John 14:1-3…1] Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 2] In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3] And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (KJV)

Only Jesus, operating out of the all-knowing MIND, really knew the extent of His statement in this verse. Without question, this verse has many sides of meaning to it. One of those sides is the one that most of us in this kingdom word have applied to it. Namely, that in the immense, multi-layered HOUSE that is the Father’s abode, there are many mansions, or levels of attainment, that throughout the history of God’s relationship with man have been made attainable to man at various points in time, and each “mansion” has opened up a new and vast abode of revelation. Each “heaven” that mankind has passed through on this journey of revelation, which is the revealing of the true nature and character of God, has been a stratosphere of ascension for the sojourner, each heaven exceeding the prior heaven in glory and bringing mankind closer to an at-one-ment with their Father.

The nominal church system of teachers and preachers have chosen to take this verse as a literal statement, teaching that Jesus has gone away to build us all a personal mansion in heaven somewhere, and that He has not come back to rapture the church out of the earth because He is still working on those mansions. Perhaps there has been a shortage of building materials in heaven, just like here on earth, and poor Jesus hasn’t been able to get His materials delivered on site. Amazing that grown men and women could view the scriptures so carnally. Even more amazing to me, is that each and every one of them plan on having their own personal mansion built right next door to Jesus! Talk about a crowded neighborhood! Needless to say, I am most confident that this type of interpretation is not what Jesus meant when He uttered these words.

I also believe that we can apply these verses to an even more personal and enlightened way. That although they can and do apply to a spiritual dimension, they can also be meant to describe an even more personal relationship that the Father has with us, in that the HOUSE that is mentioned is none other than the tabernacle which we are, the human body. It is the only place that the scripture states that God abides in, not just a place that He fills with Himself and causes it to consist by Him, but a place that He has His abode in, a house not made with hands. If so, then this is an accurate description of our body. It is a house, made up of many “mansions,” or rooms. A body that is made up of many cells.

The human body is, in fact, the tabernacle of God, the true, “Father’s House,” that Jesus spoke of in the verse above. It is, in fact and in design, literally a tabernacle that is made up of trillions of microscopic tabernacles, that have all been designed to “tabernacle” with each other. It is the most profound example of the Feast of Tabernacles in the earth today. This is especially relevant for you and I, as we continue to be prepared by the Lord to participate in the final, third feast of the millenniums, the feast of all feasts, the final act of union between God and man, the complete consummation of the Creator and His creation. The Feast of Tabernacles is to be nothing less than the total swallowing up of man into God, until there is nothing remaining of man that is corruptible or mortal, but only one true nature of the Father abides, and He is the All, in the all. Great Day!!

So, this is to be a day of tabernacling with God. I would like to try to express a part of the message of Tabernacles that perhaps many have overlooked when studying upon this awesome Feast. Many times, we get so caught up in the message that is being taught, that we fall short in obtaining that which the teaching is pointing to. The Feast of Tabernacles is not only a feast about God dwelling in man, but is mostly about His desire to tabernacle with man, which is more than inhabiting us, but is, in actuality, entwining Himself into our complete being, spirit, soul, body.

The Feast of which we speak has been named many things in the scriptures. It has it’s beginnings in the days of Israel’s wanderings, when Israel was a traveling camp, looking for the land which God was bringing them into. It is a feast that, like all the feasts, is associated with the agricultural life of Israel and is the final feast of the year, a great time of harvesting and reaping. One of the names of the Feast, which is the Feast of Booths, derives it’s name from the structures that God instructed the people of Israel to build and to inhabit during the days of the Feast. This “tent” or “booth” was constructed of sticks, which were woven together until they entwined one another and formed a shelter from the heat and weather. Later, the booth became a central part of the Feast, with each family instructed to dwell in these manufactured booths during the days of the Feast. They were pitched in the city courts, on the streets and on rooftops and were symbolic of the freedom and independence that Israel had come to know when Jehovah led them out of Egypt, the house of bondage and servitude, into the wilderness where God became their king and provider.

