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As we have stated in our past article, we have, in times past, operated out of a brain-oriented existence, one that was both limited and mis-informed, and we are just now experiencing a new and exciting way of life, which is the walk of the heart-mind. In our last issue we dealt with memory and the ability to “remember” both in the natural and the spiritual. We also likened the brain to a computer and showed how the brain handles memory much like our PC does. It “stores” and “accesses” filed information from past events and then “displays” the data involved in those files. The brain also makes conscious decisions about what emotions and physical actions should accompany these memories when they are accessed and then suggests a logical reaction to them.

Whereas, other information is stored in the heart, which is not our physical organ, but is a descriptive term which involves the “center of our being,” which in this case is in the general vicinity of our heart organ. This information is a coded knowledge which has been locked up in our being until a time appointed of the Father to “come to our remembrance.” This “foreknown” information has been written upon the tables of our heart in the form of a “new covenant.” It is only “new” to us because it has been inaccessible prior to this New Day, but in reality it is the most ancient of all knowledge and involves those things we experienced in our “pre-Adam” existence. Hence, it can be characterized as a “sacred secret” of God’s express nature and mind and we are at this moment of time being “initiated” into it’s long forgotten truths.

This “sacred secret” is the “mystery” of the ages which Paul wrote about and the initiation is the process of death and suffering which “qualifies” us for becoming the “holders of truth.” In all circumstances which incorporate an initiation, whether it is a college fraternity or induction into the United States Marine Corps, or simply joining a book club, there is a price that must be paid to enter in. That “price” can be far ranging, as some groups may ask for monetary compensation as a distinguishing feature to separate the initiated from the uninitiated, or the group may feel that something more qualifying than money must be required from the candidate, in which case the person to be initiated might be asked to show their worthiness to become a member of the group by various displays of faithfulness, strength, fierceness, intelligence, etc.. In all cases, the initiation is a process of “weeding out” all seekers to induction and assures the group and it’s members of a new member with the same values and honor system as the present and past members.

So it is, that we are being initiated into a “new covenant” by way of fire and the shedding of blood. Fire, because our Lord is a consuming fire and the shedding of blood because we are being asked to become “living sacrifices.” The process of induction into this “sacred secret” will assure us that only the true in heart will arrive at the finish line of this particular race. Some will try to “buy” this truth, as Simon the magician, but they will only be disappointed to learn that this is one thing that money cannot buy. In fact, this initiation is not concerned with anything of ours that is external, whether it be physical strength, beauty, wealth, or intelligence. This initiation has nothing to do with our natural man. It is interested only in the condition of our HEART. Only the PURE IN HEART will see God, and God only looks upon the heart of man in His evaluation of this “guardian of the holy secret.”

God is making a new man in the earth, one that is separated from the world around him, different from his fellow men in His relationship with the Father. It has not been given unto other realms or orders to understand what this new man understands. This new man is given the keys to a sacred secret and the rest of the religious world is kept locked up from the truth, not by Satan, but by God.

Mark 4:11-12…11] And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: 12] That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them. (KJV)

Does God hide things from those that are “uninitiated? Some might find this hard to believe, because some think that the ministry of this present day truth are called to reveal all truth to all men. But read carefully the following scriptures.

1 Cor. 2:6-14…6] Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought: 7] But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 8] Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. 9] But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 10] But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. 11] For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. 12] Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit, which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. 13] Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. 14] But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. (KJV)

Notice the phrase in the 13th verse, “comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” We can try to teach the “mystery” of the gospel to the natural man, but it will be like comparing oranges to apples, because the natural man lacks the spiritual “code” that unlocks and interprets the “sacred secret.”


