JANUARY 4, 2007

Just think: All that we know is not sufficient to detail the unimaginable Presence of The Savior within; AND THAT IS GOOD.

So, we have set aside all wisdom, knowledge and ability, and with open arms and open cups, we look within to the awesome wonder of He Who Is Our Life, to hear anew of His Great Word, and Covenant of Perfection.

In honor to Him, we are prostrate upon our faces, knowing there is none other than He. Humbly open to This Day That He Is, we have discovered ONE NEW MAN.

He has made it clear that there is none beside Him, and that He Is Our Life. Now, we lay everything at His feet, and open ourselves to that which we have not yet seen nor heard; our pride of knowing extinguished.

In our hearts, it has to be greater than all that we have experienced, no matter how great. Now, the vivid promise of the fullness rings within our Beings, as we behold Your Face Lord with single eye. Here we are Lord Jesus without one plea for ourselves, but burning for You Alone.

Peace is come. Rest is here. You have made harmony prevail among the Brothers. We are certainly above all heavens, waiting for Your Voice or the Musical Full Measure of Your Presence; even though the song we now hear is so wonderful.

The waters have parted and we have passed through. We are in the Promised Land by Your Own Hand. You have shown us clearly that there is no darkness in You, and that everything that proceeds from your mouth is peace, joy and love; as You have stated, “You are not the author of confusion.” We praise You now and forever as we abide in Your Living Room.

Still, You have a way that we know not of: and as we lie before you, we, with open cups, gaze to Your Horizons, knowing Your Grace Is Sufficient; knowing Your Heart plans that no good thing shall be hidden from us.

These heavens we have experienced are closed like the last chapter of a book as we turn full face unto You. This new story is in Your Hands as we again turn. I heard you say, “Yuletide is now past, and the new year is here.”   It Is You Now, Father!  Amen



I HAVE A WAY THAT YE KNOW NOT OF [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-4-07        1


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