I AM the BEGINNING and the END


MAY 22, 2008

The end is exactly like the beginning. It comes down to a single WORD. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and The Word was God.” So, let us set aside the many words in favor of The One Word; The Word that was from the beginning and still remains the same; The One Who is risen and The one Who’s right it is to exist as all things; The All In All.  

We recognize the undulating baptism, and the fullness of His Presence as It. We call upon His Name that all men may be cognitive that His Light is within all flesh; that The Shimmering Presence of Godliness might be visible; that we may know a quick work is done.  

“I will pour out My Spirit (My Love) upon all flesh. My burning love has prevailed. ”

Here in Amarillo, we have been asking little two year old Adelae to pray for the food, and when she says Jesus or begins her prayer, she bursts into tears because the Love of His Presence overwhelms her. Love is the very WORD HIMSELF. He is shinning forth in Adelae.

There is a whole new language that is here in His Presence. It is the language of Being; the shadow of God Himself, so intense that it comforts, caresses, and makes a way, yet uncharted.  It is the way where there seemed no way, moving the hearts of men; even unsolicited in many instances. It is unrestricted blessing, rushing forth from the Cross and Resurrection.

The Only Begotten is here as the One and Only Power, Only influence, Only Spirit, and Only Voice, recognized to those Who are willing. To those who do not know, He is still the Only Power there is, for The New Covenant is in full effect. It is written that He is the Way, the Truth, and The Life. Therefore, we observe Only His Life in all.

With this understanding, men may cease from their self-righteous limited ways, and turn face to face to salvation’s King where there is no longer confusion or limited direction.  Here, they walk in the Only One, and none beside Him. (No self)

His outpoured Love defines itself without words, making real the Name of Jesus. Resurrection Life brings all the honor and glory of the Cross and Resurrection to Light, and magnifies mercy and compassion. It is the quickened eyes of men.

Now, let us consider this:  He is our righteousness; only righteousness, as confirmed in First Corinthians 1:30.  Let us look at His righteousness. It is His right and not ours, for we are carried upon His wings.  As a matter of fact, you may conclude that we are dead to the former old man, and alive to the only Life there Is. “I am the Life.” He said. Again, Righteousness is all beauty, all Holy, and complete. (Perfection) “It is I Who reigns forevermore with all things under My feet. I Am The Author and Finisher.”

Let men testify today, right now, of Him; His ever abundant fulfilled righteous nature, rather than to have a testimony of the someday righteous self; like as to say, we are being brought along, eventually to have a testimony of righteousness. Let man know Who He Is right now in Christ Jesus, for He is not a God far off. He is the all powerful One, instantly.

“I Am The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever” So are you, and that is LOVE.


Holy, Holy, Holy



I AM the BEGINNING and the END [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-22-08          1


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