MAY 4, 2003


Over 12 years ago while living in Saskatchewan, I saw an advertisement on TV of an illusionist. People under the influence were on the stage thinking they were ducks and many other kinds of animals and acting like them. Some were taking imaginary showers and there was no water. All those on the stage were hypnotized and sincerely thought they were experiencing reality, but in fact it was an illusion. Once the illusionist broke the spell they were embarrassed and wondered why was the audience laughing at them and why were they on the stage in awkward situations.

I remember having the urge to go to see one of the shows of this man called Reveen, but because of the religious people I was around it was hard to sneak away. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and gave me this message at that time.

Illusion, means a false idea, concept; an unreal or misleading appearance. Illusionist, means one who creates deception or misleading appearances. Hypnosis, means a sleep like condition in which the subject responds to suggestions.

The world’s greatest illusionist is Satan. “That old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world.” Rev.12:9 In order to fully understand this we must go back to Genesis chapter 3 when the serpent began to speak to Eve and caused her to question the Word of God. Through his subtleness, seductiveness, and deception Eve was hypnotized and since that time humanity has been in a trance and responding to suggestions that are illusions on the physical and material plane.

The Satan, devil or serpent that I am speaking about that is the greatest Illusionist of all IS NOT some force, being, spirit or energy outside of mankind. Rather, it is nothing more than a part of the human mind; medical science calls it the serpent brain. It is the corporate state of consciousness existing in the Adamic nature that can only exist in the realm of illusions. It accuses, condemns, slanders, rebels, and brings guilt and shame.

Before Eve’s conversation with the serpent brain within the scripture states that they were naked and not ashamed. There was nothing perceived as wrong (sinful) or needing change, they did not see themselves apart from God. Adam and Eve experienced heaven on earth the way it is intended to be.


Nothing of this outer dimension is what it appears to be, all of it is a part of the illusion that we have created through this fragmented consciousness that we are beginning to awaken from. The story in Genesis of Adam, Eve, the serpent and what is perceived as the “fall of man” is an outward projection of what has taken place within humanity. Due to the workings of the carnal mind overtime in man we see in the realm of illusions misleading appearance of terrible world situations, religion and individuality. However, we must keep in mind that none of this is real. All of your surroundings are illusions that only exist in the world that you have created by responses from the serpent, your thinking, words that have come out of your mouth and your belief in them.

You are not the person that you think you are; it is all an illusion (deception), your race, nationality, biological and cultural background, all of it. Because of this illusion we experience separation, religion, hate and racial pride and superiority. You are Spirit! You came through your mother but you came from God. Jesus said, “Call no man father.” Once you identify with the illusion of physical ancestry you inherit all the deceptions, diseases and limitations that make up what we call human (hewed-man.) Thus, we began to manifest what is perceived as sin, sickness, disease, poverty and death.

Once a person is awakened from the hypnotic trance of the serpent (carnal mind), there is no further need to respond to the false reality and suggestions of the illusionist. The reality of Be-ing causes one to transcend the religious, gender and color barriers. He is no longer male or female, black or white, Jew or Gentile, saint or sinner; he is Spirit. This is the truth that makes one truly free when he knows and experiences it.


After listening to the questions and suggestions of the serpent (carnal mind), Adam and Eve perceived themselves to be naked. The illusionist made them see and believe themselves to be less than God; and mankind has had this vain imagination about himself since that time. This identity crisis is what produced the being we call human today; this is the biggest illusion. Religion and society, products of the illusionist says, “You are only human (hewed-cut down man),” so live, think and act like it.

In Reality, man was created in the image and likeness of God, therefore, mankind can be no less than God. The law says that every seed must bring forth after its kind and God is the seed that was planted in man. Thus, mankind is God manifested in the flesh, and this is not pride or blasphemy, but Reality. “Great is this mystery of godliness (god likeness.)” All humans are the visible expression of the invisible God; however, the majority is yet under the hypnotic spell of the serpent brain (carnal mind.) Therefore, they live their lives filled with turmoil and pain trying to be something they are not, HUMANS. “I have said, “You are Gods.” John 10 The Apostle Peter says, “We have been made partakers of the divine nature.” Come out of the world of illusions and begin to think, talk, act and live like the God you are.


After accepting the fruit from the tree of duality (knowledge of good and evil) from the serpent brain within, their view of themselves changed. Instead of seeing the beauty and glory of the light they were, they saw darkness, nakedness and sin. What had changed? Had they really fallen away from God? Were they really lost and doomed to hell forever? God had not changed, nor can He or His plan. The only change was within the consciousness of man. He became an enemy and alienated from God in his mind. This was part of the illusion and still is for many. They imagine God as angry and wanting to destroy them for not reaching certain standards. “And you were once alienated and enemies in your own mind.”

