JANUARY 21, 2007

I beseech you not to kill your neighbor, judging him to be an infidel, for he may have learned to love his enemies, to uphold them in however they may be finding life. Do not even kill his children, but “Suffer little children to come unto Me.”

I beseech you to love life, even your animals. Let us discover, “Peace that passes understanding.” Let us discover the eternal life seeded within us, even before coming to this world; The Maker’s free gift.

Perhaps, you love to be comforted, for sure. You admire the beauty of the sunset; the solitude of calm waters. Should I remind you of the love you have for your own little ones? How graceful is The Maker of all things including your own sympathetic ways. His eternal love for you far exceeds anything you have ever experienced with your own family, or your own pet.

Would you cut off the ear of your own child, or another man’s child? Would you spit on your own dog? Would you mutilate your own hand?

As I look into your eyes, would I find fear, or would I find peace? Who is the author of fear? Who is the author of peace? A thousand years from now, will you still be trying to destroy your enemies? Enemies are like cockroaches. They never go away, unless you find a way to make them your friends. If there be an enemy to you, he is within your own heart. Now reason it: He could become your friend. You cast the enemy out of your own eye, your own heart, and behold, no enemy is out there. Simple reasoning.

Fear itself, comes from right within. You harbor it, you feed it, and it grows. Love casts out fear, and when it does, behold the end of the lower creation; the end of the world. Behold the new man, the new creation. You walk in Paradise instantly.

How shall you proceed, and be delivered from fear? As you bow before your Maker, remember His face, and remember His heart. He has no fear. Therefore, He has no enemies. You recognize His love that never fails or ends. You remember that nothing is born from His Paradise but good; that which is perfect. He is the Creator. There is no darkness in Him at all. His mercy endures forever, and therefore, He made no enemies. You discover that in His Holy Presence, and in His Creativeness, there is nothing to regret, nothing to change; there is no sorrow or suffering.

If you dare ask, He will tell you that there is nothing outside of love in His Paradise, and there is nothing outside of Himself, Which Is Paradise.

Does your Maker need your help to improve a perfect picture? Everything He Is, and everything He has made is beautiful. Where did pain and suffering come from? Where did disease and death come from? Plainly, it comes from cold, fearful hearts. It comes from men who devise a path of their own, believing they are needed to improve that which is perfect. It comes from division, believing neighbor is higher than neighbor; not discerning that Creator Is Infinite Love. The division comes from a need for salvation, The Risen Savior Who Is Love Himself.

Ponder this, for real life comes with the real creation. It is within you before the world was. Everything that He Is, Is Within You.




INFIDEL NEIGHBOR [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-21-07          1


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