OCTOBER 10, 2013

Most of you have heard my story about “I don’t know squat” and how it brought me to connect a lot of dots in my life – I still cannot explain them so that anyone can walk away with knowledge, but if you, yes YOU, will absorb the SPIRIT of what I am writing in this little treatise you can begin to have your own connection to all the dots in your own life.

How do I know this? …Simply because I have watched the transformations take place over and over in so many people – many receiving physical healing as well as spiritual clarity.

How can you absorb something rather than learn it? First of all, let’s retell the story of “I don’t know squat” – it’s important because it underscores the limitations associated with so-called knowledge.

The incident happened in early 2008. An astronomer was giving a lecture accompanied by a dramatic slide presentation filled with startling photographs of newly discovered galaxies from the recently repaired Hubble space telescope.

The man, in his seventies and still employed at an observatory in California –  admitted that he had been employed as an astronomer for over fifty years, having started his career immediately upon completing his graduate work at U.C.L.A.

“In just the last five years,” he began, “many of us in the sciences have begun questioning all the traditional thinking related to the origin of the universe due to the discoveries made available by Hubble. We’re not so sure about the ‘big bang’ anymore – where some of us had been firmly fixed in our opinions, we now have come to realize ‘WE DON’T KNOW SQUAT.’”

Those words would pop up repeatedly during the presentation just about every four or five slides or so …giant white letters on a black background – with the astronomer repeating the words, continually throughout his hour-plus-long presentation. 

“Many of us,” he continued, “have even given up our previous positions about religion and replaced agnosticism and even atheism with believing in a Creator that put all this together.”

After the lecture I went up to him and asked if he would mind expanding upon his reference to now “believing in God” which is how he had put it.

“What happened in your particular case, if you don’t mind my asking such a personal question?”

“Not at all,” he said, looking thoughtful, “After having my former scientific belief in the big bang shattered, and frankly a bit devastated, many of my colleagues and I began discussing various religious beliefs and our now increasing belief that there might be something to all this stuff about God – my wife is a church-goer, but I’m not attracted to her particular belief system – and as my discussions about God with other scientists increased and our speculations how that all might fit in with our scientific tendencies – one astrophysicist at Berkeley (University of California) was a Mormon and I was quite impressed with his level-headed approach.

“You might say that opened the door so that when two young men who were LDS missionaries approached me – and I fell into my old habit of simply telling them I wasn’t interested – one of them challenged me to simply try something.”

“Just ask if you should consider becoming a Mormon and do whatever God tells you to do.”

“Well, I didn’t say it to them, but I certainly thought, ‘that’s not going to happen!’ About two days later the thought began nagging at me, if there is a God, why not ask? …and I was shocked to get a yes.”

“That’s amazing,” I told him, “I’m an author and I just finished writing a book in which I repeated a story about going through the same challenge, but the answer I received, for me, was a definitive ‘no,’ …yet I have found that I am in complete sympathy with a number of the teachings of the Latter Day Saints Church” – and I shared a bit of what those sympathies were.

He was gratified by my story and explanation, he said that his wife was convinced that Mormonism is a cult and told me that my explanation helped him considerably and told me that he was going to share my story with his wife. We parted with a mutual respect that each of us was on the exact path we were meant to be on …both admitting WE DON’T KNOW SQUAT!

The one thing I’m convinced about related to spiritual matters is that we cannot experience the unknown from a place of knowing anything. Moses’ experience in the wilderness, hearing the VOICE emanating from the midst of a burning bush – “tell the Children of Israel that I AM that I AM has sent you.”

I AM has sent me as well to share the most mind boggling experience of my life – from which all things no longer matter intellectually and they can neither be explained nor learned at an academic level.

Walking on Shugar Beach near Kihei on the island of Maui I heard these words which began some profound changes in my life: “I’ve been repeating them ever since and those who have also taken on the habit express similar results:

“I am in and of the will of God; Your presence and power are upon me and I have and want nothing else and no other thought or feeling shall find a permanent place in me …I AM”

As I have shared previously, I thought I was engaging in blasphemy …until I asked and was assured that I was to continue to repeat these words many times a day. That occurred in 1996 and greatly intensified an ability to facilitate healing and deliverance to people who were open to receive it through me – but far above that it gave people the freedom to get their own experience directly from the SOURCE …nobody needs me, after all …I DON’T KNOW SQUAT!

I’ve been shown, however, and this I’m hoping will help some get past their resistance – When I say I AM it isn’t “I” that says it, but our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT in me saying it through me. THAT CANNOT BE LEARNED …it can only be absorbed by experience.

I cannot explain what happens at a vibratory level – some are able to explain it far better than I, but they’ll tell you the very same thing …it doesn’t come by learning, it comes by speaking the words and thus aligning ourselves with the I AM SOURCE of everything.

That’s all I’m supposed to say about the matter for now …further than that “…I DON’T KNOW SQUAT!”













IMPORTANCE, for ME, of KNOWING NOTHING [Brad Cullen] 10-10-13         1


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