The truth is, the natural man has a familiar problem that is in the news today and will get much more attention from the world press in the days to come. The problem I am referring to is “the Y2K problem.” If you have heard of it then you know that it is a problem that the whole world is facing which involves the memory that has been programmed into IBM computers. When IBM computers were first programmed, in order to save money and keep initial costs down of building the computers, the programmers asked the computer to recognize only the last 2 digits of the year. Instead of recognizing all four digits of the year, 1998, the present system of memory in most IBM computers recognize only the last 2 digits, 98. As a result, most computers only recognize the date by a 6 digit format, 09-08-98, or, the month, the day, and the last 2 digits of the year, instead of the last 4 digits of the year, which would have involved programming the date as an 8 digit memory sequence, 09-08-1998. As you may surmise, this would have required more “start up” money to build the computers and the costs of building the early computers of the 1960’s was much more prohibitive than they are now. The early computers were much bigger and cumbersome then today’s desktop PC and obviously no one expected them to increase in demand to the point that they are now in most homes of the public domain, sitting on little desks in the corners of bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and basements.

It is worth noting, whether you see this as either simple irony or profound revelation, that the present, limited format is a 6 digit date, which I cannot help but notice that it corresponds with the number of man, and also that it deals with the 3rd millennium, which one could make a case for being stated in a format of 666. Compare this format with the format of an 8 digit date, which would be millennium ready and which would be 888, a number we relate to the “new man” and to a third millennium of new beginnings. We will have more to say on this a while later.

Some have voiced opinions that there is a conspiracy at work with this crisis being planned by the government or the software companies. No one truly knows, and even if we knew, it would not help us out of this coming crisis. The acronym, Y2K, simply means, Year Two Thousand, and illustrates the problem that our computers will have when the date rolls over to 2000. If our computers read that particular date in the present date format that they are programmed to recognize it would look like this, on January 1st – 01-01-00.

The last 2 digits as you can see is simply double zero, which is no problem for the computer to read, but the problem is that the computer cannot discern that the total 4 numbers of the year should be 2000, in which case the computer will recognize it as 1900, going back to the beginning of the century, instead of going forward to a new century. Although this sounds simple enough to fix, it is not. Maybe it would be if there weren’t more than 5 billion computers in the world with this problem, but that is exactly what we are facing. A huge amount of computers need to have their resident memory chips replaced or updated and chances are very good that millions won’t be updated, particularly in the less developed nations. The problem is not a new one, in fact, it was known that this would be a problem at the change of the millennium when the computers were first programmed with this form of date recognition, but, as men always seem to do, the problem was put off decade after decade thinking that there was plenty of time to fix it before the millennium. Year after year, the problem arose in the back rooms of the government and private sector businesses, and each year the financial directors looked at the cost of upgrading their present system and the enticing choice of putting off for another year, or, in some cases, another decade the troublesome problem. In most cases, this choice was made with the idea that no one in the business of making money likes to spend money on something that does not promise an immediate return. As a result, the problem has been one that has mysteriously gone unresolved in the vast majority of cases.

The result is that the millennium is upon the world in another year and a few months and it doesn’t look like the problem will be fixed in time. The reports of the coming crisis vary in degrees of severity, from a mild bump in the ordinary life of the American citizen all the way to apocalyptic forecasts of world wide disaster and famine. Some say that the only problems will be ones of irritating bureaucratic red tape, interrupted service of utilities and billing errors. Others say that the government will collapse, missiles will be fired, banks will close, all utilities will be disconnected and food will not be available. The problem is that no one knows for sure what will happen, or when. Some programmers are warning that we won’t have to wait until the midnight of December 31st, but that the date of September 9, 1999 will be the first test of the 6 digit format, since it would involve all nines. Add to this the fact that even for those businesses that have upgraded their systems in time for the new millennium there will not be enough time to test their upgrade and computers are notorious for not working right the first time.

Sounds bad doesn’t it? Indeed, I myself cannot say for certain what will happen in the next year. Some are sending out material that encourages us to get ready for this disaster and take steps of survival, such as storing food and water and even buying survival land to wait out the new millennium. I read of one man that is selling “survival cabins” in the mountains, complete with a years supply of dried food, a wood stove and a generator. No doubt he is making a lot of money and having a lot of takers. Nothing gets the public stirred up like a good “end of the world” scenario.

