JULY 16, 2008

For some, it is hard to grasp that we ARE God, walking the earth in a flesh body. ALL of Him/Her is manifesting. Some still have closed eyes and can’t see Him; others have received (remember) who they are and have always been. Many cannot remember because they are so caught up in MAN’S TEACHINGS AND WORDS that they refuse to open their Mind.

I was thinking of an easier way to understand, the truth of who all of us are. So, think on these things. They are from above, the natural mind.

God is the Brain. He does the thinking.

WE are the tongue. What we think, we speak. What we speak comes into manifestation. That is creating. I like the way one brother says it, WE ARE THE INVISIBLE TONGUE.

God walked INTO these bodies that we call, US. He is doing the walking, we are Who He walks through.

God is a Spirit. A spirit has not bodily extensions. WE are His hands that lift up things. (People are considered “things” in Strong’s.)

He is the “eater.” He gets to taste natural food through our throats, even though He does not need food. (FOR HE IS FOOD, to those who will eat of Him.)

He is the Thing that we are to remember. He is where we come from. He is our True Nature. (We have forgotten from whence we came. We have been THINKING that the “natural” is the nature that we have. NOT TRUE. There is only ONE NATURE. All else is from the imagination that the dream we have been living in, brought with it. But, IT IS JUST A DREAM, some are waking up and stretching.

Is He always soft, cuddly, calm, or does He show different ways to teach, correct, and void what isn’t true? ARE YOU?

Is He not hidden in the Spiritual things? Is your True Identity not hidden also, until, and there is always and until, you ALLOW awakening to come forth?

Don’t you HAVE to go within to commune with Him? Where do you live? WITHIN! The outside is just what you use to do what you do.

God can NEVER DIE. Isn’t this true about you, too? (Remember we have ETERNAL LIFE.)

ONLY GOD CAN HAVE A PERFECT BODY THAT DEATH AND DISEASE CANNOT TOUCH. Why do you think our body IS being changed, as we allow, until that perfection is seen?

He speaks through others where they say, “Who do you think you are, God? He gives hints through others’ words.

All the gifts that we were “given” are within us. The gifts are HIS, where is He? Within!

He made the Plan. It is all that He sees. When we go within, don’t we get glimpses of that plan? That’s because we open the Christ Mind, which is HIS. Where is that Christ Mind? We have it within.

Where is His Fullness? Are we told, “Of His fullness have we ALL received?

Didn’t He/She produce us? Did He not tell us to go forth and have dominion of all things, and isn’t this “producing? Creating?

Don’t you sometimes just love a person that you have never seen before? That’s Him. The person of the dream doesn’t know what love is.

There is only ONE power. Doesn’t our words create life or death? That’s because we are HIS POWER, even when we speak death. Watch and see, somewhere down the road, you will see you words come into being. WE have a choice of what we think. So far, most speaking and thinking has been coming from the dream, or should I say the NIGHTMARE.

Are we not justified by the words we speak, out of the Christ mind? Don’t WE condemn ourselves by the words we speak from the “dream” words? Aren’t what we believe in our hearts what we are?

When we focus on who we are, do we not receive all understanding to what we seek? When we focus with the “dream mind”, do we not understand spiritual things?

Haven’t you ever turn off of a street, onto another one, and not know why you did? And you just instantly think, “I didn’t want to turn here”. Actually, that was HIM DOING THE DRIVING, but you couldn’t be silent long enough to seek WHY you turned, so you missed an opportunity of some kind.

HE DIRECTS THE STEPS OF ALL MEN. Man is the one who doesn’t stop and commune when a stumbling block appears in the path. So, usually man falls.

Our God is a consuming FIRE. Haven’t people been “burned” when in your presence, without you saying a word? That’s HIS PRESENCE.

Before or after you accepted Him, didn’t you sometimes have a feeling that said, “I know this is not for my good, but…” That too is HIS PRESENCE telling you, “this shows not My glory, go the other way.” Most times we didn’t.

Isn’t there something within you that says, “I don’t care what any man says about me, I JUST KNOW that I am doing and saying the things that I should”? That’s because HE, is telling you, “care not about the world (earthly things), care only about Me and what I SAY” Why do you think it said that we cannot love anyone until we love ourselves?

God is good. This is why we are not to see the “bad” in others; because when we do, we are seeing through the eyes of the “dreamer”, not His.

To God good and evil are the same. (Seek this out)

God has an imagination. This is how we became HIS VERY IMAGE.

He is called I AM. How do you speak of yourself when you describe yourself?

When He moves, we move; when He speaks, we speak, He is BEING; in HIM we move, speak, and have our BEING.

OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD, HE REIGNS FROM HEAVEN ABOVE. I think that you are all AWESOME. His reigning comes through your HEAVENS; ABOVE the dream thinking.



IN GOD’S IMAGE [Linda Keith] 7-16-08          1


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