MAY 31, 2005

This walk is not according to earth measure, but is above and beyond, for in it, I have a way that you know not of. It is not the limited, natural way of man, but according to the immeasurable power of God. It is NOW as You.

To walk across a timeless universe is to experience the Glory of I Am and The Comforting Presence of Christ Jesus. Therefore, you are called to heights unknown you have never imagined or considered. Yes, you have found Me within and beyond. Now, recognize the center of resurrection; you risen from the dead. I have called you by name that you know Who You Are; out of this world of chance, trial and error, in the surety of My Presence, The All New. I have breathed upon you.

An exact Word is Who I Am, never missing the mark. Where I go, you know, and the way you know. We go As One for I have drawn You unto Myself.

Enough! Enough! I am not adding to, or processing you, making a new work. I am revealing Myself, That Which Already Is. I receive you hither into the Glory of the Son Realm into the ends of the world where you find the openings of the all new day, and all new creature, and all new creation. I receive you as Me, and only Me. Be not afraid, but know suddenly, I have come to My Temple; alive forevermore. Come to the place you have known not, but where you are already; laying aside former things, and being the greatness of My Life. Come to the indescribable, and lay your head on eternity. Set aside everything that you think you are, and be wide open to the all new which I Am. You are drawn according to My Word, and It Is Your Hour.

Know that when you take a step, it is correct; when you make a decision, heaven and earth are moved. Salvation is far greater than men have been able to understand. Know this mind which You Are, Is Me. Know I choose only the highest and best, and that I have come to give you rest. Now, know, you are not your own, but you have been bought with a price and crowned with Glory. You have been received at the Right Hand of Our Father, and have a perfect way to go, full of His Anointed Wisdom.

The Love and Word of You Is The Law of The Spirit of Life for none lives except The Holy Spirit. ( One Spirit, One Man, One Life ) This declaration Is Eternal and I shall not repent. My Promise has always been certain and sure.

Before you is the spread of My Father’s Kingdom. It Is Yours Today, as it has always been, Remember, I said, “The Kingdom of God is at hand,” and I said “The Kingdom of God Is within you.” Rest, and behold as I unfold Glories untold.




INSIDE HEAVEN – INSIDE YOU [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-31-05         1


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