This custom was followed even after Israel was no longer a nomadic society, and dwelt in walled cities. The entwining of the boughs that made up the structures is what I especially feel the Lord wants me to comment on. This Feast is literally the Feast of Entwinement and it can be seen as a time of unity amongst Israel, with each household having a sense of independence by dwelling in their individual booth. But as each family constructed their booth the camp of Israel became a camp of booths, each family being united in a sense of historical significance, that Israel was once in bondage to man, but God delivered them and made them to dwell in their own house and to eat their own harvest.

Oh, what a glad day it is to come out of the house of bondage and to be able to stand in the land of the living. Do you remember the first day of your life when you stood before the Lord as a free-born son of God? Some have never had that feeling. There is an innumerable amount of people that have never felt the freedom to be able to stand in the presence of the Lord without the clothing and shelter of the religious systems of today. These prisoners of bondage have never eaten of the things of the Lord from His loving hand, but all of their spiritual sustenance has come from the table of the spiritual Egypt, a pitiful portion of stale bread and putrid water, slopped to them by the Egyptian guards of the man-made system of religion. Unclean food dealt out by unclean hands, food that is so watered down and old that it hardly resembles the substance, which it represents.

It truly is a desperate sadness that I feel for these prisoners to religion. What we have taken so much for granted in the camp of the redeemed would be like a priceless treasure to these malnourished souls. Today, I am able to stand before the Lord my God with a liberty in my soul that is unspeakable. To think that we who have escaped from the religious persecutions of our past are able to walk as princes in the House of God, without boundaries of men dictated to us: touch not, taste not, handle not. Oh blessed liberty of God!! Today, we can go to the highest mountain and scale it’s heights and behold the glories of the Lord in all the earth. As my sweet wife, Charlotte, received the words to this song:

“I’m free to walk upon the highest mountain there may be,

I’m free to place my feet upon the land and on the sea,

I’m free to manifest the very image that He is,

I’m free, but I’m not loose – As in the kingdom I now live.”

Glory! How wonderfully scrumptious the grace of God is.

The Feast of Booths, the Feast of Entwinement, is the feast where we are entwined, so joined with God that the lines of division where we end and He begins are disappearing and He has woven Himself within our very being. I in Him, Him in you, we in Him. Free to taste the honey, free to embrace His truth, free to declare our lineage in Him, free to soar to the heights and to get lost in His love. Absolutely, unconditionally free to know Him fully and completely without any lack. Free, but not loose, not free to do evil but free to reverse the flow of degeneration and to begin a new course of right thinking, to experience a new nature and a new mind. That’s true freedom! To preach liberty to the captive, to exchange love for hate, forgiveness for revenge, to learn a new walk and a new expression of God’s heart. To live simply, with a simple message of hope and life, to live in a booth of branches of different sizes and strengths, none of the branches sufficient in itself, but when entwined together, they are sufficient and perfect in their design. Such is the Feast that we are celebrating, and such is the heart of the people of the Feast.

This principle of entwinement is also one of the most fundamental principles of the human body. Each individual cell has an individual life. The cell is the smallest unit of life in the body, a booth, a hut, a tent that God pitched and not man. If you were to look for a place in our Temple where the glory of God was to reside, it would be in the cell, and not just in any certain cell, but in all of our cells equally, just as God does not fill up any one person with more of Himself than another person, but is of no respect of person and fills all of His sons equally with Himself. We tend to judge the amount of God a person possesses by the work that the person does, whether it is more profound or less profound in the Body of Christ. Usually Ministers are thought to be closer to God than lay people, because their function is to minister Christ to the rest of the Body. However, in all truthfulness, having a ministry does not mean you have more of God, it just means you have a more visible function than someone else in the Body. The cells of the toenail have just as much of the DNA Book Of Life as the cells of the tongue, but the function of the tongue is more visible and noticed. So it is that some parts of the Body are more appealing than others, but all are needful.

One of the wonders of the human body, is the tremendous amount of diversity seen within it and yet, the marvelous unity displayed by all of it’s parts. Hundreds of trillions of cells cohabit the body and all live for the good of the whole, each one in it’s designed place and functioning together with it’s kinsmen. There has never been a more dramatic and obvious example of union through diversity of function and design that the Creator has purposed to have operating in the spiritual body of Christ, than the wondrous organism that we inhabit.

