YEAR 2005

I am loved by my Father!

Jer. 31:3 Father loves me with an everlasting love. I have never not been loved by my Father.

Jn. 3:16  Father loves me so much that He gave His only Son to die for me so I might know His love.

Jn. 16:27 Father loves me so much He wants to express His love and affection to me.

Rom.8:39 Nothing can separate me (not even my faults) from God’s love for me.

Jn. 17:23 Father loves me just as much as He loves His Son Jesus just because I love Jesus.

Eph.2:4-6 Even when I have sinned, the Father loves me and asks me to sit beside Him with Christ.

Eph.3:19 Father wants me overflowing in His love.

I am pleasing in Father’s eyes!

Ps. 149:4 Even when I am wounded Father sees me as beautiful and takes pleasure in me.

Jer.29:11 Father’s thoughts toward me are always good and filled with hope for me.

SS 1:15, 16 He sees me as beautiful, handsome, and pleasant in His eyes.

SS 4:10 My love for Him fills Him with ecstasy and joy!

Lk.15:31 Father is so pleased with me being His child that He will never leave me and He wants to meet all my needs.

Jn.14:23  Father likes being with me so much that He made His home within me.

I have purpose in my Father!

Mat.5:13 I am the salt and light of the earth.

Acts 1:8 I am a witness of God to the world.

2Cor.5:18 I am a minister of reconciliation for God.

2Cor.5:20 I am God’s ambassador to the world.

Phil.4:13 I can do all things in Christ.

God is not ashamed of me!

Heb.2:11 Jesus is not ashamed of me.

Heb.11:16 God is not ashamed to be my God.

God has forgiven me!

Jer.31:34 He has forgiven my iniquity and remembers my sins no more.

Mic.7:19 He has put all my sins under His feet and cast them into the depths of the sea.

Col.1:14 God has redeemed me and forgiven all my sin.

1Jn.1:9 God forgives and cleanses me from all my sin.

I am accepted by my Father!

Jn. 1:12 I am called a child of God.

Jn.15:15 I am called Christ’s friend.

Rom.5:1 In Christ it is just as if I had never sinned.

1Cor.6:19 I belong to the Father.

Eph. 1:5 I have been adopted by Father God.

Col.2:10 I am complete in Christ.

I am secure in my Father!

Rom.8:1, 2 I am free forever from condemnation.

Rom.8:31 The Father is always for me, not against me.

Rom.8:35 Troubles do not separate me from God’s love.

Col. 3:3 I am hidden with Christ in the Father.

2Tim.1:7 I am filled with power, love, and a sound mind.

Heb.4:16 I can find grace and mercy when I am hurting.

1Jn.4:18 His perfect love casts out all fear.

1Jn.5:18 The evil one has no right to touch me.

Is.66:12, 13 Father wants to hold me when I’m afraid.

Father does not judge me!

Jn.3:16-18 God did not send His Son to die for me so that I might be judged by Him. When I believe in Him, I am not judged.

Jn.5:22 The Father does not judge me.

Jn.12:47 When I hear Jesus’ words and do not keep them, He does not judge me, for He came to save me, not to condemn me.

FALSE BELIEFS – FEAR OF FAILURE I must do it right all the time to feel good about myself.

FEAR OF REJECTION I must meet the expectations of primary people in my life to feel good about myself.

GUILT When I fail I am unworthy of love and acceptance and deserve to be punished.

SHAME I am embarrassed at my faults and failures. I am hopeless and cannot change


God’s love casts out all fear and I am completely forgiven in Christ.

God’s love has given me total acceptance so that I no longer need to fear rejection from Him.

In Christ I am no longer condemned or judged

I no longer need to fear punishment.

I am a new creation in Christ.

I no longer need to experience shame over my past.


I AM FATHER GOD’S HAPPY THOUGHT [Collected by:  John R. Gavazzoni] Year 2005          1


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