AUGUST 3, 2008

I am not afraid, for I am here revealing the Father; My dominion and heir of all things He Is; blessing beyond earthly knowing. I am sufficient within Myself, for eternity, My Father is My sufficiency.

My compassion reaches every atom of creation for I am the new covenant, the finished highway on which we tread.

I have spoken winds of change with you in mind. You are my true one for righteousness is all inclusive; not one left out. I am here, your awakening.

I came to seek and to save that which was lost, and did not fail My purpose.  Today, even now, I bring light of My Life in you.  You, My Jewel, are profoundly seen as heir of The Kingdom of God, which Kingdom is forever; particularly The Now That We Are.

Your rest is My Portion.  Your Life is My joy.  I fear not in all this Holy Mountain as you.  All is conquered.  The lamb nature has overcome as we see The Light of Perfection through The Eyes of Father God.  We rest in His Love, and receive His infinite blessing.

Born again, My soul and body; Heaven is ours today as we look not to left or right but gaze upon The Light I Am. 

You’re so welcome Father.  Your breath has cleansed my air, watered my garden, opened my heart, and revealed this great day (Day of Heaven in Earth Whose Name is Jesus).  This Name is immortal awakening and harmony atom to atom.

I bow to You Father The Finished Tapestry I Am.

Written to the harmony of a beautiful CD received this week from Pam Warren, Arlington, Texas.   (Pam Warren   allhoney@wans.net)


In Love












I AM NOT AFRAID [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-3-08        1


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