APRIL 13, 2003





“Thus says the Lord God: The gate of the inner court that looks toward the east shall be shut the six working days, but on the Sabbath it shall be opened, and in the day of the new moon it shall be opened.” Ezekiel 46:1

While this prophetic passage is pregnant with clues that foreshadow a chronological event after six days, we must keep in mind that Spirit transcends what we know of as time. The experiences and prophetic words can be realized whenever one truly believes it. However, for the sake of revealing truth, we will look through the realm of time also.

The entrance into the deepest or highest levels of spiritual consciousness within man has been shut and sealed up for 6000 years for most of humanity. The external works produced by the flesh and religious thinking has denied him access. The realms of limitations and appearances have deceived us into thinking and reasoning; instead of acting or being. Only a few have been able to transcend the realm of time and tap into the unlimited potentials lying dormant within mankind.

The gate or portal looks toward the east. East speaks of new day, light and glory, but it also means before time, this speaks of your preexistence. Locked within the inner chambers of human consciousness is a universal library of history past, present and future. It is this inner portal that connects and reconciles our fragmented lives that we have lived and will live on every dimension.


Thus far the masses of humanity have not evolved to the point of initiation that allows access beyond the gate. Mass consciousness seems to yet be driven by Fear. Fear is the emotion and negative energy that has prevented us from taking the next step in consciousness.

Because of fear we create wars. It is the fear of losing control, of something being taken that we have allowed to define who we are, and of something different.

The warfare that we see in the world today is only a combined magnified projection of the global warfare in nearly every home, church, temple, mosque, job setting, school and human. It is the fear of letting go and change that creates the struggle within.

Looking at the ever changing outer court dimension we call the world, it would appear that access to this inner chamber portal is impossible. However, the sacred scripture says, “but on the Sabbath it shall be open, and in the day of the new moon.”


Moving beyond the chronology of prophetic events, we have come to realize the Sabbath within mankind. This is the rest from the internal struggles and workings of the flesh motivated by fear. This is the total abandonment of yourself to Him that gives access to the life that exists in the inner chambers of your consciousness. Jesus said, “the Sabbath was made for man.” This experience was designed for you and you will never be truly satisfied until you access it.

Lay down your weapons and defenses, the need to be right, heard, seen, understood, recognized, or appreciated. It is about surrender and total abandonment of theology, revelation knowledge, beliefs and everything of the outer chamber experience. When we can fully give up the outer, then access will be fully give to the inner. This is your personal Sabbath rest, where all is accomplished and nothing of the outer chamber really matters anymore. This does not mean that you cease to function in the outer life. It means that you are no longer held hostage by materialism, power, ego, competition, religion or fear.


“…In the day of the new moon it shall be opened”. Rosh Chodesh or feast of the new moon is celebrated at the beginning of each month. Plus, the Feast of Trumpet is based on sighting the new moon. In Hebrew new moon is called Lavanah, it symbolizes Messiah. The new moons were also called Sabbaths.

Abandonment of the false outer chamber life is what opens the inner chamber life. “In the day,” speaks of time of enlightenment and empowerment that exposes the new moon or Messiah. This is not the Messiah in the geographical Middle East, rather it is the Messiah (Christ) that has risen as the first sliver of the new moon out of the darkness of your being.

Trumpets are blown to announce the new moon and the Feast of Trumpets. This is the prophetic, pure, precise message being trumpeted out from the inner chambers of your consciousness. This is the announcement of your coming.

“And the prince shall enter…” Ezekiel 46:2 The portal to the inner chambers of the highest and deepest of spiritual consciousness is reserved for the prince. Prince, one that is lifted up as a leader, to rise as a vapor of smoke. “He that humbles himself shall be exalted.”

One that has been willing to abandon the old, surrender all the crutches and defenses, and brought low shall rise as the vapors into the etheric. He has mastered the outer and access has been granted to the inner. He is worthy to be called, Messiah, Prince, Christ or Chosen One because the outer chamber cannot define him any longer. He is detached from the outer realm of distractions, but attached and one with the inner chamber and its attractions.

“Lift up your heads oh you gates and the King of Glory shall come in. This is your coming.

May you experience the opening and access being granted into the inner chamber as you allow the challenges in your personal life bring you to a place of total abandonment (Sabbath/Rest) and as the new moon (Christ) is fully formed and expressed in and through you.

May this access into the inner chambers of your being affect every area of the outer life, producing abundance on every level. In Jesus name. Amen.



For the past 4 years I have prophesied and warned about the “Great Wars” beginning in the spring of 2003. We have also called on intercessors throughout the nation and world to pray and fast over the years for this great time in history. I believe God has heard and honored the prayers of the righteous thus far.

As I watched how with great ease this war has been waged, the jubilation of the Iraqi people and the sense of peace and security that seems to fill our nation; I am shocked and awed.

This does not feel or look like the time I envisioned over the past several years. Somehow I have not been able to connect with the war on TV and don’t know exactly how to feel (besides praying for mercy). There has not been one successful attack against USA interest here or abroad. Military casualties are just over 110 so far, the cities of Iraq are falling to the coalition forces almost daily. Lives are being lost and endangered, people are suffering-but the reality of it has not hit me yet.

I am happy to see that the prayers of the righteous are availing much; the coalition’s forces appear successful with minimum casualties and no attacks in our nation. However, there is yet this eerie gut feeling that won’t allow me to stand down. I am encouraging all intercessory and light workers to not become over-confident in the status of the war. Stay on your guard releasing light, love, mercy and peace into the planet.

Thanks to those of you that have consistently given month after month, making it possible to proclaim these great truths that are changing lives and ministries in our nation and abroad. You share in the harvest. THANK YOU!

God bless,

INNER CHAMBERS [John Lewis]          1


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