I will begin with a question. What is it that we inherit as sons of God? 


Adam had no birth, therefore no inheritance. There is none for the flesh man. God is not a man. None of his sons are flesh, which has no inheritance in God's Kingdom. If Jesus were born of Mary or Joseph, he would have no inheritance. No one can be half-God and half-man Jesus, the firstborn, is the inheritor of the father. What did he leave? He left a message that all men are dead and need to be raised to Life. One lacking life in the Son is mortal. God told Abraham “I am your inheritance.” So inheritance comes by a word of God in Christ Jesus, His first begotten son. It is this word that brings life.  Jesus said, “My words are spirit and life.” This is all that the Son of God left for us. This word is the seed of life. Then why do men seek to go to heaven as a forgiven sjnner? This is not the gospel. Sanctify them in the truth. “Thy word is truth,” Jesus said, “I am the truth.” The word was with God.  The word is God.  


Receiving Christ is receiving the word of God… the word that brings sight to the dead. We are joint heirs with Christ. He left a word of Spirit.  To those who receive this, receive life.  If you do not believe you are dead, where will that leave you? You will think you have life. You will not find Christ meant it when he said, I came to give you life.  Jesus left no land, no property, no material goods, and no honor among men. lf a man keep my word he will not see death. (John 8:51)  The first born of God came to share his inheritance in God the father. No son no father. We are to be conformed to the image of Christ Adam is an earthy image. Images are not born, so have no inheritance in God. The reality of all images is the life or the death that provides the image.                      


Redemption is not a birth. God’s redemption is bringing back his glory and kingdom. This cannot – and will not happen to the flesh man. God has proved man to be unable to be redeemed. It is his rejection in man, of his word and rule - that is redeemed thru the advent of his son in the flesh. Only in him is there redemption to the law of God. This can only occur in those who are joined in life in his son. Man is proved unworthy and unable. Thru the law as a nation, the rejection of God's word made flesh and the crucifixion of His son. Unless we eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood we will have no life in us. This is identification. We live by every word out of the mouth of God. We are not to glorify a Jesus of the past or a Jesus to come.  It is Him, as our life, that is the glory of God.  Christ is the origin and the consummation. (Rev. 21:6)


He is to us the word, the seed, the life, the truth, the way, and the resurrection.  What of sin, death and judgment?  He is the end of death (2 Tim. 1:10), of judgment (John 5:27) and the flesh. (Rom. 8:3) The consummation of the law is death and Christ is the resurrection (awakening) and the life.  The believer is now, in Christ, a partaker of the divine nature.  Christ is the day of the Lord… the true Light.  Now is the day of this salvation. 













INHERITANCE [Lloyd Ellefson] May 2004          1

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