APRIL 15, 2008

I pass over the rocks and reels and the cracks and crannies as I speak a new way beyond the limitation of thought. Making all things new is a given in my world; The Word, Breath, and Touch of My Spirit. There abides a Light of Heaven that does shine forever, and speaks of infinite Glory right now. I bow to the Light and pass over, beyond, around or through.  Mortality takes its wings and rises to the highest; beautiful quickening.

I open the book of His Heart and there it is: Treasures untold. Heaven smiles. Page by page repeats Perfection; That which is perfect is here. I remember, “Come unto Me.” I remember, “As He is, so are we.” I remember, “Where I Am, there you may be.” Such a place it is: Peace and rest, the joy of Life Divine. He is my breath that speaks The Word to you my love. “He is here, and I see the Light in your eyes.”

The great promise; Heaven in Earth is captured within you; abides forever; no hurt in all this Holy Mountain.  You have found it and look not for another. Father has opened Himself; table a-plenty.  Come and dine, compliments of My only begotten, Jesus, Who Is The Same Light you have discovered in your heart; Who is The Light that lighteth every man; Who is the Light that is in the world, and Who made the world, and they knew Him not. He is that name by which all things are made.

I pass over into rapturous visitations and accomplishments; bypassing all offence and confusion, for The Arm of The Lord, The Mind of Christ makes complete. Walking on hallowed ground is the free gift of the coming and Presence of the Lord. My law is The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, and none other; which law is Father’s Love never ending. This law of Love does not limit.

I see you in His Living Room. Tears of joy and wonderful adoration spin you on clouds of resurrection. This is you, the pearl of great price in the field of His Kingdom. You have discovered mercy and grace. You may now allow every man to walk his own path.  This is the encampment of Christ.  You have arrived because He Lives. You possess everything to give to all. Resurrection is in your hand to proclaim, because you know now, just as you are known.  You have found The One Who Is Life.




I PASS OVER [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-15-08          1


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