How I wish that some of the ministry of the kingdom word would realize this. It would do us all good to get a revelation of how self important we seem to feel, when in fact, we are just one of the cells of the Body, doing no more and no less than any of the other trillions of cells, pleasing God in our design and purpose with which He has made us. Once again we see the freedom and simplicity of the Feast of Booths at work in this new attitude of ministry. We are not pressured to put on any airs about who we are, vainly trying to impress the impressionable with a shallow motive of creature worship, going out of our way to let them know that we are indeed a person of great reputation and gift, whereas we are actually no better and no worse than any one of the millions of saints gone on before us, many of which we are not worthy to call our brethren.

Thank God that the cells of our body have no false illusions of this sort. Each one lives out their lives giving unselfishly to the rest of the body, taking in materials and giving out materials, exchanging information from the other cells and answering the needs of the body without price or debt, just doing their job and doing it well. What a difference that would make in the world if there arose a new kind of ministry in the land, one with no superstars, no celebrities, only simple, unassuming men and women with out any agenda but to heal the broken hearted and to tend to the needs of the Body of Christ, not resting or being content until there is not one person that has not been touched by the apothecary of their ministry, giving out the prescription of eternal life without cost or favor. The Feast cannot be truly celebrated until this occurs.

One of the wonders of the human body, is the tremendous amount of diversity seen within it and yet, the marvelous unity displayed by all of it’s parts. Hundreds of trillions of cells cohabit the body and all live for the good of the whole, each one in it’s designed place and functioning together with it’s kinsmen. There has never been a more dramatic and obvious example of union through diversity of function and design than the wondrous organism that we inhabit. It is this design that the Creator God has purposed to have in operation in the spiritual Body of Christ.

Every second of our life, our body and it’s myriad number of cells celebrates the Feast of Unity, the Feast of Tabernacles. This unity is not built on a sameness of function and design. Anyone can have unity if they are joined to a group that thinks and acts just like them, but our cells are incredibly diverse in function and design, with some being small and others being large, some are long and narrow and others short and fat, some move quickly through our body, darting through arteries and capillaries, while other cells are stationary and homebodies. Sounds a lot like some of the different types of people in our midst doesn’t it? Yet, with all of the obvious differences in appearance and personality, the cells of our body have made a decision to learn to love one another and to help each other to live.

Our heavenly Father has made this whole universe with diversity, and yet a wondrous unity is evident in the design and function of it all. Man will always gravitate to the lower elements when trying to mimic God and His design. When men try to have unity, they have to attain it by other means. This is usually accomplished by a method of CONFORMITY. To man, it is nigh unto impossible to have unity without conformity. They are carnal and are dealing with carnal elements. The military abides by this rule. It is the only way to assume a measure of unity amongst it ranks. When a new member of the military is put through training camp, they go through a process of losing their identity, accomplished by shaving their heads, thus looking like everyone else without any distinguishing features of hair style, and made to wear the same kind of clothing as everyone else. The new recruits eat at the same time, get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, shower at the same time, all to accomplish a sense of conformity. This is a superb, time tested, method of getting men and women from diverse backgrounds to operate in a form of unity, through a homogenization of their looks, actions, and schedule.

The same method is used in the church system today. Everyone reads out of the same translation of the bible, everyone is taught a conformity of belief, with a set boundary of truth, and revelation. The younger ministries are for the most part, clones of the older, established ministries. They all dress the same, look the same, carry their bibles the same, studiously write down notes during the sermon the same way. They eat the same spiritual food, served at set times, each Wednesday and Sunday, pay the same set amount of money to the church, 10 percent, talk the same talk, walk the same walk. Conformity is man’s answer to unity. In the church’s way of thinking, without conformity, the leadership would lose control of things, and chaos would ensue. People would start doing things that are not in the manual of conformity. Things would no longer take place in the services that would be “decent and in order.” Just try mentioning to a pastor that perhaps he should just sit down and let God have His way. You would see a look of pure terror on his face. Let God have His way? We can’t do that! No telling what He would do and who He would do it through. Chaos would take place. No, dear pastor, Life would bust out of the confinement of your conformity, water would start to pour from the bottom of the shut door, and rivers would flood their banks. If this is what we term chaos, and indecency, and disorder, then give me chaos!!