Will life as we have known it end on the night of the new millennium? Personally, I don’t believe it will, but I feel obligated to tell you that I have been wrong before. Once, back in 1965. Just kidding! Actually, I just don’t think that all of the money mongers of the world will let the whole cesspool of monetary slavery end with a computer flaw, no matter how bleak the media makes it sound. For one thing, if this is indeed a conspiracy, whether of the government or private sector, the collapse of the entire world would not serve any purpose. The world is driven by money, not total destruction. Yes, I do believe that we will have problems, and some may be very severe. I don’t believe that we will all starve to death and that we will be wandering the deserts in search of food. I do believe that you might want to have some money on hand and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a generator handy. Just keep in mind, that even in it’s worse scenario, with the world in chaos and the collapse of civilization, the Lord is our supply and our help in the time of trouble.


I have been amazed at how many of the self-proclaimed “sons of God” that have not minded telling anyone that will listen that they are of the “highest and deepest order” and that they are “the InChristed Ones” and the “Melchizedek Priesthood,” but they are the very ones that are trying to save their necks at the very first inkling that there may be trouble arriving upon us! Some are digging water holes in the back of their homes, storing food under their beds, trading in stocks and buying gold, all things that one might expect from ordinary people of the world, but unbelievable acts of fear and despair from those that are supposed to be the answer of God in the earth. What are they thinking? What do they suppose that they will do when the dried food runs out and the water turns bad? How long do they hope to survive in this way, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years? What then? What happens if martial law is declared and troops come to garnish their goods and take them away to a communal compound, which would surely take place if things go as bad as they predict. Or, even more troubling, how do they suppose they will protect their supply of goods from their neighbors when they come begging for food? Who gets to partake of their survival supplies? Just them and their immediate family? Or maybe they will let a few of their favorite cousins partake of their coveted supplies, but not the more distant or less favored ones. And what of the Body of Christ? There is no scenario that one can conjure from the worse case scenario of collapse that would convince me that any of us could take such carnal steps to ensure our own safety and well being and still provide for all that would need our help, and anything less than being a source of provision to others would be contrary to the nature of Christ.

If there is to be a total collapse from the Y2K problem then none of us can save ourselves. In fact, we who are the “Anointed of the Lord” should not be thinking in such terms. If we are, then we ourselves have a Y2K problem. Forget about the computers, what about the “Seeds of Promise? The truth of the matter is that we are unable to think past the present millennium ourselves. At the first sign of trouble we are returning back to our carnal beginnings, with survival of self being the main instinct of our natural man. We have a memory problem folks!! We are forgetting who we are and why we are here on this planet at this particular time. To hear so many of the kingdom saints cry out in fear and dismay, to see them doing things to escape the woes of the world is embarrassing to me to say the least. I am disappointed that we have not progressed any further in God than to become a frightened rabbit looking for any hole to crawl into and lay there shaking all over hoping that no one finds us.


God has not called us to such thinking. This kind of thinking comes from the unregenerated brain, and we need to stop, sit down, and listen to the still, small voice of our heart. Our heart will tell us that some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will trust in the Lord our God. Our heart will tell us that in the world we will have trouble, but be of good courage for our Lord has overcome the world. Our heart will bring us to a remembrance of what our God has done in days gone by, the mighty acts of God that were loosed upon His chosen people to keep them from harm. We are not here to escape; we are here to be put on open display, to be a sign and a wonder to this generation. If we were to avail ourselves to the carnal ways of survival that these deluded prophets of doom adhere to, we would miss our moment of display. If this crisis comes down to the worst scenario then I have to say that this is my hour to glorify my Father! Not my will, but thine be done! Give me the strength to drink of the cup and to believe in His mighty power. If this is the way things go, then let the world see a new creation come forth with the name of the Father on their foreheads. I believe that we are set for the rise and the falling of many dominions in the earth today and if this is the time that God has chosen to deal with them then let us be put on notice that along with the new millennium in the natural, there is a New Millennium Ministry at hand to minister to it.

