Rev 1:4-8…4] John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne; 5] And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, 6] And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. 7] Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. 8] I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. (KJV)

Rom 5:19… For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. (KJV)

One of the greatest wonders of the human body is the ability to renew itself with consistency and integrity. This is accomplished by the wondrous molecule that we have been studying, DNA. This spiral staircase structure is the “book of life” to our body, and contains a complete blueprint of every part of our house. This blueprint is found in each and every cell of our body, complete in volume and content.

The exact amount of information is found in each cell, regardless of its function. Likewise, each person, born of a woman, has just as much of God in them as anyone else, saint or sinner, black or white, fat or skinny, tall or short, God has filled each vessel with Himself.

The difference in function of each cell is determined by the amount of information that is accessed by that cell. A heart cell will only “read” the portion of the “book of life” that pertains to the function and structure of the heart. Conversely, the liver cell will only “read” the part that pertains to being a good liver cell, a blood cell will only “read” the portion that has to do with being a blood cell, and so on, and this is true for all 30 trillion cells that make up the average human body. Likewise, if we are walking with God in fellowship and harmony and are enjoying His blessings, it is only because we have been given the ability to “read,” or access, His instructions to us, not by reason of our righteousness, but by His grace. Others are blind and not able to comprehend His grace and salvation, even though it is already written upon the tables of their heart and is eternally declared and known in heaven, not by reason of their refusal to know this salvation, but, for many, simply because they have not been given the opportunity. We all have the same heavenly Father, but for now, the only ones that are doing the works of the Father are those that are given the sight of the Father. Jesus declared that He had come to give sight to the blind and to make blind those that see. In the end, when all is finished and the last eye is open, we will all see God and will all know the whole book of His love for mankind.

It is this process of differentiation that enables the body to keep harmony within its ranks. The cells of the ear do not sit around all day wishing they were the eye, and the cells of the pancreas do not wage a publicity campaign to take over the job of the spleen. All is well within the body’s parts, because each part is complete in the whole. This is accomplished through a complicated and beautiful system that God has designed in us genetically to get the information from the “book of life” into manifestation in the cell, and ultimately expressed in the organism. This design parallels the design that God instituted in the tabernacle and the priestly duties of the tabernacle.

Under Aaron, who was instituted as the mouthpiece of Moses, but eventually wound up as the founder of the Aaronic Priesthood, the Lord charged the tribe of Levi to take on the practice of the priesthood in bringing their sins and shortcomings before the Lord and getting cleansed by sacrifice and ritual. The camp of Israel was separated from the tabernacle and could only look upon it from a distance. The priesthood were the instruments that were used to bring the needs of the people to the Lord and to relay to the people the fulfillment of their needs. Bulls, goats, birds, grains, and other goods were used to convey the repentance of the sinner and these were brought before the Lord to gain favor. The sacrifice was dependent upon the degree of transgression. On top of the sacrifices of maintenance throughout the year, there was a time set aside once per year when the high priest, and he alone, would enter into the Most Holy Place and bear upon His breast the sins of the entire camp, and would bring blood into the Holiest of All to offer for the sins of the people. This was all designed by God, through Moses, and was built and set up according to a pattern that was shown to Moses in the mount. As I have stated many times, the pattern of the tabernacle is the pattern of the true tabernacle, not pitched with hands, or built by wood or stone or cloth, but the house that God pitched, which is our body, and more specifically, and at its most foundational part, the pattern is the human cell.

Just as Christ came to do away with the veil that separated the people from the glory of God’s presence, even so our body is destined to be transformed and changed from a limited existence into an immortal house. The DNA molecule that comprises the whole “book of life” for our body is found within the nucleus of the cell. One of the basic facts of DNA is that it does not work or toil. Just as God did all of His work in 6 days (indeterminate cycles of time) of creativity, and then rested on the 7th day, never again to add to or take away from His work, even so does DNA follow the same pattern. The whole substance of DNA is information. It is WORD, LOGOS, just as the Father is LOGOS. The Father has finished all of His work. The only work that is being done now is through the Son, by the work of the Holy Spirit. The Son is the express image of the unseeable Father, and the Spirit is the action of the will of the Son. This is not 3 separate Gods, but is the triune expression of the One God. His name is Jesus, and if you have seen one of His expressions, you have seen all of His expressions. The Father is Logos, the Son is Logos made flesh, and the Spirit is Logos expressed. The Word that the Father is, must have a visible and viable expression through which His image and likeness can be revealed in His distant children, who once were strangers, but now they are called sons.