Trying to achieve unity through conformity when dealing with the higher dimensions of God’s operation of spirit life will do nothing but create an atmosphere of stagnation and death. Conformity brings a form of unity on the plane of the earth, but we are not to follow the methodology of Babylon to bring forth the Jerusalem order. There are two verses that deal with the word “conform” that I want to use to help me illustrate this point.

Rom 8:29…For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Romans 12:2…And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

As happens so often, the King James Version bible uses the same English word, “conformed” when dealing with 2 very different Greek words. In Romans 8:29 the Greek word that is translated “conformed” is “summorphos” and is described in the Strong’s Concordance as meaning, “jointly formed. ie. similar.” It comes from the root words “sun” which is defined as: “A primary preposition denoting union; with or together.” The other root word is “morphe” which is defined as: “(through the idea of adjustment of parts) shape; figuratively, nature.” The overall meaning of this important Greek word is a conformity to His image, by reason of an inward shaping into a universal nature of the Christ. This has to do with an inevitable working out of the nature and character of Father God in His sons.

Note the difference between that definition and the definition of the Greek word translated as “conformed” in Romans 12:2. This Greek word is “suschematizo” which is defined as: “To fashion alike; i.e. conform to the same pattern.” This Greek word comes from two root words also, the first of which is the same root word as “summorphos” used, “sun.” It is in the second root word that we want to draw our attention to the difference in meaning. It is “schema” which is defined as: “a figure; i.e. (by implication) external condition.” The overall meaning of the Greek word, “suschematizo” is one that denotes a change of form, externally, to fit an external pattern, but without any change inwardly, leaving the nature of man unchanged.

The root word “morphe” is the same one used in the Greek word, “metamorphoo” which is used by the Apostle Paul in describing the “change” that we are going through in our metamorphosis from our earthly image to our heavenly image, a change that is not just an outward appearance, but includes a taking on of a new nature and heart that conforms to the nature and heart of Christ. In fact, Paul uses the Greek word, “metaschematizo” when describing those that “masquerade” as Apostles.

2 Corinthians 11:13…For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

This phrase, “transforming themselves” is taken from the word, “metaschematizo” which uses the two words, “meta” which means “a change” and “schema” which means “an external formation.” This is what conformity does. It only affects us outwardly, and brings an outward unity of shape and function, but does nothing to the heart of man. True unity, the kind of unity that the Lord is bringing us into, is a unity that comes about by a nature that is formed in all the sons, a nature that operates in a diverse environment, amongst many variables of expression and function, allowing each part of the whole to express itself in a unique and vital way, but keeps it in line with the overall nature and will of the whole. A house with many mansions, many rooms, many levels, but in each room, or level, there can be found that single, unifying nature of the Father, bringing about an unbelievable display of wonder and beauty through it’s many parts. Oh what a mighty God we serve! Only He could bring such complex shades and hues of color out of this mixture of colors that combine and melt into one another to form an expression like “the voice of many waters.” Whereas Babylon dreads diversity, and demands conformity through a manual of illustrated lines that they claim form the image of God, the spirit of the Lord is always encouraging us to launch out from the shore of religion and get lost in the wondrous vastness of His substance. Religion says, “don’t color outside of the lines, and if you do, dire consequences await you.” But the spirit of the Lord is saying, “you must not be conformed to the pitiful limitations of religious concepts of me, and you must go outside the lines of conformity, to blaze a path for others to cross Jordan and enter into the land of the living.” I can hear Him saying to me even now, that I must cross over the line that man has drawn, go beyond their measurements of heaven, exceed their maps that they have drawn up according to their shallow experiences, and enter into the holy of holies, beyond the outer court, beyond the holy place, into the very core of God’s nature. If we don’t, we will die. Someone has to take their place and dare to believe the Father, to dare to walk on virgin ground, to break the barrier of man’s soulish teachings, and to take the people to a new land. Can we believe the Lord enough to take our hands off the ark and let it go where it wants to go? Can we find the faith to allow God to be God, and not to be afraid of what cataclysmic changes will be wrought in our midst, as He takes hold of our world, fashioned and formed by an external pressure of pleasing men and their teachings, and watch as He reshapes our existence into a new heaven and a new earth? I pray for strength for us all!! We will need it in the days to come.

