovery. Just think, at the same time as Watson and Crick made a breakthrough into the cells most sacred structure, the Lord God Almighty meets a people in a most sovereign and sacred way, instilling them with a message of a Feast of Tabernacles and beginning the process of opening up the holy of holies to a company of Priest-Kings that will give birth to the message, “Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory.” As Watson and Crick look into the holy of holies of the human cell, our forefathers of this century looked into the heavens and Jacob’s Ladder became visible to this generation, an eyewitness accounting of what a man saw about 4,000 years ago. Oh the wonder of it all!!! What a wonder our Lord is, to have been able to design such a plan, spanning the ages of time and hiding terms and names in the holy scriptures, with the pure truth of the events laying dormant all of these millenniums until He saw fit to reveal to man His most intimate form and structure, the form of a double helix which we now know is the basic design for all life. How humble it makes me feel and I pray it will humble you dear fellows, to know that God has been far ahead of any man-made inventions and still today can reveal things to mankind that will boggle the minds of the intellectual giants of the modern day. What a mighty God we serve!

So, we now know how the form and structure of DNA was brought to light, and we will now look at the function of this beautiful molecule. As we mentioned before, the DNA molecule is made up of 4 bases, and each one of these 4 bases are joined to a sugar and a phosphate. As you can see in the figure above, the ladder is formed when these bases and sugars and phosphates line up to each other and form two sides, or ribs, along with rungs that meet between the ribs. The rungs are the bases and the ribs are the sugars and phosphates. As we have stated, the bases always line up in a certain pairing, with Adenine always pairing up with Thymine and Cytosine always pairing up with Guanine. Since this is a double helix, then we know that it has two sides to it. When the cell divides, a process known as meiosis, the DNA molecule “unzips” much like a zipper, and the bases, or rungs of the ladder, split apart and one side of the ladder goes to one side of the cell and the other side of the ladder goes to the other side of the cell and the cell divides, with each new cell containing one half of the original DNA. The new cells then replicate the DNA by building the missing rib, according to the bases that are found on the remaining rib of the original ladder. Let me give an example. If the DNA molecule was made up on the left side of the ladder with the following bases, it would form a code, or blueprint of instructions. They might line up as, ATTCCGGAGCTTTCATTGGCCC. When the divided cell rebuilds the missing rib, it would just join the appropriate bases to connect to the present bases, such as, TAAGGCCTCGAAAGTAACCGGG. If you compare these two codes, you will notice that everywhere there was a T I put an A and vice versa, also everywhere there was a C I put a G and vice versa. This is a unique and wondrous way that God designed the economy of the human body, insuring each successive generation of having the same code of instructions passed on from parent to child. Now, lest you think this is no big deal let me throw some statistics at you to let you have a better idea of how complicated this process is.

No one knows for sure how many cells are in the average human body, as the figures range from billions to trillions, but most biologists seem to think it is more than likely in the trillions. Each of these trillions of cells contains the EXACT same amount of DNA as the other. It makes no difference if it is a heart cell or a brain cell, or a toenail cell, each one contains the entire book of instructions, from which a whole new body could be formed. As we have stated, the DNA bases join with a sugar and a phosphate and form a structure known as a nucleotide. Nucleotides pair up with one another and form a strand of nucleotides, which makes up a gene. The average gene consists of a sequence of one thousand DNA base-pairs. Genes link together and form chromosomes, of which there are 46, which join themselves in pairs, making 23 sets of paired chromosomes in each cell. Each Chromosome contains about 175,000 genes. In each cell, there is about 3 feet of DNA and if the strands of DNA found in the whole human body were to be extracted and straightened out and laid end to end, the strand would reach to the sun and back over 400 times!! At the same time, the DNA material is so compact, with it’s double helix design, that it could all be crammed inside the space of an ice cube. What a mighty God we serve!!

It is this volume of material that makes it such a wonder that we are able to renew our bodies throughout our lifetime with such few incidents of mutation. It is all made possible by this unique design that our great Creator placed within us. DNA is not just a human phenomenon, but it is found in almost all living matter. From plants to animals to algae it is the LOGOS of the cell, a mass instruction manual that dictates all chemical reaction within the cell. It is the brain of the cell, a government from which instructions are put forth and those instructions are carried out by cellular bodies called ribosomes which link up amino acids in sequenced pairs that form enzymes which carry out the chemical reactions of the cell.

There are amazing parallels between the function and placement of DNA in the cell and the priesthood of the Aaronic order. As the high priest went into the holy of holies to receive instructions from the presence of the Most High God, so does the instructions flow from the innermost structure of the cell, the nucleolus, the holy of holies of the cell. Also, as the High Priest received the blessing in the inner chamber and then took that blessing and dispersed it out into the camp of Israel, so does the instructions from the DNA emanate outward from the nucleolus into the cytoplasm and eventually into the whole organism. If you are sick, you are sick in your cells. It is in the cellular realm that all disease starts. A microscopic warfare is being fought every day of your life. An amazing harmony must be maintained throughout the realm of your body in order to keep you in good health. Variances in body temperature, acid or alkaline states, electrical connections, all must be maintained within a very strict region of readings, as the slightest rise or fall in the body chemistry can set off dangerous reactions throughout the temple. All of this is maintained and carried out by instructions passed on from one area of the body to the other, from cell to cell, there is a secret way that the body communicates that the medical field is not able to entirely explain. An inner knowledge exists, that maintains contact from one region to the other, and the slightest alarm sets off reactions in seemingly unrelated areas. It is DNA that is the architect for this government and a healthy body is one that is in tune with all areas of it’s existence, from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual, it takes the whole man to live a complete and fulfilling life.