Even so, the DNA of our cell, our source of identity and historical genealogy, does not WORK or DO, but simply, IS. It allows itself to be read and then acted upon by other structures, but it does not do anything. We will now look at the natural process that plays out continually in each one of our cells each second of our life until our body draws its final breath. Look at yourself. You are made up of many diverse materials, such as muscle, tissue, blood, bone, hair, skin, etc.. How did all of that mass come about? How did it all come about in such an orderly fashion? How did you turn out so common as the rest of the population around you that you are not noticed in a crowd? (This is assuming that you do not have 2 heads or 4 arms) You are unmistakably human, as all of us are, and there has to be a way for this uniformity to come about in every one born of a human. Let’s find out how all of this mass came from one single cell.

When you first came to be, a single strand of DNA from the sperm of your father met up with a single strand of DNA in the egg of your mother. In a normal conception, one single sperm out of 200 – 300 million sperm makes it to the ovum (egg) of the female and is able to penetrate it and fertilize it. The sperm is made up of a single strand of DNA encased with a protein cover. On one end it has an elongated head with which it penetrates the shell of the ovum and on the other end it has a tail with which it whips back and forth as it travels toward the egg. This is a race for life, with each one of the 300 million sperm vying for the chance to survive and live on inside the egg. Biologists believe that the sperm finds the egg by reason of some sort of chemical signal that the egg sends out, a chemical “scent that attracts the sperm and gives them direction to the location of the egg.

This is an unbelievable journey, with all of the fluids and muscles of the female body working against the sperm. There is a reason for this. The journey is made hard for the sperm to assure that only the fittest of the sperm make it to the egg. In varying numbers according to the individual male, there are mutant sperm along with the healthy ones. Only a small percentage of the initial 300 million sperm make the journey. Some sperm have been known to be deformed and as a result cannot make the journey because of short tails or no tail at all. Others have more than one head or are sluggish and sickly. The journey is what keeps the integrity of the forthcoming child intact. Even as the journey of this Day of the Lord is one of great perils and disappointments. Many are found dropping out of the race, going backward instead of forward, seeking an easier way to travel than the one God had pointed them to. Such is the way that the Lord has chosen to separate the elect from the common believer. Many of us have joked that you had to either be chosen or crazy to choose this Way over the more trodden down path of religion. Whatever. The result is the same. The only ones that make it to fertilization in the Christ are the chosen that have lost their mind and gained His! The race is not to those that are swift, running for the moment of glory, but it is won by those that keep their eyes upon the prize, not looking around at those things that threaten our lives, neither running according to how many are with us, but our whole focus is on the race to life, not for ourselves, but for creation.

The sperm has no brain such as we know a brain to be. It is working only on instinct. It is a daunting task that it must accomplish, with everything working against it. The sperm has to overcome the pull of gravity, every inch it travels it is beat upon and pushed away by tiny follicles whipping against it, beating it back every time it tries to move forward, through the exhaustive distance which God designed the sperm must travel to be found worthy of life. Blind, without sight, the sperm seeks out the ovum by reason of an innate chemical signal, life seeking life, against all reasonable odds, the sperm whips itself through the woman’s body, toward a destiny that it is powerless to deny. Do you ever feel this way? Maybe you also have felt that if the choice had been left up to you that you would have bowed out of this race long ago. How many times have each of us come to the end ourselves, thinking we couldn’t lift another foot in front of us if our life depended on it. Wearied by all that seemed to be opposing us, beating against us, pressing us down, making us to gasp for our spiritual breath, and yet, each time, right when we gave up, another force rose up in us, keeping us going, lifting us, helping us, not letting us quit. Oh, we wanted to quit, we wanted to quit so bad, but even though we would deny Him, He could not deny Himself! The truth is, we did quit! Our strength gave out, as He knew it would, and we have learned that this life that we now live, we do not live it, but Christ lives it through us, and He will not be denied! There will be a conception, and there will be a son-company born, and there will be a seed passed on, through the woman, Eve will be redeemed and saved by the birth of her children.

