Pertaining to the unearned free gift of eternal life right now!



MAY 30, 2005

I welcome Your Light, Oh Son of God, Dawning of Day Everlasting. I welcome Your Beauteous Presence So Sweet, and The Warmth of Heaven In Thee. I welcome Your Saving Presence, Your Love Unlimited, You, Friend To All. I welcome Your God Sent Rainbow of Peace, and Your Touch of Magnificence.

You are The One Who Fills The Earth, witnessed by the light of the sun; The Great Awakening of An All New Creation. You Are The Rosy Smile of God Come In The Flesh, The Glad Hand of a True Friend and Loving Brother To All.

You Are My Neighbor, and I adore The Presence of You. I will gladly mow Your lawn or anything You need, and always speak highly of You. I will see The Light That Lighteth You, and bow to The Glory of The One Who Is Risen As You. I will trust You as I trust myself.

I welcome Your Light Oh Risen Friend, Here from the grave Unto Reality. I welcome You Just As You Are, seeing You Enraptured In God, Redeemed By The Blood, seeing You As God Sees You, Whole and Complete.

Peace Be Still”, I said, and there came a New Creature, A New Man In Earth of Unmerited Favor. There came forth Unconditional Love between men; A Whole New Way. It Is A Light of Resplendent Glory, and His Name Is Jesus, Our King, and Our Crown of Glory.

When That Which Is Perfect Is Come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

I welcome Your Light of Perfect Presence My King, Which Presence Can Be known in all the earth and in all men, and Which Light Lighteth Every Man Which Comes Into The World.

Thank The Lord for coming in us.


Every Man Shall Bow His Knee and Give All Honor And Glory In Recognition o

The One Who Is Now Com

In Our Hearts; The Same One Who Walked The Streets Of Galilee.




I WELCOME YOUR LIGHT [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-30-05          1


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