Everything is relative. What is seen in the universe macroscopically is mirrored in the microscopic. What is seen in the planetary arrangements of our galaxy and other galaxies is similar to what is seen in the arrangements of our atoms. One sees a corporate existence in all of God’s creation, with the welfare of one body dependent on the welfare of its related bodies. As much as the earth depends on each planet remaining in their orbit around the sun, so does our human body depend on each system and organ and cell to keep doing their job, existing for each other. In the body it is one for all and all for one. When one part of the body no longer operates correctly, it starts to wear down the other parts of the body until the weakness affects the whole organism. So it is in the spiritual body. When malice and jealousy and competition and gossip start to spread in the spiritual body, it affects everyone of us with a drain from our spirit.

Some doctors have told me that the modern person does not know what it is to feel good. We have felt bad for so long that we have taken to calling our bad, good, and what we call feeling bad should really be called feeling really, really bad. Our doctors themselves go by statistics that illustrate normal blood readings versus abnormal blood readings. I had a blood test one time and I felt pretty good about it when only 2 of my readings came out on the abnormal side. The doctor told me not to feel so great about it since the normal reading was made up from people that were themselves sick. We have yet to really LIVE!! What we have been doing is just existing, but there is written within us, in the LOGOS of the cell, a body that feels no pain, that has no shortage of breath, that does not need to sleep, that is immune from all disease and is able to renew every part of itself. That means that in each cell there is an entire blueprint for an entire new body. If these codes were activated, you could cut your arm off and in a matter of a few days grow another one back!! How many of you have had the Lord tell you that the day will come when we will see this happen? Don’t look now, but the potential for this is already within you.

It hasn’t happened because the Lord has written into our DNA a gene sequence that prevents this from taking place. In Genesis, when the Lord casts Adam and Eve from the garden, He puts a curse on them, which is actually a blessing, since God would not allow Adam and Eve and their generations to enter into immortality with a divided nature, so He instituted death to infect them in their soul and in their body. The body of Adam and Eve was the original DNA sequence that we now have resident within our bodies. If one takes the garden and the events in the garden as literal, then we must realize that we bear the same genes as our original earthly father, Adam. Though many have tried to deny this relation, treating poor old Adam as a stepfather that wandered into our life but one that we never did have anything to do with relationally, the proof of the pudding will always show up in the genes. If you are growing older, then you are of Adam. Your days are numbered. No matter what we proclaim with our mouth, no matter how much we rant and rave about our blue blood genealogy, having come straight from the Father and being born somehow different from everybody else, we are all showing undeniable signs that we indeed bear those cursed genes that were passed onto us from our great, great, great, etc. etc. grandfather, Adam. Miserable chap that he is, we are stuck with him and his lousy genes until the Christ in us frees our mortal body from the curse. Jesus Christ freed our soul from the curse when He became a curse, but our body is the next redemptive act of God, for He has purposed for a chosen people to manifest this glorious life in BODY and for a firstfruit company to be changed from this vile body into a body that is like unto His glorified body.

As strange as this may sound, science backs all of this up. No matter what the church world says about it, those sorry atheistic scientists have been preaching this gospel for the past 44 years. Our DNA declares it. Age and the subsequent death process is nothing more than the result of a genetic sequence that causes a switch to be thrown in the cells of our body that slows down all of our chemical processes and eventually brings a state of such regressiveness that our body shuts down. The most amazing thing about this is that geneticists will tell you that if this switch was not thrown, then our bodies have the capability to live forever!! Something had to have been put into our gene sequence to stop us from being immortal and that something is a genetic coding that scientists are even now, at the writing of this letter, trying to find so that they can manipulate it and turn it off. This would mean that the physical body would stop dying, the cells would be in a constant state of regeneration, the brain cells would all be operating at full capacity, not the 10 – 15% that they are estimated to be operating at presently. Injuries would be overcome instantly, limbs would grow back, heart muscles would heal themselves, livers would transplant themselves, in fact, the body would simply digest the injured organs and grow a new one. Mankind would become asexual, which means that the need for gender would end, with each body having the capacity to create a child by the DNA sequencing already present in each one of us, male or female. Sound scary? It is. Science is starting to build a tower that has reached into heaven and I can’t even begin to tell you the foreboding that exists in my heart over this.