Who could ever study this remarkable lottery of life, the struggle of 300 million sperm to make it to the egg, and not know that God reigns in His sovereignty? No matter what life has dealt you, dear hearts, no matter what you have lost in self esteem through abuse and humiliation at the hands of men and devils, one thing you must know, if you don’t know anything else by the time that I am done with this study, this one thing I pray to God you will understand. BEFORE YOU CAME INTO THIS WORLD, YOU WERE ALREADY A WINNER!!! No matter what the cankerworm and the locust has eaten up since your birth, I want you to return back to your beginnings and realize that God is going to restore back to you that spirit of the lust of life that you had in your earliest beginnings. God chose you then, and He still chooses you. Out of astronomical odds, you passed the test, you made it to the prize, you made the journey!!!

Nothing has changed since then. You have more mass, you have taken on a greater shape, but the spirit that drove you in your sperm form is the same spirit that will not let you go now!! You will live!! YOU MUST LIVE!! He that lives within you will not be denied, and He will not let you deny yourself of that life He purchased for you. No matter what life throws at you, no matter how much hell rages and the earth shakes, you will go on and reach the goal, not looking behind you, but moving forward, higher, farther, being led by the Master’s hand. You are a chosen vessel, a predestined, prechosen, preknown, prefashioned carrier of life, and you must pass on that life, and you will pass on that life. It is out of your hands, out of your control, another is girding you, clothing you, feeding you, leading you. Through the desert, through the flood, through the heart aches, through the fires of life, you have proven that you are worthy of His life, long ago.

To further bolster the evidence of God having destined us as the one to live, scientists now believe that the egg makes more of a choice of what sperm can enter it than was previously known. It is surmised by some biologists that the egg puts out a chemical repellent that denies it’s suitors until it’s soul-mate arrives. This means, once again, that it is not always the first sperm to the egg that gains access to it, but an unknown kinship with the chosen sperm that allows it to fertilize with the egg. Indeed, more than one sperm will penetrate the outer shell of the egg, but usually, only one is able to penetrate the cellular membrane of the egg and get to the cytoplasm and fertilize the nucleus. Such things are best left to our faith in God’s sovereign will for our life, but it goes without saying that such an event underscores the existence of a predetermined plan that God has implemented for us.

Such a knowledge enables us to know that we are not the mistaken result of an act of passion, but God makes a way for us even when events are less than honorable in the heart of men. Every child that comes into this world, whether by an act of love or abuse, is a destined child of God, with the “book of life” within it’s being. Every child’s sweet lips have kissed the lips of God before taking on flesh, for He is the Father of the orphan and the rejected, turn our name from desolate and forsaken to Hephzibah and Beulah, meaning “My delight is in you” and “I am married to you.”

Every birth is sacred and is a loud and persistent statement that we were meant to be in this world, and that God has a purpose for us. If you are born, then you have already received the only prerequisite that there is to be a son of God. You have a soul, and because of that, you are marked as one of His. If I could, I would reach out to every child that has been rejected by it’s parents, and have never known the love and pride that normally beats in the heart of a parent for it’s child. I would let them know that men and women can be worse than dogs when it comes to birthing children and then not caring for them, by reason of their fallen self, but before they were ever placed in the womb, they were cradled in the soft, loving arms of God, and they will once again know that love as their memories are healed and restored. This world has done a very sorry job of protecting it’s children and Jesus did not idly warn that “It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Luke 17:1-2 (KJV)

