FEBRUARY 16, 2004

I am from Louisville Kentucky. I am 40 years old married with three sons. I have played Christian Rock music and traveled the world for 20 years. I acquired your email address from someone within the Kingdom community who themselves did not BCC their list. Basically my goal is to meet others with similar beliefs and enlightenment and share in Christ. I have no messages posted at this time. This particular mailing list is only a couple of dozen but over 10,000 people read my messages monthly when I send out to the entire list. I am one who has come a long ways. Now I am ministering the life of reconciliation and leaving the church doctrines behind. My revelation or unveiling began about 4 years ago. Quickly I sought out others who may of had the same vision and there I came across many folks like J. Preston Eby, Gary Sigler, Cooke, Roach etc, in who I speak with often.

I do still preach and will be making trips to Germany and Brazil in June where I will minister this truth to hundreds of thousands of people.

If you would like to stay in touch then that is great. If you want to be removed then I will gladly honor that request also.

In Christ Jesus,



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