OCTOBER 6, 2013

I get e-mail daily from folks wanting to convince me that some position somebody felt I was taking about their personal theology is wrong. In each instance I try to respond that I wasn’t taking a position about anything, but merely sharing how things work with, for and in Brad Cullen.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people display their insecurity about their belief systems. I will repeat it once again …I don’t know squat about how others should think, believe or live. I’m going on 85 is the response I have for anyone who wants to know how long this body-bag I occupy has been around on this planet – and I am continually learning all sorts of NEW things from others that help me along on my journey.

I AM A CO-LEARNER WITH EVERY OTHER OCCUPANT OF THIS PLANET …and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new; which means that opinions I’ve held in the past get continually replaced and what I so firmly believed yesterday doesn’t necessarily compute for today.

So, if you know what you know …and what I happen to be sharing out of my own basket of experiences with our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT doesn’t mesh with your experiences it doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

Something Jesus said to one of his sidekicks, started me on the path of freedom – and if you don’t know …and want to know what’s best for you, may I suggest that you consider grabbing hold of these words for you?

“What’s that to you; you come and follow me.”

I took some of Jesus’ words to heart years ago and walked away from ever again being anyone’s “teacher” or “pastor” or anybody’s “leader” or “guru” related to spiritual matters. Here they are:

“Don’t you refer to anyone as your spiritual leader or teacher;” and the remainder of that quote is: “Don’t let anyone refer to you that way either; you have one Leader and Teacher, the Christ!* …you have only one spiritual father and he is not a human being.”

* My understanding of that term may well differ with yours, but what I mean by it is the presence and power of the SPIRIT of God (and that latter by whatever other title or name) and Jesus in the flesh wasn’t that – he said/says that, not I.

I walked away from organized religion of any kind because of the proclivity of human beings to engage in the very thing Jesus said not to. If you don’t agree with my interpretation of those words, hey, maybe I’m wrong, but for right now, it works for me.

If whatever path you are on is working for you – that’s perfect! If it’s not working as well as you would like, my suggestion is that you don’t follow me; my LEADER is the same leader Jesus followed – and we might want to remember that he also said, “Why do you call me good? Only God is good.”

I claim no goodness, but I experience the peace, love and joy of the ONE with whom I’m connected. If you don’t feel connected, I have a suggestion, if you already know that you are connected you don’t need my suggestions.



IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW…If You Don’t, May I Suggest [Brad Cullen] 10-06-13         1


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