The egg of the woman has traveled to the uterine, or the fallopian tube, of the woman and has implanted itself into the wall of the tube. It has within it 44 chromosomes, and 2 sex chromosomes, which is always (X,X) in the female egg. In the male sperm, there is also 44 chromosomes and 2 sex chromosomes. The male sex chromosomes are identified by an X and a Y. Just before the sperm and the egg are fertilized, they both reduce their chromosome count to 23, including one sex chromosome. The female egg will always wind up with an X sex chromosome, while the male sperm will be either an X or a Y. If the sperm that fertilizes the egg contains an X chromosome, the gender will be female, or, (X,X). If the male sperm contains a Y chromosome, the gender will be male, or, (X,Y). This is how your gender was decided even before you became an embryo. Isn’t it amazing how God has designed the work of His hands? When the male body produces sperm, certain cells go through a process that is called “meiosis,” where a normal cell divides itself into a single strand of the ladder of DNA, whereby half of the sperm contain the X half of the sex chromosome, and half contains the Y part of the sex chromosome. The Y chromosome is an interesting part of the birth process. If the Y chromosome is not present, all births would be female. We are all basically and foundationally female, and are only made male by the addition of the Y chromosome. If you remember, in the movie “Jurassic Park” the creator of the dinosaurs was quite confident they could not breed on their own, because the Y chromosome was removed and as a result they were all females. A case where fact is used in a fictional story. The plan goes bad when they mistakenly use a gene from the frog to complete the DNA strand, and frogs are asexual, meaning they can produce without the Y chromosome. Ah, nature, what a mind boggling world the Lord has created.

Using this as an illustration of Christ, the Church is described in the scriptures consistently as being female in gender, or, (X,X). At the same time, Christ is represented as being of male gender, or, (X,Y). The fruit of the marriage between Christ and His Bride, is also given a gender, sons, or male, (X,Y). Without Christ, the creation remains female, or soulish. If we are correct in surmising that the spirit is male and the soul is female, then we must also surmise that unless we are fertilized, or regenerated, by the spirit of God, we will remain daughters and not sons. This is not a put down of the female gender, so don’t get mad at me yet. The point that I am trying to make is that the male carries something in his genetic statement that is resident in order to give him the ability to reproduce in a mass quantity. Remember, the male produces 300 million sperm, the female produces one egg per month. Each female has a limited number of eggs she will produce over her lifetime, a set number. The male produces proficient numbers of strands of DNA throughout his life. Do you see why the scripture would describe a company of “SONS” being manifested to be released upon the creation, which is in a female, or “soulish,” state of being? The procreative ability of these sons will be such as to bring forth life in all that their Word impregnates.

It goes without saying, that the company of sons that will be manifested will be fully grown, mature sons, at the prime of their spiritual life. They will be possessed with the dominant gene of Christ, which will disannul, or swallow up the gene of death, which is being passed on by the Eve Church to her offsprings. In the book of Revelation, the 12th chapter, we see that the woman brings forth a gender specific child, a man-child. It is a man-child because it carries the Y chromosome, which is indicative of the Christ. When the Y chromosome is present in the embryo, nothing changes in the cellular structure of the growing child, except that the presence of the Y chromosome sets off changes in the levels of a male hormone, testosterone, which is found also in the female, but usually in smaller quantities. It is testosterone that makes men look and behave like men, and it is the lack of testosterone that makes women look and behave like women.

Naturally, since there is a great diversity in the human race, some women will have more or less manish looks and behavior and some men will have more or less womanlike looks and behavior. These characteristics have been seized upon by the gay movement in this modern age as proof of a physical evidence of homosexuality. It is simply not a proof of homosexuality, and neither does it guarantee the sexual preference of an individual. A woman can have masculine traits, but that is not any reason to think that she must be gay. A man can have feminine traits and that is no reason to assume he must be gay, and neither do any of these things give credence to the idea that God must have designed them to be homosexual in nature, simply because they bear more or less amounts of a hormone. The fact is, society tends to force those that exhibit these characteristics into assuming that they must be deviant and should thereby act out their assumed homosexuality. At the same time, the Church has such homophobia that they have isolated most of the gay community and, as a result, they have announced them all cursed. We in America are notorious for our reluctance to discuss sexuality, and the Church suffers the most, because the only ones discussing it are those with an agenda that leads the confused person down a road of ingrained confusion and isolation. Homosexuality is a subject that must be discussed, openly and honestly, especially in this word of the Kingdom, since we are the ones that are supposed to have the answer to life’s problems.