This Millennial Ministry is Y2K ready! Whereas the old age ministries are going back to the old order of doom and gloom tactics, the New Millennium Ministry will welcome it with a heart of expectation and faith. The Millennium is their destiny, their reason for being born. This New Millennium Ministry operates out of an 8th day mindset, not out of the 6th day. An 8th day mindset is one that does not allow the world to dictate death and destruction to it, but the world must line up to the order found in this Millennial Ministry. Their order dictates the blessings of God in the earth and they are the representatives of an everlasting kingdom that will never pass away. They are the shining lights of God’s presence and are His express will in the earth. They are not preachers, teachers, bishops, prophets or any other labeled office of ministry, but they are a new order, a company that is totally re-programmed from the 6 day mind set. They do not rely on the intellect of learned knowledge but they operate out of a millennial 8th day mind set of newness. They do not feel compelled to line up with the church system and know that the armor of Saul will never fit them in the upcoming battle with Goliath. If we continue to try to solve this upcoming problem with old order methods of escapism and isolationism then we will surely go the way of the world into destruction, but if we will allow the Millennial order of the spirit to saturate us and fill us with it’s ancient, sacred secret, then we will turn the sorrow of men into the laughter of God and we will witness the coming of the Lord in all the earth like lightning flashing from the east to the west.

God has a ministry to minister to this Millennium! We are being initiated into it even now and our heart-mind is teaching us the order of it. One thing is certain. This New Millennial Ministry will not rely upon the smokes and mirror methods of the passing church age to meet the challenges of this Day. If this is the worst-case scenario we are facing, then kiss your Sunday morning religion good bye. You can also kiss your dead, structured, lifeless, bible thumping, pulpit pounding, money pulling, program driven, people pleasing ministry good-bye too. While you are at it, why don’t you kiss your philosophical, theological, pseudo-psychological, metaphysical, intellectual, holistical, rational, logical, apocalyptical, twice dead-plucked up from the roots- doctrinal dogmas good bye also. None of these things will do anything for you or anyone else if the collapse comes. The only thing that we can rely on, the only thing that will save us is the spirit of the living God. Anything else that we have used in the past to try to describe that Life, or to symbolize it, or to type or shadow it will be utterly useless to us. Only the real McCoy, the 100%, concentrated, undiluted, unmanufactured, true blue, pure, undefiled, unpolluted life of God will help us in that case. All temporary, maintenance type of ministries will not be Millennial ready. The five offices of the church, namely the Apostle, Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist are for the perfecting of the saints, and for the work of the ministry, and for the edifying of the body of Christ, UNTIL we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. The offices of the church are a maintenance ministry, necessary and needful to KEEP THE CHURCH MAINTAINING, but in view of the arrival of this new millennium, they are not millennial ready! I say that there is coming forth in our midst a New Millennium Ministry that will not be molded out of the old mold of the church maintenance system, but will start a new lineage of priestly and kingly ministry.

Jesus was a New Millennium Son. He is the pattern Millennial Son. By the time that this Millennial Son’s earthly ministry was finished, all the earth marked their days by His life. Until Jesus appeared, days were numbered in ascending order, each year added to the other. This changed after the Millennial Son ascended and from that point on, the days counted before Jesus counted DOWN to Him and the days after Him counted AWAY from Him. Today, the world counts years in terms of those that occurred “before Christ” and those that occurred “after Christ,” BC or AD. This is what a Millennial Ministry does! It makes the whole world line up with it’s presence! So, today we see another Millennial Ministry being revealed in the earth again, one that will make time stand still again, and this time they are not appearing as a singular Son, but as a many-membered, corporate Millennial Company, having their garments dipped in the blood of the Lamb and bearing His name and nature. They are many hearts, beating to the one beat of the Son of God, one in purpose, one in mind, one in strength and one in destiny.


It is obvious, as we study human nature and how it affects us all in our everyday life, that we have been living our lives out with a serious Y2K problem. We have had an ongoing problem of looking past the present state of affairs and envisioning them in a progressive, developmental view. Mankind does not like to think about the future and what our present actions will conceive in the time ahead. The early computer programmers had this difficulty, otherwise we would not have this present millennial problem, something that should have, and easily could have, been fixed decades ago. They put off for tomorrow what should have been done today. So it is with most issues in man’s life. Though we all know and understand that worldwide we are using a limited supply of resources for our energy needs, gas and oil and coal for instance, and we all know that the day will come when they will run out, we still refuse to pay the price today for the impending problems of tomorrow.