Cloning has been accomplished with a sheep and is now happening in labs all over the world involving other animals. How long will it be until we see a human form, built with pirated DNA? What I have just taught you about the book of life that exists in each cell has been exercised by men with little regard of the consequences of becoming creators. Man has always wanted to be a creator, to lift himself up to the throne of God and be his own master. What we are in danger of is having the capability to manipulate DNA to the point that we can build a house, but it is only God that can fill the house with a soul. We are being faced with some huge moral issues today, which we will take up at a later time, but for now let us be aware that there has been a reason and purpose for death and we are not ready spiritually to enter into an immortal body. We have no idea what kind of complex being we are. We only see the physical man, but only God knows what all has been placed within man, beyond the life force of a physical organism, that makes us Sons of God. Believe me, we may yet see the literal fulfillment of the scripture written by the visionary John.

Rev 9:6…And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

It is with great caution that the scientific world must enter this holy and sacred place of the DNA molecule, for it is the stuff of God’s own mind and purpose. It is not something that arrived by some means of indeterminate survival of the fittest, but has come to us by reason of the destiny of God, who has fashioned it as it has pleased Him. Within our DNA there are set time schedules, with certain processes switched on during birth and then switched off and with countless different variations of sequencing that make us who we are. Woe to the man that would add or take away from this genetic book of life!! We are in a quandary dear ones. Left to themselves the scientific world will give way to the temptations of the market place and start to invade the areas of God that angels would not dare tread. They are even now talking of the virtues of creating spare body parts by cloning them and have even suggested a way to get around the international laws against immoral scientific experiments by creating human bodies without brains, thinking that the absence of the brain would make them legally immune to the law of the land, but what about the law of the spirit of life? One can only cringe at the consequences this could evoke from the heavens when God views this travesty. I will leave this in the hands of the Lord, however, as I am constantly aware and continually amazed at His grace and longsuffering at my own impertinence, but one cannot help but entertain the thought that perhaps God has allowed this knowledge to get to this point to put on open display His more excellent way. The saddest part of this for me is that the church is so ignorant of these things and whereas they should be in a spiritual place of leadership in these life and death issues, they have stuck their collective heads in the sand and continue to spend all of their energy and time in trying to convince themselves to keep looking up at the sky for some sort of rapture out of this mess. Rest assured, God will not keep his vessels of honor ignorant about these things and will continue to give us the step by step vision to put these things in their proper perspective.

It will suffice us to learn what we can about these matters and allow God to show us their relevancy to our walk in Him. We do know this, that we are His house, not made with hands, eternal in Him. His kingdom is within us, the Lord Jesus Christ sits on the throne of our heart and we are His possession bought with a price. We know that He intends to rule and reign in our hearts and that our whole man is to be changed, transformed and transfigured from the image of the earthly into the image of the heavenly. We know that there are two bodies in us, one that is natural and one that is spiritual. We also know that these two bodies are to be joined together, with our inner house swallowing up and assimilating our outer house, and that they both dwell together, in the same tent, and that God’s purpose is not that we should be unclothed, but rather clothed upon with our inner, eternal house. I do not believe that we fully comprehend the relationship that these two houses have with one another. I have had whisperings in my spirit from God that suggest that my flesh is to be glorified and that I am not destined to be a divided house, but even my flesh shall see the salvation of God. Mind you, when I say flesh, I mean more than my body, but that flesh from whence comes wars, and lusts, and fear, and doubt, and all the other things that we know to be of death. That is why we must always be mindful that we were not created as a one dimensional being, but even the angels are jealous of us by reason of our relationship with the Lord. We will sing a song that no other creature in heaven can sing. We are bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh, spirit of His spirit. He has knelt down to us, dirtied Himself in the dust of our being and has put His lips upon our lips and has given us the kiss of life, breathing His very breath into us, giving us life as He has life. No other creature, animal, plant, angel, seraphim, cherubim, none of these can call Him Father in the sense that we call Him Father, for we have been made in His image and in His likeness. Not mere resemblances, but made up of His own God-genes, having been invested with His nature and character, and indeed, having taken on His own Name. Oh the wonder of it all!! The magnitude of His love toward us. When He could not find anything else in heaven fit enough to express His love to us, having searched all that He had created since time immemorial and finding it all lacking in substance, He gave us Himself!!! Oh Father, words escape us at this thought. I feel incapable of expressing my gratitude at this thought, and yet, I know that you don’t want nor need my gratitude, but you desire my surrender to your purpose in my life. We surrender Lord. We count all else but lost, if by chance we might be found in you, hidden in your glory and immersed in your love. What is man, that you would be mindful of him? We now know that we are not only on your mind Father, but in your heart. You have moved mountains for us, brought us through the valleys and over broad, rushing rivers to have sweet fellowship with you. Let us lay our head upon your breast Lord and consider your love for us. Creator, Counselor, Healer, Provider. You are all these things and more. Most of all, greatest of all of these, you are our Redeemer, the Restorer of my soul, through you Lord we have life. As the song says, “Death is just passing away, and Life is now taking it’s place.” Teach us your ways O Lord.


THE HOUSE that GOD BUILT, Volume 1, Study 5 [Robert D. Torango]          1


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