Especially troubling to me is the amount of our youth that are being driven to a state of confusion in their sexuality. Let’s face it, sexuality itself is a very complex and confusing thing to deal with. Most children today find out about sexuality from their friends, who are as uninitiated and ignorant about this stuff as they are. We have been very fortunate to be able to have an open and honest relationship with our daughter through the years of her development and have always had a no-holds-barred rule of conversation with her, meaning she could talk to us about anything and everything. To my chagrine many times, she took us up on it! WOW, did she ever. Even today, Michelle is able to speak as plain to us as she sees fit and I thank the Lord for her openness and trust.

Let me tell you something dear friends, if you don’t discuss these things with your children, don’t worry, somebody else will, and that somebody will probably lead them down a path that would make your heart stop in panic for your child. I can think back to at least 2 instances in my childhood that I was almost molested, and would have likely gone through a terrible inner scarring if it hadn’t been for my cousin in one instance and my best friend in the other. I was uninformed about sex when I was about 10 years old. I had no idea what it was. I knew the word, but had no clue as to what it meant. I remember the first time a boy down my street told me what my parents did to each other when they had sex, and I punched him out, yelling at him that my parents would never do something like that to each other! A year later, an older boy offered me a candy bar if I would go behind the garage with him and let him do something to me. I didn’t know what he meant, so I was going to go and get that candy bar. God provided me a protector in my cousin, John, who just happened to overhear what this boy said, and he threatened him with his life if he ever came near me again. I was mad at John, because I wanted that candy bar, but John never told me what it was that the boy wanted to do. I believe that my whole life, my whole sexual makeup and identity could have been affected by that single act of depravity. Likewise, I fear that our children are listening to this world of sexual bondage and they are only hearing one side of the story, and that’s the wrong side.

God wants our children to grow up confident and sure of their sexuality. He wants them to be able to relate to both their masculine and feminine sides and understand the difference between being feminine or being masculine and being “gay.” I will be devoting an entire newsletter on this subject in the future, and will discuss openly and frankly some aspects of sexuality. I will be putting a “parental advisory” rating upon that certain issue and will announce it several months in advance before I send it out. I urge you to read it with your children that are of the proper age to be given this type of knowledge, and let me urge you, don’t look at your children as being too young in your eyes as their parent would think of them, but take a look at your children as the predators of this world would look at them and then make the decision of whether they are too young for this type of discussion or not.

Back to the wonders of the Y chromosome! Normally, in all animals and humans alike, the Y chromosome instigates the production of a classic male physique, larger upper body muscles, facial and body hair, larger and longer bones, giving them a more imposing presence. In the woman, without the Y chromosome, testosterone is diminished, and they display female traits, with softer, more supple muscular structure, with most of their mass of muscles developing around the hips and legs, with a smaller upper body mass. One interesting fact of the Y chromosome is that the same amount of cells that make up the woman’s sexual organs are used to make up the male sexual organs, just taking on a different shape and function. That is literally what the Y chromosome does, it rearranges the intact female properties and turns them into masculine functions.

This even goes beyond physical traits, and hormones are turned on and shut off in both genders to create a specific female and male emotional state. By normal standards, the female is more apt to show her emotion than the male would. This is a combination of hormonal influence and also societal mores, but not all of it can be blamed on the “strong man” syndrome. The fact is, in the beginning, man was designed to be aggressive, dominant, confrontational, a protector of family and goods, a hunter, and when needed, a warrior. This is something that must be balanced out by our feminine side of the ladder, with kindness, mercy, forgiveness, etc. For an example, look at the way that the Old Testament describes Jehovah, and then look at how the New Testament describes Christ. Jehovah is given warrior, confrontational, protector, and punisher characteristics, whereas the Christ is found to be meek, gentle, forgiving, caring, longsuffering, and so on. The product of the two is one of king-priest, a conquering warrior that weeps at the altar. A perfect balance of male-female traits, with a dominance of maleness.