The Y2K problem of our own minds may well be linked to the “rapture problem” of the modern church system. Those of us that have been living in the “kingdom way” for many years are ever so mindful of the woeful spiritual shape the nominal church is in due to their inability to see the kingdom at hand and Christ indwelling us bodily, opting instead to live their religious lives out with their eyes glued to the hope that before things get too bad on earth that the Lord will come in the sky and whisk them all off to the New Jerusalem, the fantastic flying city of God. We know that they are hurting themselves by this mindless view of the kingdom of God, but they are mind-locked into this “escapism” that has only made them inept and impotent in the present world. There is a price to be paid today for the “pearl of great price” and one does not obtain that coveted pearl by squandering a life away by “eating, drinking and being merry” with no regard for a future of reaping what we have sown. The summer is past, the night is at hand, and we are still not saved.

This Y2K problem is seen in us all when it comes to our physical well-being. We see drug addicts and alcoholics wasting their lives away and wonder how they could ever allow themselves to fall into that trap. You would think that just one look at someone that is so dead on their feet, so hopelessly lost in despair would be enough to keep all others away from falling into the same trap. Instead, we see an increase in the numbers of those that are only more than eager to run the same gauntlet of death, thinking for some reason that they will be the exception and they will be able to enjoy the moment of pleasure and not pay the piper when the song is done. Does it not just boggle our minds to see how time after time the pictures are displayed on our newspapers and TV programs of the unimaginable horrors of AIDS, people whose bodies are wasting away, ravaged by infection and disease, their immune system hopelessly unable to respond to the microscopic armies of bacteria and cancer. Isn’t it only reasonable and sane thinking to expect these everyday images and facts to make our whole world and society to refrain from drugs and promiscuous sexual activity? Yet, as we can all attest to, we see on the street corners of our cities people lined up to buy drugs and prostitutes having an unending line of customers partaking of unprotected sex with them and daring the AIDS virus to infect them, again, showing themselves to be mind-blocked and oblivious to the thought of the consequences of their actions. To every action of sowing, there will be a reaping, no matter who we think we are and how deluded our minds are that somehow, someway, we will be the one in a million exception to the rule.


The New Millennium Ministry is a ministry that connects past, present and future. They understand the past, in that God has already accomplished His objectives in Himself since before the foundations of the world. In essence, we can say along with Jesus, It Is Finished! The finished work is in Jesus, the Millennial Son of the first order. In Him we are complete and perfect. Secondly, the New Millennium Ministry understands the significance of the present, in that the Father dwells in the present, that NOW faith is, that as He is, so are we in this PRESENT world, that the past is only significant to us if we can bring it into reality and operation and allow what has been done in the Christ to be seen in His Body in this present Day. Thirdly, the New Millennium Ministry understands the future, in that everything that is done in the present will set a precedent for all generations to follow, that we are a generational ministry, that we are creative in the power of the Christ, that what we do or say will shape and form the worlds to come. Finally, the New Millennium Ministry boldly reveals the line of continuity from the beginning to the end, putting an end to fatalism and chance and revealing the WILL and PURPOSE of the Father in all ages and in all generations. This ministry concretely and irrefutably identifies the “Alpha and Omega” as He that was, that is, and that is to come. Glory to His holy Name!

Even so, in the content of our DNA lies a generational “Book of Life” and we are only the product of all that has been before us. However, what science cannot possibly know, because of their clinical method of dealing with the information of the genetic code of our DNA, is that we are not “locked” into this present state of being, but we are of those that “look into the heavens” and see a new creation in Christ, yet unseen and unformed in the earth, but visible and viable in the Father, and we have great hope and expectations that this eternal tabernacle in the heavens will one day be fully revealed and apparent in the earth. The new millennium will usher in this “new creation” as this outer man dissolves and the inner man is put on.