I see a great shaking in the midst of the people of this age, such a shaking as has never been seen in our ranks. A reformation, and restitution that will try our very faith. No wonder the Apostles woke Jesus up when they went through the stormy sea. At times of such chaos, it is easy to assume that the Lord must be asleep and not aware of what drastic changes are about in our lives. Surely, He must realize that if they continue we will shipwreck on the rocks, and be good for nothing! Ah, but hold still my beloved, still your fears, for I am bringing you to a new place, one that I have prepared for you. Anchor yourself in Me until the indignation be passed, and the scourge passes you over. Elements are burning with fervent heat, atoms are splitting, rocks are shearing in two, but what else would you expect to happen when God arises out of His holy habitation? The earth reels drunkardly to and fro, as the foundations of the deep are broken up and out of the earth’s belly come volcanic eruptions, changing our landscape and turning our world inside out. Take off the costume of religion and put on the marriage garment. No longer will you dance the jig of the Babylonian tune of conformity, but I will shape you and mold you into a predestined image, and nothing will stop me. I have determined with great determination to have a people in the earth, a people that will not look like others, or act like others, but a people that will show the world a new expression of myself.

When you stop to think about it, how can God appear in a people in a new and living way, if we keep conforming to the religious ranks? Jesus was the pattern of this non-conformity as He came preaching and teaching things that went beyond the standard message of the religious world. This is what millions of people are waiting for! Not for the same old religious masquerade, but the fresh, clear water of God’s life.

Entwine yourselves with one another, get into each others hearts, involve yourself with the hurting and the needy, find your gift in the Body and do it without fanfare and seek not the recognition of men, but reacquaint yourself with the thrill of pleasing your Father in heaven, knowing that you have made sacrifices that no one but Him will ever know about, and still feel good about it. We live in a society that feeds off celebrity, man worship. Maybe it is because this generation is so technically advanced that so much that happens in the world is broadcast instantly to millions of people, both the good and the bad. If someone jumps into oncoming traffic and saves a person’s life and it is caught on camera that person becomes a media sensation, bigger than life, and the simple humane act of saving a life becomes an act that we view as extraordinary. The same thing happens when someone is caught on camera taking a life, instead of being castigated for their act, the perpetrator is made into a media star, an infamous celebrity, and the next poor soul that hungers for attention chooses either the good act or the bad act to make themselves known, and usually it is the bad act that gets more press.

So it is in the church system also. They churn out bigger than life ministries, made into mini-gods for the people to become awestruck by so they will keep sending those postcards in. Now, I know that people will make celebrities out of the ministry regardless of what we say or do to have it otherwise, but in some circles, this celebrity is encouraged and promoted and I can only surmise that it is driven by ego. I would rather see a Body in the earth that operated out of a sense of worth for each member, with a realistic value system in which the whole is only as good as it’s parts. When certain parts of the whole think themselves to be more Godlike and hence more worthy of honor than other less demonstrable parts, we have problems.

I want to relate something that I recently experienced, but I feel obligated to qualify it with these words. I am going to make some statements concerning the increasingly popular notion of Bishopry that seems to be finding quite a home in the kingdom ranks. First of all, let me say that all of my points of view, that I express in my ministry whether it be in writing, or the spoken word, are all predicated on the assumption that I am ministering to those that I believe the Lord has drawn out of an established religious system and is working in them to bring them to an election that is a called out company of sons. I do not intend to hurt or destroy anyone’s belief system if they are not in this category. I believe that one needs to stay in their designated order until the Lord shows them another way to go, so if what I say in the following lines does not agree with you, then know and understand that I am talking to another people and my view is entirely my own. However, since those that have an opposing view are growing evermore bold and zealous in getting their pro-Bishopry views heard and agreed to in the Body of Christ, I feel compelled to at least voice my opinion on this matter. I will be saying it with my own style of humor and seriousness combined, so please bear with me in my folly at times. I have many friends that are becoming involved in the Bishopry movement, and I speak to them with the same humor and sincerity as we do when we are talking over a table, so let us begin.