In Reality there is NO SIN. “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.” Jesus came to break the spell of the illusionist that caused us to imagine sin, thus further alienating ourselves from God. We can choose to continue to see sin or we can behold the Lamb. While one is beholding the Lamb he can not see sin, nor can he commit sin-because there is no sin (nakedness, shame, guilt.) Jesus literally took away All sin. To the pure All Things are pure, he that has ears to hear let him hear. Yes, but what about this and that, murder, theft, etc? {All of those things exist in the realm of illusions only.} As we come back to Reality completely, there will be no concern with that. “Whom the Son has set free is free indeed.” Come out of the world of illusions and stop trying to live holy, you can’t do it. You must live from the Christ, Holy Ghost power within and realize You Are Holy.


Once the fruit from the tree of duality (knowledge of good and evil) had further digested within Adam and Eve, their environment appeared to have changed. They imagined the earth not producing enough, there was lack and scarcity. However, the earth around them was filled with abundance; all of creation expresses the immeasurable wealth of God. But there was the identity crisis, the illusions of separation and an angry God; compounded together it made them feel unworthy of the blessings and abundance on the material plane. Did God really want to dangle a carrot before them to torment them and say you can’t have it?

Poverty and Success are states of mind, they are not determined by what one has or doesn’t. However, the illusion of poverty has produced a mentality within many that leads to false humility. Many feel to be broke, busted and disgusted, barely making it each month means that they are spiritual. Others have a distorted view of Jesus; they imagine a poor, ragged, homeless, smelly vagabond Messiah.

In Reality there is No Poverty. “Remember, it is God who gives you power (skills, abilities) to get wealth.” Deuteronomy 8 “I wish for you to Prosper.” We experience the illusion of poverty and lack because we have not been awakened to the realization that we deserve the best or highest quality of all that the earth produces. You deserve the best food, clothing, housing, jobs, education, salary, and vehicles. He is Jehovah Jireh and El Shaddai.

Jesus wore the best clothes, seamless robes; they were of such fine quality one could tear them in four pieces and still find value in each. He hung out with, stayed with and ate with some of the most prominent people; Zacchaeus, Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus, Anna, Susanna etc. He wore cologne that would cost one year’s wages to buy (the alabaster box.) He rode on a donkey that had never been ridden. Come out of the world of illusions and experience the abundance; the meek are inheriting the earth, NOW. My God is ready to supply all your needs according to his riches in the glory that’s embedded within you.


The serpents’ voice deep in the subconscious mind began to create the distorted illusions of sickness and disease within mankind and they believed it. The appearance of age and deterioration was imagined and began to manifest upon the physical bodies of Adam, Eve and their descendants. This again was another punishment man inflicted upon himself because he saw himself as naked. The guilt, shame and condemnation being projected from the carnal mind demanded punishment upon the physical body for appearing to be naked. All of the diseases today only exist in the realm of illusions and they appear very real to the five sense realm.

In Reality there is No Sickness or Disease. “By whose stripes you were healed.” The manifestations that yet appear on and in our bodies are fed by the thinking, speech and actions we yet participate in. Once we are fully awaken to reality they disappear. I remember during my teen years suffering from grand mal seizures and migraine headaches. The seizures were so severe several people had to hold me down and stick things in my mouth so that I would not swallow my tongue. I remember the migraine attacks being so severe that I’d pass out and fall down flights of stairs in high school. This was my reality in the realm of illusions.

The day that I repented (changed my mind) and receive Jesus the Christ I also received a miracle of healing instantly. I did not believe in that, nor did I ask for healing. I had become too accustomed to my Valium, Phenobarbital, Amphetamins and Darvons, and had begun to enjoy a constant high and numbness. However, when I opened my eyes from the prayer I knew I was healed, no one told me. I knew I would never have another seizure or migraine attack and I haven’t. In a moments’ time my reality had changed, therefore, my physical and emotional bodies had to readjust to the new reality. I rushed home from the Pentecostal Church to collect all my medication and poured it down the toilet. My then unrepented Baptist mother was in shock, demanding that I stop. Too late, I’d had a paradigm shift that later became evident to all that knew me and led to my mother’s repentance and many others.

It was not my faith; I did not ask or believe. It was the Sovereignty of God moving upon me to make me aware of what had already been given to me. Come out of the world of illusions and experience wholeness, healing and health. Jesus suffered so that we could enjoy peace of mind and health. “I am the LORD that heals you” NOW.

{I felt inspired by the Holy Ghost to share what you just read; I have never shared this part of my personal life in one of these publications before. Pause. Begin to worship God now where you are for a few moments before continuing reading. Close your eyes and inhale slowly. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory to God! Kre- shan ty dide o ce. Aush tal my hya en cumei – En dali myse na ireh kunday. Hallelujah. I know by the Holy Ghost that there are several people that will come to an immediate awareness of healing as a result of reading this and receiving it. This letter or e-mail is a point of contact. Some of you are being delivered from medication, you have developed a dependency and the power of the Holy Ghost is breaking that NOW. (Re-read this paragraph slowly.)