Even our DNA is Y2K illiterate. As our DNA is presently written, we are under the original limitations set forth by God in Genesis:

Gen 6:3And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. (KJV)

So it has been, as each generation has slipped by, there has been a limit to the years of man’s life in this dimension. This is a limit that has been written into the genetic code of our DNA and has not wavered no matter how far along spiritually our forefathers have traveled, treating each one without favor. In this respect, the believer has been no different from the non-believer, with saint and sinner buried beside each other in the graveyards. Yet, we are “standing on tiptoe,” as the Phillips translation says, waiting for the final unveiling of the true nature and form of the sons of God.

It is very important for us to understand that we have been under the sentence of a millennial judgment, which has lasted for 2 millenniums. We find a witness for this in what Jesus said:

Luke 13:32-33…32] And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected. 33] Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem. (KJV)

It is in these 2 verses that we see the millennial continuity plainly stated, that even though we know there has been things done in the past and that even greater things will be done in the future, we must walk each day out fully, but most importantly, we must walk TODAY out. God’s plan will not “perish” because of the failures of men, but it is millennially ordained to be realized in the hearts of men. “It cannot be” any other way!


There is a hidden, “sacred secret” in the code of our DNA, much like the proposed “Bible Code” that has recently been written about in the best selling book, “The Bible Code” by Michael Drosnin. In this amazing book Mr Drosnin relates how he and other colleagues developed a special computer program that listed the Hebrew text of the Old Testament as a complete text without spaces and then “searched” the entire Old Testament for names, dates or other information that was typed in to the search parameters and some startling discoveries were made. Since the program searches the letters of the text not only sideways, but also up or down or diagonally, much like the popular word puzzles we are all familiar with, the Old Testament text was revealed to have a “code” within the obvious text that reads in the normal, structured way. It is said that historical figures were found along with significant dates and places when plugged into the search engine. For instance, it is reported in the book that the name of Hitler was found, and within the textual vicinity of his name other relevant historical information was included. I quote from the book: ” “Hitler” and “Nazi” were encoded together with “slaughter.” “In Germany” was encoded with “Nazis” and “Berlin.” And the man who actually ran the concentration camps, “Eichmann,” was encoded with “the ovens” and “extermination.” “

Amazing isn’t it? The author contends that all historical events are listed in the Old Testament text by this method of code and he lists many startling instances in the book. I do not want to be thought of absolutely guaranteeing that this is all factual and true, I am only bringing your attention to this book to make a point. As amazing as all of this is, if it is indeed true, there is a catch. In order to find these events or people in the bible code, you must already know what event to look for, limiting the search to only those things that have already happened. Unless there is some relevant reason to search for something, then the information stays locked up. The code does give forth some prophetic information when the subject is both past, present and future. For instance, a search for “World War” was done and only two years, 2,000 and 2,006 were clearly encoded with “World War,” with both years also encoding “atomic holocaust.”

The author raises several interesting thoughts concerning the prophetic area of the “bible code.” One is that God had intentionally hidden the code in a “sealed book” within the obvious and widely read Old Testament and that there would be no interpretation possible, no unsealing of the book, until the computer was invented, since only a computer would be able to decode the vast amount of Hebrew letters. He also wonders if although the code reveals future prophecies, are these prophecies set in concrete or are they mentioned so that men might be able to repent and see them disannulled, or avoided. I thought both these questions were relevant to what I have written so far in this article. We have stated many times in this study that the pattern of the tabernacle shown to Moses in the mountain is now seen as the almost exact pattern of the human cell, and when Jacob dreamed the dream of the ladder set up on earth and ascending into heaven, that it is an exact image of the ladder of our DNA. All of this would not be revealed to any other generation except this present generation in which science is now able to look into the hidden, microscopic parts of the tabernacle of our body and to see what our cell is made up of.