As you know, not all men are hairy, muscular, dominating specimens of the male species. This does not make them a freak in the modern world. But, if they lived in the early stages of creation, when survival depended more upon physical strength than anything else, these traits were necessary and vital. In today’s world of ease and technological advancement, the roles of the female and male are interchangeable, with both genders displaying prowess at chores that in other ages gone by were gender specific. Many men are able to “mother” their children in an excellent display of affection and nurture, while, at the same time, the woman of today can be seen in the workplace handling a variety of formerly male-oriented jobs as good as any man.

From that union, a chain of processes begin that is the basis for our study, for out of that joining of genetic information, one side of the ladder from the male side of genetic history, the other side of the ladder from the female side of genetic history, comes forth a new and unique being. From the very moment that the 2 strands embrace one another and perform the dance of union and oneness, it becomes something that is one of a kind, different and separate from all other countless others that have come before it and that will ever come after it. The countless combinations of genetic codes that each strand of DNA was comprised of before the union becomes a unique volume of life, with new codes and variants created through the union of sperm and egg that will give this being a genetic fingerprint that will distinguish it from all other humans. The beauty of this design is such that it will be similar enough to its genetic parents to be identified as their child, but it will be its own self, not abnormally different from its parents or others of its own species, but in the language of its DNA it stands alone in uniqueness, a new thing, and all heaven stands up to take notice that another life has been added to the journal of eternity, and each heavenly creature takes note that they will be spending eternity with this wondrous and mysterious God-man.

From the moment that the ovum is penetrated and the sperm DNA unites with the egg DNA, it loses it’s identity. It is no longer a sperm or an egg. It is both, but neither. It becomes something else, something different. From the moment that we were united with our Lord and we became one with him, we also lost our identity, and we became something else than who we were prior to that union. Such is the mystery of the New Man. He is the old, joined and swallowed up into the new, but He is a new thing, not old or new, but a unique combination of the two. This is why we cannot call ourselves God. I hear many people do it, but they do it out of a part truth. The truth is that we are God, but that is not all that we are. We are also Adam. We are also Christ. We are many things, and contrary to what some may say, we do not lose anything when we come to God, but we bring it into Him, and He incorporates it into our new self. I am not ashamed of anything that has been in my past. I was when I was acting it out and when I was living in sin consciousness, but now I have buried those things into Christ, and I am set free from that reproach. As Paul, the chief of sinners has become the chief of the Apostles. How can this be? Who can know grace anymore than the person who needs it the most? Where sin once abounded, now grace abounds. And how precious is that Grace, especially to those that were bound by the laws of their members, but thanks be to God, who has redeemed us out of that law, not by destroying the law, but fulfilling it in our being. Grace was added to our life and it immediately worked a work of true repentance, not some ritualistic statement of words, but a confession of our being, that without God we are undone and lost, not because someone told us we were, but by reason of our experience.

So it is, that we have been made a new creature in Christ, old things have passed away, have been changed and transformed, and behold, all things are become new, complete, added unto, joined and combined with our past, present and future. So it is with the sperm DNA and the egg DNA. They marry and leave their parents house of genetic identity, and form a new beginning, a new thing. The scientific world recognized that this new cell was no longer sperm or egg, so they also followed suit and have named this new cell a “zygote.” A truly wonderful thing is this zygote. It is a statement of co-union. The two strands of DNA compromise with each other, until there develops an agreement between them. The four bases we have discussed, adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine line up with each other, finding the match, always adenine matched with thymine and cytosine with guanine. Eventually, certain genes become dominant, the other genes submissive. As a result, the child will show different characteristics of the father and mother and a little of both will be seen in it. It may invoke certain remarks when it is born, like, “Oh dear, I am afraid it is going to have it’s father’s nose!.” Or, “She looks just like her mother, although she does have the dark hair of her father.” Or, in late years, “You may look like me, but you sure do act like your father.”