A while back, I attended a meeting where many ministry were assembled, some well known, others not so well known. The meeting, as it turned out, was to promote a network of Bishopry amongst the ministry, whereby each one could be covered by a mature father ministry. This formula of covering is supposedly to establish a “set man” in each church and life, and that the blessings of God would flow from the set man ministry into those that are covered by it. This is, to the best of my knowledge, what was being taught in these services, and I do recognize that others may have seen or heard something else, but as I mentioned above, I am only speaking from where I am in my walk with the Lord.

This message of Bishopry is being ministered by some very able and sincere ministers, most of which I am friends with, but I must state that I think this is a great mistake to go back to a method of second day administration for the sake of unity amongst the brethren. The whole idea expressed to me was that we all had to recognize a father ministry in our life, someone that was used by the Lord to bring us to a more profound walk in God, and to count ourselves as sons of that ministry. I have nothing against the recognition of certain ministers that have “birthed” us into Christ, but I do not agree with the popish idea of the bishopric. I do not intend to say that all titles of Bishopry are to be done away with, because I do recognize the fact that many churches operate out of titles of Pastor, Bishop, Elder, and so on, and as far as the local church order goes, if that is the way one chooses to operate in, then they should do that. But I do feel a great caution in my spirit when we see those that have already come through those waters return back to those forms of tradition, instead of going on into the newness of the kingdom.

Let me say once and for all, I have a covering, I have a Father, I have a Bishop, I have an Elder, and His name is Jesus. I see no reason for me to seek another one. He is my “set man,” my Head, my Government, and to give myself over to some man to be those same things would be a gross error on my part. I have been blessed by Him, and I fully expect to continue to be blessed by Him in the future. No man is going to be able to give me any more blessing, peace, prosperity, health, anointing, etc, than Jesus has already provided me. It astounds me, and absolutely confounds me how any one that has been enlightened to the kingdom truths can return back to such a soulish, carnal state of thinking, but obviously some have, so I am trying to understand their need. Through questioning some ministers that have openly appointed a Bishop, or covering, over them, I have found that there has been a pervasive feeling of loneliness in these ministers, and a need to belong to some kind of organization, and I do understand how this feeling could come upon someone as they walk this peculiar walk of the spirit, but instead of reaching out desperately for some kind of quick fix, I would like to see them pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord and to reconnect with the Body of Christ in the earth.

I have never, ever felt entirely alone in this walk. I have gone through valleys of being cut off from physical fellowship, but I have never felt completely cut off from the corporate man of God. Obviously, they have, and my heart goes out to them. There is a dividing line between those that feel the necessity to be covered and those that think enough of themselves to be the covering for someone else. I am most worried about those that would be so presumptuous to think so highly of themselves and their ministry that they can take on such a position of responsibility for those that come under their covering of blessing. I would like to know what kind of guarantee their formula of blessings comes with. If they are preaching that they are the “set man” of God for a people, and that if you are to hear anything of major consequence from God, then you will have to hear it from them, then what, if any, kind of assurance do they offer if the people under them are not blessed? I will venture an educated guess and say that they offer none. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Put your trust in me, but don’t come complaining if things don’t work out. Whereas, for those that put their trust in the Lord to be their covering, they have His assurance that the plague will not find them, the lion and the vulture will not walk where they walk, that He will lift them up on eagles wings, give them bread and wine to eat, save their household, and on and on with myriads of assurances that He will never fail them. I am not a rocket scientist, but I am smart enough to know that none of these promises are put forth with the admonition that I must have a set man over me. They are all given because of one thing, and one thing only. A set man gave His life for me two thousand years ago, and promised that He would bring me to where He is, and I will trust in Him to fulfill that promise with my last breath. Can you say that about any of these men?

