In a very lucid dream I became aware that I had 'crossed over," which means that I knew I had died. It's interesting that I had no recall of the general ways of dying such as being sick, having a wreck, etc.  


As I was walking up a gentle, grassy slope, I became aware in the Spirit that I expected to see a gate or gates, which I am aware came out of my religious background. And I realized that I had anxiety because I expected to be confronted with something that I'd never experienced before. My anxiety was like going for an interview for a new job. The next thing I realized was that I saw a gate, and the gate in my dream was similar to a gated subdivision, and the gate area was beautifully landscaped. 


Then I recognized that there was a guard house to the left of the gate. As I approached the guard house a window opened slightly and a clipboard appeared which had a piece of paper and pen attached to a chain. As I approached the window, a voice said that I must sign in. I took the pen and wrote my name "Rudy Jones." After I had signed the paper, the window was opened a little more and someone withdrew the clipboard. I could see the outline of a person and noticed that they were reading what I'd written. After a few seconds, the figure turned and walked away. 


As I was waiting, I thought that they were checking a list or consulting someone else. Momentarily the figure returned and opened the window so that I could see that the figure was a man. He said to me, "We do not have a name like this here," and I thought, "Oh my goodness." 


Then looking at me in the eye he asked, "Did you ever hear the Gospel?" And I said directly, "Yes, I did." Pausing he asked, "Did you understand the plan of salvation?" Hesitantly I said, "I thought I did," and he asked very quickly, "Did you receive Christ?" I responded quickly, "Yes, yes I did." 


He pushed the clipboard back through the window, and said to me, "Then sign your real name." I quickly took the pen and scratched through "Rudy Jones" and wrote "Christ." 


As soon as I had written "Christ" the gate opened, and that was the end of my dream. When I awakened, I realized that in the dimension of Our Father there is only one name for His Son, and that all of us are His Son. He calls all of us "Anointed," which implies there is only one Son. Immediately I felt liberated, and free and light as a feather. 


I realized that in my earth experience I had accepted Christ as my Saviour, but in Our Father's Dimension there is much more to it. It means receiving a new Spiritual Identity as Christ. He only knows us as: "This is my Son in whom I am well pleased."


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I DREAMED I had CROSSED OVER [Rudy Jones] 1-9-10          1

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