In the beginning God created. In the beginning was the Word. Christ was the beginning in which I was created before the disruption of the world. I was Spirit, for He was Spirit.  And we sang together and shouted for joy!

My Creator was God. God is my Father in whose image and likeness I was created. I came from Him, am a part of Him and will be expressed and manifested through Him as a Son of God for all the world to see.

When I was lowered down to this existence it was by the will of my Father. I was put to sleep while the part of me that reproduced was separated from me. In this separation my true identity was compromised. I had originally been created a complete being. Yet now I felt incomplete for my soul in its prideful state sought to reproduce and it joined with flesh. I was born into this world as a man. I had been driven from my first love, my first estate by guilt, shame, condemnation and the falsehood of separation from my Father. I believed Him to be angry with me. I saw Him as one being full of wrath and vengeance ready to execute judgment upon my wickedness. I ran further into this imaginary world of the walking dead. This was gross darkness, outer darkness this was the dream world of hellish proportions where all rational was thrown away. Chaos would ensue.

The inward tree of knowledge was full of good intentions that the flesh could perform but out of this good evil existed for the knowledge was out of a unregenerate soul. This fruit was initially good to my eye, wonderful to handle and sweet to my lips but bitter to my belly and a poison to the river within.

Seeking knowledge my ears and eyes were opened to all sorts of information, communications and ideals. My head began to fill with doctrines, traditions, creeds, rules and regulations and my soul desired and lusted for more. No satisfaction was found. My thirst could not be quenched and my appetite was a hunger that was bottomless pit. I ran to and fro tossed by the winds of beliefs and religious good works. Still the void and absence of truth cried out from my inner most being.

Through the torments, trials and tribulations of life I ran as a man being salted by fire. I was spiraling downward still headlong, how far could I fall? Decadence and ambition befriended me as a delusion of comfort but there would be found no rest, no peace, neither healing for the anguish of my soul.

Lost in a world of promise, suffocated by the troubled waters engulfing me. How human was I was the question I asked. What is real, what is a lie? Who to believe? What to follow? So many voices, so many paths, so many questions running through my mind.

Why did I travail and groan? Where was this coming from? My thoughts raced outside of reason, beyond the barriers of logic. Maybe there I was being led? Is there something beyond this, what we see around us? Maybe what we see around us was not what we were meant to see. My five senses, were they deceiving me? The word “new creation” began to appear as a sign and a beacon to follow. Out of chaos, a birthing, a renewal an awakening?

Then if I was to be enlightened, apprehended, dragged in as it were, what had I previously believed? Where was it coming from? Some said the devil, some say Satan, I concluded that as I walked through the corridors of hell, hell was never full; it opened its mouth wider, daily to consume. It was my mind, my thoughts my indoctrination by those who had not themselves been enlightened. The devil, a being to some, a terror to other, but for me, the devil was a tormentor of hell for hell had been manufactured in my mind and from this production plant of wicked imaginations I had produced a God in my own image.

Was this true? Had I been mislead, deceived, lied to by the very system that I had given my heart to? It appeared so.

Over the course of time the lie had weaved itself so tightly into the fabric of truth that to separate the two would tear the whole structure apart. How to rightly divide the word of truth was now the question?

I could not go to the ones where I had received this misinformation. For they were the blind, leaders of the blind preaching darkness without restraint.

I left the world of slavery for the wilderness of solitude searching for answers, truth any semblance of certainty. Loneliness and emptiness prevailed but I had entered a place where all of the voices of the past which had misguided me were now shut out. Once in a while I would hear them in the distance telling me to come back for I had gone astray, yet I was being pulled ever so forcefully to something recognizable though I could not swear I had ever seen it before.

A skull, an island, a place of death, a place of dying. What a journey, what a path I had traveled. It was going to be the place of my beheading. This was the island of my death. Christ Jesus had spoke once and declared “I am the Resurrection.” Could this be what I had ventured to see? The unveiling of the Son of God in my own heart? This was the sign. I die and He lives. I decrease and He increases. This dimension that I was stepping through was void of the five senses. This leap of faith was an act of obedience. The reality I thought I knew and understood was disappearing like a fog lifting and being single eyed, the duality and the war which had been waged was like a fleeting thought. Had I experienced Armageddon? Had I now been raised? Was this resurrection? Is this eternity? How could this be? And this marriage feast was a union of monumental occasion and a cause for celebration. I still existed in human form but within me a Kingdom had raised, a throne had been set and love was now ruler over all and no other Kingdom existed.

Where to go, what to do, who to tell? “You are the Light of the world” I heard. “You are the bread of life” the voice spoke. In dying I was living for my old ways of thinking was cut off and removed. The enemy was defeated, there had been a resurrection. Christ in me was preparing to appear for every eye to see. A multitude of hearts beat together as one. A multitude of voices raised together in harmony and the Christ was birthed forth, feeding from the tree of life in the midst of me. Yes, I was this garden of perfect design which Father had so instrumentally breathed forth out of Himself. Truth swallowed up the lie, defeated death, hell and the grave. A lake which burned with fire reached out the hand of purification and from the tender touch poured forth pure gold.

All was accounted for as I stepped forward into His image and likeness a manifested Son of God clothed with glory and honor. From the beginning to the end from the here to the now and forever more the Kingdom of Kings and Priest stepped forth as servant of all. For I had returned home. I that was once lost, was found and restored, reconciled by one. For one act of disobedience had clouded the minds of the many but by the act of one Christ Jesus the many were brought forth and God the Father the Creator of all things declared “It is good. God was All in All.


IN THE BEGINNING [Dale Thompson]          1


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