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NOVEMBER 6, 2012

Several times each week, most weeks, I dispense free advice. Just as it is with so much free advice, little of it is acted upon. I’ve just been given the way to tell you something that will enable you to have anything and everything you want. It is the pearl of the ultimate price. What will it cost you?

The answer to that question is that it will cost you everything and you will willingly give up everything to get it. Per usual, I will charge you nothing. Since I’m going on 85, I don’t need anything you have anyway. I have my SOURCE for everything and everything comes to me automatically and effortlessly …NOW.

There was a time when I continually used up all sorts of energy to get those things I wanted. That is all behind me, because I learned a simple lesson.

It is yours for free. You will have perfect health, love, peace, happiness, total abundance and total gratitude. You can’t pay for it – it will take a bit of effort at first until you get past all those silly ideas in your mind that are blasting away at this very moment, “it sounds too good to be true, therefore, it must not be true.”

What is a little initial effort when the results are so overwhelmingly marvelous? Let’s repeat the benefits: Perfect health, peace, love, happiness, total abundance and total gratitude …all for a little initial effort …after that all these are yours automatically and freely.

You don’t have to sign anything, become a member of anything …none of that. Here is what I am instructed to tell you to do: Who do you know that could benefit from such a wonderful piece of information?

Forward this message to all the names which come to your mind of people who would benefit from perfect health, peace, love, happiness, total abundance and total gratitude …that’s it (period). Again, perfect health, peace, love, happiness, total abundance and total gratitude …all for no money and just a little (minimal) effort and begin the process to get all this AUTOMATICALLY and free.



NOVEMBER 8, 2012

What does the following term mean to you? The reason for asking is that this could be the most important question in your life!

If you want to learn something important from this exercise, it is imperative that you forget the origin and forget any other version of the term that is coming up in just a moment …we’re not there yet.

The challenge to that exhortation is that you have to be willing to ignore everything you think you know about the term and what it means to you; the reason for this is that the term has already had such a powerful and emotional impact on your life and it is stored in your brain with all the volatility attached to it which your religious or anti-religious reactions attached to it …and no matter how you phrase it differently, your original understanding is just waiting to impede your progress into moving into a new and dynamic process.

With all the foregoing plugged in, are you ready to hear the referenced term? Okay, wait no longer.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall come to you as a matter of course.” In context, in this day and age, “these things” are all the stuff we deem important, such as food, shelter, clothing and other things we have deemed to be necessities …wait a minute, we’re not through – PLUS everything else you have on your wish list.

I’m going to suggest that once you get this term rightfully fixed, according to the original language and intent; rightfully, that is, so that it fits into all your quirky religious thinking and value systems; and into your consciousness in a way sufficient that it will affect your thinking and acting and the result will be that life will become sweet, AUTOMATICALLY. There is a suggestion in theological circles that the corrective term goes like this: “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall come to you as a matter of course.”

Corrective – meaning that another writer came along and felt that the original intent was to get it rightly fixed in your mind …and that is what was intended by the insertion of “righteousness.” At this late date one might think that it is reasonable to assume that we have no way of knowing either the intent of the first or second writer, or for that matter …and this is the real crux of things, that is, the intent of the speaker they were quoting.

I’m about to suggest something that can get you out of that thinking trap into the broadest expanse of possibilities that you can imagine.

You merely have to put aside whatever you think about all the foregoing to qualify for a ride on the spaceship of thought which will take you soaring into true abundance and extreme gratitude for being there.

With all the jockeying around in the foregoing …in what I suppose is my feeble attempt to not offend anyone …here is a blunt shocker! I’m going to tell you exactly the challenge that keeps you from breaking through.

It is all your preconceived ideas about who and what you believe about the man who coined the referenced term in the first place.

Are you willing to explore it? If not, there is no point going further. If you want to go further, I’ll be more than happy to continue …let me know if you would like the next segment.



NOVEMBER 11, 2012


[Before I begin, I feel the need to implore you not to put this into any preconceived idea “folder” you have, because I can almost guarantee, unless you are “plugged in” and discerning, rather than thinking with tradition tapes running in your subconscious, you’ll miss what I’m saying – I realize that I’m sounding condescending, but how else do I say it? …THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK! Is this “superior” knowledge? Absolutely NOT – this is simply one individual beggar sharing where he got bread and trying desperately to not mess up the directions to anyone else who senses that this may be for them.]  