Furthermore, I do believe that in this New Millennium Ministry there will be the power to “disannul” the curse of a limited life and to “change” the present order from death and destruction to the endless order of Melchisedec, the Millennial Priesthood after which we are called. If there is any single word that fully embodies the nature and operation of this New Millennium Ministry it would be the word, “CHANGE.” Change of order, change of nature, change of action, change of garments, change of vision, change of priesthood, change of atmosphere, change of attitude, change of motive, change of mind, change of heart, everything that is in, through and around this Millennial ministry will trump CHANGE!!! Nothing will remain the same.

I believe that there is a word yet to be ministered out of this Millennial Priesthood and I also believe that there is a word yet to be obeyed in the recesses of our DNA. Just as we are being put on notice by God to prepare for a new, unique, original ministry from behind the veil, even so we are going to experience a physical phenomenon of molecular change. The new wine will not be manifested in an old wine skin, but just as sure as we start to see the evidence of a new dimension for our inner man to speak out of, even so shall we grow into our new wine skin, a new kind of body that we as yet know very little about. We are in the transition period of passing from death to life and it will compass our whole man, leaving nothing outside of this marvelous metamorphosis. I am excited in this great and terrible Day of God Almighty! Look up O House of the Lord, for the Lord faithful and true is renting our heavens and standing up in His temple. Gone are your days of searching and never finding, knocking and never entering, hurting and never healing, but the Lord has appeared and His glory is upon you to do His good pleasure. He would not bring you to the birth and only bring forth wind, but within you, deep within you lies the “sacred secret” of His substance and even now you are being “decoded” and rewritten into your original, uncorrupted God-self.

Don’t be anxious! Look not on the outward evidence of the vessel. You are only a container, a bottle in which the Lord of glory abides. The container is only as holy as what it contains. It is not the container that this day depends upon, but what is contained within it. This Millennium has nothing to do with you, with your righteousness, with your power, with your ability, with your holiness, but it is totally reliant and dependent upon the Righteous, Holy One that embodies us. It is not up to us to perform these things, it is His plan, His ministry, His salvation, His conciliation, it is Him and only Him that this Day is about. You are His vehicle through which He will express Himself, but the ultimate work of change, the melting of the elements, the burning of the heavens and earth, the passing away of the old and the rising up of the new, all of this cannot and will not be done by mortal man, but we do contain the Lord of Lord’s and the Logos of His will is in us to will and to do His good pleasure! Our only challenge is to expect, believe, yield, disappear, get out of the way, lose our self, avail our self, and ultimately just to hang on when the ride begins.


Our main goal is just to survive this process of a heavenly, angelic breakthrough of life, as unbelievable shaking and renting takes place in our midst. I can’t adequately describe the upheaval that will be witnessed in our being when the Lord rises in His holy habitation and all flesh is silenced before Him. Forces are at work, held back for eonian time, reserved in the heavens and shut up from the dimension of our present world, ready now to burst forth upon us and to be put on open display. Woe to the man that stands in front of this immense demonstration of pent-up glory as it breaks the seals of time and causes the foundations of creation to crack and groan under the weight of it’s unalterable destiny. One world comes to an end and another world begins it’s course. The earth buckles and opens up as torrents of life giving waters spew forth from the hearts of men as a great flood of love and salvation fills the empty, barren depressions of our life. Hang on little ones, don’t dismay, the restoration is at hand, and in the midst of change is great burnings and release, loud noises of old orders giving way, walls falling down, foundations breaking up, prison doors flying open, bands of wickedness breaking, rivers gushing over their banks, water pouring out from under the door posts, angelic shouts of proclamation, millennial trumpets blaring, deafening in their alarm and determined awakening, creatures flying through the heavens, their wings beating out a sound of life and sacred glory, saints rejoicing, singing songs of victory and ascension, multitudes raising the anthem of ageless redemption, ancient and sacred chanting, telling the secret story of Zion and her God, horsemen riding, swords clashing, chains broken, devils screaming, dead rising, smoke filling the air, a lamb standing, seals renting, armies doing battle, the final swell of life, unconquerable and undeniable, and finally the stillness, the quiet of an awed creation, everything subdued, all things redeemed, and every where, in everything, only one thing remains… God.


THE HOUSE that GOD BUILT, Volume 1, Study 10 [Robert D. Torango]          1


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