OCTOBER 31, 2006

We look briefly at John 13:5-10 today. Jesus was washing the disciples’ feet. He came to Peter, who said ‘You will never wash my feet’ ‘If I wash you not, you have no part in me’ Peter exclaimed ‘Therefore Lord, wash all of me!’

‘You are already clean, only your feet (your walk) needs cleansing now’

Brothers and sisters, what part do we need cleansing now?

For some He asks for their eyes: as we see gloom in everything and can’t see the Lord’s controlling hand in all situations, no balance of vision.

For some He asks for their ears: as we give heed to all gossip and itchy doctrines, things we want to hear.  For others He asks for their hands: as we do that which is unseemly both physically and metaphorically – our works not being pleasing to the Father.

Yet for others He asks for their private organs: as all manner of darkness is served up to the prince of darkness.

‘If I do not wash this, you have no part in me’.

‘Please wash everything’, we cry.

‘No, I’m just asking for this one thing specifically’.

Brethren, we are clean through the word He has spoken unto us (John 15:3). We are clean through the blood He has shed for us! (1John 1:7) But we still need to be washed. Some parts are very much dirty in His sight.

Will you give it to Him to clean?  Or will we say, as Peter, ‘It’s not a problem. It’s not a sin. It’s normal human behaviour. You are being too demanding Lord! I will never allow You Lord to wash this part! Wash this other part instead! Wash that person there!’

For if we don’t submit to His cleaning: we have no part in Him. We receive no inheritance. He will never know us – cast into outer darkness to grovel in the dark corridor as others celebrate the wedding feast! (Matt 7:22, Matt 22:13) Weeping and gnashing of teeth. This is not hell brethren, the departed dead realm, (There is a departed dead realm and a departed living realm) – this is missing out on the inheritance – seeing the kingdom but not entering in to celebrate the marriage of the Lamb. This is having no part in the 1st resurrection (Rev 19:7-9, Rev 20:5).

What is Father’s will for you? Not someone else. For you.

For if we are not doing His will for us, we are working in iniquity (Matt 7:23 iniquity – anomia – illegally).

Ponder that today and be blessed in Him.

Stay blessed

P.S. Know that today is also the high day of darkness (Oct. 31). Pray that The Lord’s fire shall destroy all curses against you, all dark meetings because of you. For the world will witness yet another dark hour. But ye are not in darkness to be caught up in it.

For those who have not been able to read chapter 8 of ‘war on the saints’ – I attach a one page overview mostly in Jesse’s words. It can serve as a personal key or to help someone else.



IF I WASH YOU NOT [Anthony Idemudia Asakpa] 10-31-06          1


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