If you didn’t request this you might as well stop reading here, because you simply aren’t going to get it. It will be worse than a waste of time …it will delay you receiving the benefits you could have gotten because you are going to gloss over words and put them into your preconception-based-thinking and MISS what is being said. I hate it that some of you will think I’m being arrogant and condescending – not intended.

Part One started by saying that you can have a number of benefits that I now get automatically and effortlessly. I warned you, however, that what it would take to get them is EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. Did you even wonder what I was talking about? I also said it would take initial effort. Really simple, however, nothing complicated and once you take some small amount of initial effort, coupled with your willingness to give up everything you have, the benefits are available to everyone EQUALLY.

I asked, in Part One, remember, “What is a little initial effort when the results are so overwhelmingly marvelous?” Let’s repeat the benefits: Perfect health, peace, love, happiness, total abundance and total gratitude …all for a little initial effort …after that – all these are yours automatically and freely.

Part two had to do with the term, “The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness,” and my warning you not to put the term into any preconceived idea “folder” as to what I may mean by the term, again, “The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.”

Some of you asked for part three and therefore you agreed (albeit tacitly) to be willing to look at what I claimed is exactly the challenge that keeps you from breaking through into receiving all those benefits, which (the challenge) is all your preconceived ideas about who and what you believe about the man who coined the referenced term (“The Kingdom of God and His righteousness”) in the first place.

The man who coined the term also said you can’t enter this “kingdom,” whatever the dickens it is (apart from our preconceived ideas), ALSO said it could not be entered into unless you did so as a little child!

Before we can deal with the issue of looking at preconceived ideas about who the man is …PLEASE, also, LEAVE BEHIND YOUR PRECONCEPTIONS AS TO WHAT HE MEANT BY NOT BEING ABLE TO ENTER THIS “KINGDOM” UNLESS YOU APPROACH IT AS A LITTLE CHILD …as well.

Frankly I get weary from the fact that people who assume they know what I mean, due to any number of words I may use, don’t have a clue. How could they know? When they have been “triggered” by what they thought I meant by some word or another and haven’t been able to get beyond their own interpretation which isn’t even close to what I mean. This is the reason I am taking so long to get where we’re going, if you are still with me.

Language is our biggest barrier to true communication …this has always been true, because many different words mean many different things to many different people – so these words basically communicate less than nothing. Meaning that they actually communicate something to the listener or reader far different than what was intended by the speaker or writer.

To illustrate the point of the foregoing paragraph I often use an exchange between an ex-wife and me.

“You said,” she said.

“I may have said that, but that is not what I meant,” I replied.

“But you said,” she reiterated emphatically.

This rather intelligent exchange kept being repeated while the rate of intensity increased rapidly, until I finally said:

“Can you get past what I may have said, to what I intended by whatever I said, to what I mean now?”

I thought it was a rather brilliant retort, don’t you?

She said, “But you said” …thus ended the first twenty-five years of our “marriage.”

I am not blaming her, in fact it REALLY was my fault, but at that juncture I was refusing to take the responsibility (blame) for the miserable lack of communication which had prevailed for the entire first term. I came back for another swing at it which I, again, take full responsibility (NOW) for the second failure as well as the first.


In other words, I am not as good at communicating as I would like to be, so that is the reason I’m going to great lengths for you to simply realize that as a fact and get beyond it to get what I mean …not what you think I mean. I’m going to give you a perfect methodology for FORGETTING WHAT I SAY and concentrating on what I am giving you – a method for getting in touch directly with the SOURCE of everything and bypassing anything I may be saying.

Hubris to the max …yep, but you don’t have to argue with me, you can take it up with the SOURCE and sweep me out of your way.


Almost everyone has heard of the three brain frequencies referred to as Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta – if you haven’t, I strongly suggest that you don’t worry about it. I’m not going to even explain what they stand for …BECAUSE THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT and if you go there you are going to miss out BIG TIME ON THIS.

There are several mind/brain training systems available for a price; and which have proven effective for thousands of people. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE SYSTEMS – and please, I beg of you; do not try to apply those to this. This is simple …those methods are complicated and take intense study. Remember, I said somewhere in the foregoing that these methods have helped thousands of people. Therefore, I am not denigrating any one of them. If, however, you try to apply anything that you’ve learned from one of those systems (and or ANY religious training you’ve received) to this …you will be defeating the purpose of this …which is to BYPASS all that.

