DECEMBER 31, 2008

Enjoy the resurrection and the life always, but always pick up your indemnity at the Cross. The Cross is the mercy seat of God and the redemption place.  The Cross is the gathering place of the saints, the equalizer.  There you are endowed with your indemnity of resurrection life.  You always find the touch of God, the hand of God, the mercy of God; the restoration.  This is where you meet the glad hand of the Father; where you are graced with whole life. It is your first love,  who you really are, in truth.  This is where you are caught away in the forward motion, the whirling Presence.  The Cross and the Resurrection is a singular great event, opening the whole new creation, and taking salvation and the fullness of God out of the hands of mortality.  You know as you are known.  You look around from the Cross, the reconciliation purchased there, and adore the furniture of eternity, admiring your inheritance which is Jesus in the Holy Spirit, Christ awakened in you. You know all is surely prepared in your first love.  There’s a place to walk, a place to live, a place to sleep and to rest.  There’s a place for you, a special dedicated place.

Now you are like the mother hen that may gather your little chicks around dwelling in harmony before the beauty of the new creation and the beauty of the new creature you find yourself to be.  Now you dwell in eternal life, in the home so beautiful, for which men long, but may not describe.  There is the peace of the Father where you exchange your beliefs and teachings for the Truth.  There you exchange the doctrines of men for reality as you walk on in clouds of glory in the Presence.  This is your individual connection and awakening where no man may stand between you and the Father.  This is what you came to resurrection life for; for what you came to be.  This is where the songs of Zion are born as each writer submits to the One and only One Who Is Life, and speaks as you.

It is not complex, this first love adorning the Cross, and you receive the joy of the Father, and the fullness of God at the Cross.  The resurrection is your inheritance; all bought and paid in mercy and love.

Forsake not your first love, for it is your life.

May you be blessed,


INDEMNITY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 12-31-08          1


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