People with Nervous Disorders, Emotional Problems, Depression and Chemical Depression are being healed, NOW. I command emotional and chemical Balance within the brain. I break the spell (illusion) of sickness, phobias, nervousness, depression and seizures. Your brain and body now functions according to the new reality of Healing (Wholeness.) The Spirit will let you know that you no longer have needs for anti-depressants and psychotropic drugs. All the side effects, weight gain, sleeping disorders, moodiness, scattered thought, and slow thinking and reflexes ARE NOW REVERSED. The light comes on, your mind is clear and you will begin to live again in Jesus Name, Amen. It’s Done!! Accept it, believe it and manifest it NOW. Spirit is not limited by space or time. Begin to thank God, praise God with a joyful and believing heart. Hallelujah! Shout Hallelujah!

Because I am so sure of what was just released from me to you and what the Holy Ghost is speaking and doing for you NOW through this letter; when you have received the manifestation (realization) please write or e-mail us with your testimony. “They overcame him (the illusionist) by the blood of the Lamb and the words of their testimony.” Revelation 12 Your testimony will be shared to ignite faith in others.) WOW! Hallelujah! Experience this energy/anointing in and on your body NOW. Deep breaths, deep breaths, take it in – I am seriously almost falling off my chair.} Shout – I AM HEALED!


The day that you eat or partake of the fruit or thought of duality dying you will die. What type of death was this? Since Genesis humans have been traditionally physically dying and most look forward to it. This is the ultimate punishment projected from the carnal mind upon the physical body to deal with the perceived nakedness (guilt, shame, sin.) “The wages of sin is death.” “To be carnally minded is death.” What is death? Is it the discarding of the physical body, soul sleep and all the other things we have been taught? Is it true that all is appointed to die and then the judgment? Death is separation and alienation from God. We found out that this alienation has only been in our mind, our twisted perception.

In reality there is NO DEATH and there are no dead. You are created in the image and likeness of God. Your body and every part of your being is Spirit on various vibrations or expressions. Spirit cannot be destroyed; it is like energy. Death is an illusion. What appears as death is only the changing of energy into another form. The body becomes non-active to the realm of illusions, it is put into the ground, and it breaks down changing it’s form of energy. It becomes nourishment for the grass which provides nourishment for the cows, which provides nourishment for human, also clothing and furniture. Life goes on in various forms.

However, there is the reality of metamorphosis. This is the spirit body (4th dimensional body) within swallowing up the aging, tired, weak, illusionary body. The Apostle Paul called it “Being clothed with your house from heaven.” 2 Corinthians 5 Once the false imagines of aging and death are replaced with the reality that we are Ageless, Immortal and Eternal, the physical must readjust to express the new image that is being projected. At this point mortality (illusion) puts on immortality (reality) and the appearance of death from the carnal mind loses complete control. That which is called physically death is not always necessary.


“Why do the nations rage and imagine vain things?” Psalms 2 It is the warfare within the mind, the duality and confusion that it has created over the past 6000 years. It is the carnal mind (devil) fighting to maintain control and keep humanity hypnotized and living in a world of illusions. Many have become dis-illusioned with the realization that there is no substance to the world of illusions they have created. Religious ideas and doctrines of men don’t fit the finished work reality. However, he who sits in the heavens, the realm of reality is laughing. Just like the Reveen show, the audience that was not hypnotized was laughing at the illusions.

Can you stand in the mirror and look at the illusion of your humanness and laugh? I mean really laugh. Can you look at what appears wrong or sinful in your life and laugh? I mean really laugh. Can you look at you debts and bankbook and laugh? Go get them, I mean really laugh. Can you look at the illusion of your physical body and weaknesses and laugh? I mean really laugh. Can you look in the mirror at what appears as aging and death working in you and laugh? I mean really laugh. {Maybe you should wait till you are home alone or go into your room and seriously laugh at the illusion of you.}

“He who sits in the heavens shall laugh.” {ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho} laugh out loud. This is deliverance.

All the subjects in the illusionary arena we call life will awaken to the reality that you had been hypnotized, made to imagine vain things. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, You are now back in your Garden, naked and not ashamed. You are walking as elohim in the earth, no sin consciousness (you were purged before the foundation of the world), abundance is within your reach, sickness and disease is no longer a part of your reality, aging and death has been swallowed up into LIFE. Pull down all imaginations and every high thought that would usurp your Godhood and the serpent (illusionist) will have no more control. The tree of life within beacons you, eat.


ILLUSIONS VS REALITY [John Lewis]            1


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