The meeting I attended had a familiar air about it, and in all honesty, I couldn’t put my finger on it, until sitting in one service, and listening to the master plan of each minister coming under the covering of the other, and each son coming under the covering of the father ministries, that it dawned on me. It was a spiritual Amway meeting! Multi-level marketing for the ministry. One of the head guys was widely known to have over 100 pastors under him. Another was just starting out, and only had around 30. Get in on the ground level and one day you can be blessed just like the guy at the top of the pyramid. Build your baseline and then start going vertical! Oh me. God only knows what kind of battles will be fought over the more favorable assemblies as each distributor, or uh, minister, tries to bring them under their covering.

I have seen this same scenario played out many, many times over the years, all with different names, but essentially the same animal. Shepherding, Eldership, Apostleship, Bishopry, all are systems of men put into motion to try to bring the Body of Christ into a form of unity through conformity. This is the same type of methodology that turned the Pentecostal movement from a sovereign move of God in the hearts of some common but sincere believers of the early century, into a monstrosity of flesh and corruption. The Latter Rain movement lost it’s original anointing when the self proclaimed leaders of the movement decided to put the ministry in a class separate and apart from the rest of the Body. So it has gone throughout the history of the dealings of the church. In the days of Constantine, the priesthood became a political office, the church was relegated to creeds and declarations drawn up by a hierarchy that threatened excommunication to any that dared to move outside the parameters of the state religion, and could wind up with a sentence of death.

God has been extremely gracious to us to deliver us out of these systems of tyranny and man worship. The people of this word of the kingdom have been hewed out of the masses of the fearful and unbelieving by the hand of God, having been called out by Him in order to attain to something that could not be given while we were sucking at the breast of some man covering. Many of us have gone through hell and high water to stay true to this election, and the cries of the martyrs haunt us day and night, refusing to let us give in to the siren call of Babylon, as she tries to draw our ships into the rocks of man’s system of religious thinking. How easy it would be to go along with the crowd and to start to dress up this beautiful word of God with the clothes of a harlot system. All we would need to do is change a few of our words. You know, don’t say reconciliation, because you know how that word just seems to stick right in the craw of the second day ministers, so just use some snappy phrase, like restoration. Then, let’s not talk about the testings and fires of God, people are sick and tired of being sick and tired, so let’s preach a message of blessings and prosperity, after all, in the multi-level marketing scheme of the charismatic movement, the more money the people make, the more money the ministry make! All of this would be so easy to do, and yet, I don’t know how any minister that was once enlightened to the narrow path that leads to glory could live with their self if they were to go back to the broad way. I know I couldn’t.

Invariably, when a pecking order of blessing is set up in the Body of Christ by men, there arises jealousy and competition. It can’t be helped, for this is the course that the natural man walks by. It has been told to Charlotte and myself that we fumbled the ball concerning our message and manner in which we have ministered this blessed word of the kingdom. We have been ministering it for right at 30 years now, and without being overly humble about it, we have had a little bit of influence on how this message has been perceived by those that are walking in it and those that are observing it. Whether we realize it or not, we all have an affect on those around us, both good and bad and Charlotte and I have always tried to minister the word as true to what the spirit of God revealed it to us as possible, without thought to the person of the listener. One minister thought we had dropped the ball because we did not minister this covering message, and he accused us of adding to the perceived malady of a people that were scattered throughout the land, not attending church every Sunday, or paying their tithes regularly, or taking communion and so on. We have been accused of bringing up rebellious children, who refuse to come under the leadership of the established church, and remain free agents of God. We have been accused of preaching too much about reconciliation and singing too hillbilly. To all of this, I will have to enter a guilty plea, without apology. For I am convinced that the only thing that stands between us and the passing order, is our spirit of non-conformity. I will always be a rebel in the minds of the religious crowd, and I have made peace with that many years ago. So be it. I understand their position, and I don’t fight it, but I don’t agree with it. In parting, I would rather be a son of God and be a little lonely, and tested but true, than to be a son of a Bishop with the whole world at my feet. It all depends on which world you are out to get.


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THE HOUSE that GOD BUILT, Volume 1, Study 12 [Robert D. Torango] ~ BOOK         1


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