…A Message of Urgency


AUGUST 25, 2012

Wars and rumors of wars, famine and starvation,” natural disasters like we have not seen before (according to the purveyors of the “news”) …both scientific and religious voices are clamoring that the end may really be coming much sooner than we care to admit or want to hear.

Along comes the rebellious duo of Author, Brad Cullen and Publisher Ryan Bruce saying, NO, NO, NO, this is the beginning if you will but see it!”

Let the end of the old come about. Death is abolished so give it up. Disease is abolished, so give it up; not merely release its hold upon you, but allow it to be replaced in you. How do you do that? It is a choice and that’s what this message of, In The Beginning, is all about.

I (Brad) was awakened this morning to a sense of urgency (and it is still upon me) to share something about which I have never had more clarity …and whether you like me doing this is totally beside the point.

It is truth, absolute truth, but unfortunately some of you won’t receive it because I am going to quote John, the writer of the fourth Gospel in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

So, fair warning to those of you who have thrown the Bible out when you should have merely ignored many who purport to teach from it!

“In the beginning was the Word. . .” most of you already know that we have a linguistic challenge which has (and still does) caused all kinds of stumbling.

I am being gently and lovingly, but forcibly led to say some things that scream for attention – those of us who are willing to start over right NOW, today, this moment, can have the beginning of all beginnings. I have never been more serious!

This is a message for me and everyone who has ears to hear it. I AM decidedly not preaching AT you, but I AM given to share it with you.

We cannot approach what is about to be written, through me, with the “old subconscious tapes” running in the background ruling us. Language creates unimaginable difficulties because each of us immediately interpret anything and everything into our own (and old) frames of reference.

I want you to, right now, call on “God” by whatever other title or name you prefer and say:

“HELP me understand this the way YOU want me to understand it for my better good. I completely release all my preconceived ideas and want YOU to give YOUR LIFE to these words instead of my old interpretations. Thank YOU!”

I’m being “deadly” serious here – this message can be life-giving and life-changing and bring us into the presence and power of the Creative SOURCE of everything seen and unseen. Have you put the foregoing paragraph into your own words and meaningfully spoken them? I implore you, brothers and sisters: DO IT NOW! To read on, without doing so, will be a waste of our time.

What now? Here is what I have just been given to open with: The English word “WORD” and term, “WORD OF GOD,” do not and never have conveyed the meaning of what John was intending in the, language which he wrote it, to convey as meaning “The Bible.”

Brad Cullen is not making a tirade against the Bible, but rather about a misunderstanding that has been perpetuated by cultural tradition as much, if not even more than by religion. Go back and repeat the above “prayer” …DO NOT MISS THIS!

The word “Word” in the original language is referring to the presence and power, this moment, today, NOW, of “God,” again by whatever label you are more comfortable using (and you may want to check in directly to see if it isn’t time to change “your” label) and does not refer to any written words purported to be inspired by “God.”

Recently I was given the words to say to a man over the phone, that he was to be the prophet Amos to a particular small group. He was calling me on his mobile phone telling me of the heaviness in his heart because of a “division of spirit,” between the words being spoken to him and the evidences to the contrary of the heart of one individual, but representative of many. 

What I meant and he did not miss, was that out of his heart he was to tell this group of ladies the same thing that the prophet Amos spoke to the nation of Israel, which was:

“Away with your religious practices, they are an abomination to me!” The host didn’t get the message, but one woman did …and I was given a vision of that one woman carrying that message, our SPIRIT-PARENT was delivering through this man, to places which he would not be welcome. He confirmed the vision.

When I speak of religion, any religion, I am merely speaking of preconceived thought and tradition which is blocking people from hearing directly from the SOURCE of everything here and NOW.

What preconceptions are blocking me from hearing these words being written through me right now? I release them, I send them away violently! I want only YOUR presence and power and that unto perfect peace, health, prosperity and LIFE, not that this physical world has to offer, but what YOU alone provide; and, which I was just now reminded, all the physical stuff comes to me as well …and that automatically, when I stay focused on the SOURCE. Thank YOU!

We are to get this deeply and, as never before, so that we can have the end of the old and the new beginning NOW – a never ending NOW. Not just a “mountain top” experience, but a NEVER ENDING, ETERNAL, golden mist of “God’s” presence:

“As many men and women who (choose to) receive the truth that the SOURCE of LIGHT and Creator of everything became a man; those very same men and women will receive the absolute right of passage to become and move in the fullness of being “sons and daughters” STOP!

I was about to write the words: “unfortunately language cannot,” when I was stopped and instructed to change it to: “Fortunately, language cannot express the real meaning of “Sons, Daughters or Children of God” …”fortunately” because we now understand that we simply cannot understand these terms with the brains of the body bags we occupy. My heartfelt apologies to those who preach about the “Manifest Sons of God,” but the reason not many are able to receive your message has to do with the barrier that language raises. It can only be revealed by SPIRIT and received spiritually!

Oh my, I am both excited and shuddering because I realize  that just as the man I referenced above to whom I was given the “be an Amos” word, realized his words were received by some, but rejected by the host of that gathering, the same will happen with this message.

Some of you will reject it. Oh my (again), it is never too late. The end may come to you because you choose it, but even that won’t be the end. The urgency has to do with the intent of the message – that is, in LOVE to give us LIFE NOW.

Some will prefer to stay in a safety net “gospel” of life after death and will get their reward. The intent of this message is that there is LIFE NOW, instead of death.

I came into a shallow beginning of this LIFE over fifty years ago hearing the partial truth that “As many as receive Jesus, to them he gives eternal life” and thereby had the understanding of life after death.

Eternal Life …that LIFE –instead of death– begins right now and it is NOW.

The truth is in who we are NOW – and “sons” (“manifest” or otherwise) just doesn’t convey the truth because of the barrier created by how each of us interprets “words.” Truth must be revealed to us in spirit by the SPIRIT.

That’s all for now.












































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