APRIL 10, 2006

Your Name Jesus is my consciousness. I proclaim it to constantly Be so… If, just to touch the hem of Your garment is new Life, I am pleased to instantly touch the Love of Your Faith, pleased to touch the breath of Your Presence. It is a joy to Be Your body, to speak Your Word just like You speak to the wind and the waves. Just to know Your remarkable anointing is to orbit creation.

It is such a wonder to recognize Your Signet over all creation, and to hold the key of Your Treasure, both physical and Eternal As One. It is my pleasure to remember the seal of Your resurrection and Your Word, “It Is Finished”. It’s yea and amen that You go forth As Me, in my stead; that You are my path of righteousness, My New Man Walking.

I take no thought of lingering or waiting or ascending for You Are As I Am. I need not be on a learning or processing path for all instant wisdom and knowledge are here in Your hand.

I touch You in my heart with the very slightest touch; even with a whisper, and instantly Heaven’s doors swing wide. You have seated me at the Right Hand of The Benevolent One and I Am Whole. The army of the Lord is marching; a parade in my honor. I yield all to Father’s Bosom.

I am You dear one: You Charles, You Yvonne, You Lou, You Homer, You Ellen, You David, You Johnny, You Jimmie, You John, You Maxine, You Trisha, You Bill, You Darrell, You George, You Darleen, You Dan, You Ruth, You Pat and You Dear Reader, for I Am Risen and We Are One.

Just to touch is sufficient, even empty and undone. I am not required, but to see only Him, and that by His Grace. He has spoken in my ear: “I Am Love. I Am Peace. I Am Joy. I Am Faith. I Am Friend. I Am The Light That Lighteth Every Man Including You. I Am Resurrection; Eternal Life, The Manifested Whole of All That Is Truth.





INSTANT APPROPRIATED CONSCIOUSNESS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-10-06          1


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