However, I do want to point out that scientific brain research, over recent years has shown that the mental state of a child up until around 5 years old (depending upon the individual child) is at the “Theta” frequency which is why a child learns so rapidly what an adult cannot retain. The same brain research has proven that most of the stuff in our subconscious which keeps us in bondage to any number of erroneous beliefs was also stored during that incubatory period of our lives and, astonishingly enough, has been proven to begin prior to birth.

Again, there are all kinds of systems, which also include, but are not limited to different sounds, different kinds and types of music, various meditation techniques, hypnosis, chanting, yoga, etc., etc., all of which attempt to duplicate the Theta frequency and which work for many people …this just doesn’t happen to be one of those …and I’m asking you, again, PLEASE not to confuse this with ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced previously …it will slow down the process to be derived from this.

With all the abundant redundancy above about what this is NOT, let’s try to focus on what it is and how I got here. Because this is based on my experience and as one man “down under” wrote:

“Wow! That is so cool, as of now I am going to implement your secret/method. I have read it a few times now, it is brilliant, the simplicity is unreal …wow, wow, wow.”

(I think he was impressed).

So what is it and why am I taking so long to get there? Because if you don’t get the history behind it you simply aren’t going to get what I’m saying …and after all, this is MY method not yours, okay? I am not trying to get you to adopt my method either …I am trying to communicate how I reached the point of ENTERING THE SO-CALLED KINGDOM OF HEAVEN …AND BEING ABLE TO DERIVE ALL THE BENEFITS THEREIN …(get this): NOW!!! 

That’s going to take a bit of history and that’s next.



NOVEMBER 12, 2012

How do I describe the process of getting from there to here …what’s important? What is so important about sharing a bit of “my” history? Several people have sent me a list of things which they believed were impediments to breaking through into being able to receive the benefits and total abundance of living in the “kingdom of God” NOW – instead of after you die and “go there.”

The branch of “science” called theoretical physics and which those “smarter than me” scientists have proven just enough to be scary, don’t really understand what they’ve proven any more than I do; they have, however, removed the shackles of unbelief about any number of things including, but not limited to traveling into other “dimensions.”

Careful now, don’t go putting your meaning on this; what I mean (whether it is technically or literally “correct” doesn’t mean squat to me) by “other dimensions” is “realities” which are parallel and ongoing now and meaning that we can go “forward” and “backward” in time. Because it isn’t really “time travel” …it is transferring from one dimension to another.

There, aren’t you glad that’s all cleared up? People struggle to understand things that are impossible to understand and what they do is get to the place they believe all sorts of things that may prove to be untrue for them in the next phase of their “believing.” Several people have cited something along with their lists that I found interesting, since I didn’t ask for it and don’t care, because it is irrelevant.

What they cited was their evolvement through systems of belief – no few mentioned they started life out as Roman Catholic, then became Protestant, then Pentecostal or “Charismatic” – then into the apparent oblivion of no longer having a label they can conveniently attach to themselves.

Since these labels mean too many different things to too many different people anyway …they convey nothing. Here’s the thing about my bit of history; I became aware that I wanted spiritual healing for me and to have healing power for others. I stumbled onto two things Jesus said (1) If any individual believes enough, nothing will be impossible; (2) The words he spoke and the miracles he performed, he didn’t do, but the very same SPIRIT-PARENT he said we had, did those “supernatural” acts through him and if I wanted to get to the point of being able to do what he did, it became apparent, to me, that I wouldn’t be doing those things either, but rather I would be the vessel through which SPIRIT did the “works” and spoke the words.

Now get this: If this is getting through to you, you are getting it spiritually, NOT intellectually and you don’t need me, you have already broken through, but wait a minute …you may want to “hear” me out here.

I coined the phrase and wrote a book about it, “Being Jesus.” You can read it free or even download it free from the website …AND ALL I MEAN BY “BEING JESUS” IS REALIZING “I” CAN DO NOTHING …and therein spiritual healing and healing power takes place (in that realization).

A discussion about whom and what Jesus is, in my not so humble view, is irrelevant. A verse in the Bible stretched my mind to this place: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Jesus said, “What is the point of calling me ‘Lord’ if you don’t do what I tell you to do?” He then went on to graphically illustrate that there is no point whatsoever.