This is the result of a remarkable joining of the strengths and weaknesses of the parent DNA. What comes about, is a mix of the two, which can be a fairly equal representation of both parents, or a dominance of one parent with barely a hint of the other. This happens on all levels of life. Certain traits in cattle or horses are bred into offspring to strengthen the lineage. If a stallion is found to have dominant genes, meaning he has the ability to override the genes of the mare, and he has demonstrated certain desirous qualities to his breeders that can be passed on to his offspring, then he is in high demand. He can procreate himself. In our relationship with Christ, He is the dominant gene. When the Word of God impregnates our soul, the new creature that is birthed is always stamped with the nature of the Christ. Our woman gives way to His man and the resultant seed is a composite of God and man, with the traits dominated by the character and form of the Christ. Make no mistake about it though, we will NOT lose our manhood. We will forever be marked with our man, which is our distinguishment from the angels and other heavenly creatures that have never been subject unto vanity, but it is also that beauty mark that draws God to us, and gives us a seat in His throne, because it begs His love to reach out to us, and will throughout eternity.

God moves toward us through the principal of osmosis. He sees a need and He fills it with Himself. Such is the process of osmosis. It is a term that describes an action that does not involve a physical force but an action that takes place because of a need. Through osmosis light springs out of darkness, not by force, but simply because it cannot help itself. Wherever darkness is, light will shine into it. An example is when it is night outside of your house, and your room is filled with light, and the door to the outside is opened up, what happens? The light falls out into darkness. Why doesn’t darkness fall into the room? Because it is not moved upon to darken the light, the light has the dominance and the ability and the unquenchable desire to overcome and swallow up the darkness into itself. Darkness is passive, light is active. Darkness is not moved, it does not spring up, it doesn’t vibrate, it is inert. Light is full of life, it fills all things with itself, it expands, vibrates, brings warmth and life to all it touches. Such is God. He moves to the need, before the need moves toward Him. He sought you, before you even knew you needed Him, He needed you. By reason of His holiness, your corruption called to Him and without thought or favor, He moved toward you and drew you to Himself.

In college, we performed an experiment with osmosis involving two containers of water, separated by a semi-permeable membrane. One container was half filled with ordinary tap water and the other container was three quarters filled with tap water and salt. Ordinarily, the membrane had the ability to hold the two containers of water apart from one another, but when the salt was added, the salt water “sensed” the unsalted water on the other side of the membrane and started to force itself through the membrane until the two containers became equal in content. So it is with the glory of God and the hearts of men. Under the law, the glory of God was contained behind a veil, which, in effect, held back the presence and glory of God from the people. This has been illustrated throughout the scriptures as the separation that had been in effect since the subjection to vanity in the garden. There was a membrane of lost relationship separating us from God. But, just like the salt water, Christ was held back from the earth until a time appointed, and a virgin was overshadowed by the glory of God and she gave birth to the Son of man. Even though it looked like man was doomed to live in a state of corruption and false identity, God’s nature could not be held back by man’s carnal mind, and eventually, undeniably, Christ came, and began the process of removing the veil from our minds and heart, and through osmosis, God has permeated our mind with His Word, and will not stop until we become One with Him. This is the principal behind the statement, All in all. He is All without us, but because of our need, He is moved toward us, not able to resist our death, His life springing up at our cry, and the All eventually fills the all with Himself.

In our next issue, we will continue to discuss the miraculous wonder of the birth process. I also discuss this subject in one of my earlier writings, entitled, “The Virgin Birth,” and discuss in depth what God accomplished through the birth of Jesus. If you would like this writing, it is displayed on our Internet web site, or you can write to me for a copy. Another great birth is taking place today, in you and me, and as we delve into this fascinating event, may Christ come forth in you, in a new and living way!


THE HOUSE that GOD BUILT, Volume 1, Study 7 [Robert D. Torango] ~ BOOK         1


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