Not doing what Jesus said to do was not a matter of disobedience, for me, it was a matter of impossibility. If you care whether you can do what Jesus said you can do, if you believe enough, what difference does it make about believing he is the “Son of God,” or a “prophet” somewhat the same stature of Muhammad as some Muslims believe, or the “ascended master” status of the beliefs of some Hindus?

I challenge you to pray a dangerous prayer: “Jesus if you are real, no matter what you have manifested as – man or ‘God,’ TAKE OVER MY LIFE!” I double dare you to stop trying to correct my beliefs or misstatements and just pray the prayer UNTIL you know the deed is done!

Stop stumbling over what you believe ABOUT Jesus. Be child-like – “I want the very same SPIRIT which is/was in you to operate in and through me” (child-like in the relentless, “I want, I want, I want, I want).

What is the Brad Cullen “method” of breaking through? Demanding and knocking UNTIL I knew/know I had/have broken through. Get in your car and drive to some place you can park in absolute privacy and bang on the steering wheel until your fists hurt then switch to tap, tap, tapping on the dashboard or on the seat beside you with the palm of your hand – all the while demanding to breakthrough into the awareness that our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT is in you …UNTIL you know HE/IT/SHE had taken over your life. That is entering the “kingdom of God.”

There are still times I do this today it just doesn’t take as long to break through into that consciousness as it used to.

Jesus said, “Don’t look here or there for it, because the kingdom of heaven is within you.” You don’t need to switch religions or belief systems – you need to be possessed by the Creator of the Universe – seek first the kingdom of God and everything else is yours automatically. I didn’t say this, Jesus said it. Jesus also provided the instructions of “knocking” and “demanding.” Go get ‘er done and quit arguing about who and what he is – it is TOTALLY irrelevant.

I find it absolutely laughable when people want to straighten out my theology, when they can’t do the simplest of things Jesus said we could do if we believe enough …and enough is the operative word. I can do them for the simplest and craziest reason – “I” don’t do them …our SPIRIT-PARENT does them. Plus I have everything I want/need and have it abundantly. Want it? I just told you how I got it and how I get reconnected into the “kingdom” when I “feel” disconnected.

That’s one of the challenges I get from people everyday …the important thing, they tell me, is to know I am already there. Oh? Let me share a simple truth with you. There is a thing called our subconscious mind which was programmed, scientific brain research has proven, to believe all sorts of limitations – by the time we were six or seven years old – and I couldn’t get past it until I discovered knocking and demanding UNTIL. That’s it, the end of the series.

You don’t need me, or “my method.”  Go direct and get your own. Stop listening to those who tell you that the “kingdom of God” is here or there or already within you – if you’re not experiencing complete abundance, go to the ONE who has promised to give it to you. Bang on the door and demand that you sense HER/HIS/ITS presence and power UNTIL you are aware of it. You see, this has to do, not with getting something FROM God, but rather getting the stuff in our subconscious out of the way of receiving what is already available and, in fact, IS.

Have questions? Go direct! One last thing – some “rules” I have adopted for “praying.”

1) I never pray for anything until and unless I know it is God’s will for THIS situation.

2) I never pray for anything until all the conflicts that stand in the way of God’s perfect will are dealt with.

3) I stopped listening to those who say there is no adversary; I first tell our SPIRIT-PARENT I want HER/HIS/ITS will (literally, desires and purposes) unto the death of any and all desires and preconceived ideas. I want the will of SPIRIT (period). I am being nudged to add just a smidgeon of explanation here – one of the benefits of the “kingdom” now is that if I am willing to give up (“die”) to what I think I want, then I become open to what is far better for me, than what I thought I wanted. Get it?

4) I keep demanding and knocking for clarity UNTIL I know exactly what I am supposed to be praying for in this situation and if I’m shown that the adversary, or one of its agents has set up a stronghold in me, I get rid of it, by declaring I’ve been give authority over it, which I have because the Creative SOURCE of the universe has given me authority and I want only the will of the SOURCE!

5) I, then, allow the gratitude to well up in me in the knowledge that our perfect Daddy/Mommy always hears AND answers me …which leads to expectancy which I don’t have to conjure up because it is ALREADY THERE!


















































IF THIS is TRUE…and IT IS, Part 1-4 [Brad Cullen] 11-6, 8, 11, 12-12         1


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