MAY 25, 2008

Today I had a telephone conversation with my friend and brother in the Lord, Charles Roby.  I was just calling to see if a prayer we had been praying had been answered yet.  While we were on the telephone he shared one of his exciting experiences with the Lord from many years ago.  This occurred on a special day while he was still ministering around the USA as a traveling evangelist.  Here’s what he shared with me:

I just wanted to share with you a wonderfully fulfilling experience I had a few years ago.  I had been attending a spiritual conference that had been called in Austin, Texas.  In the middle of one of the sessions, the Lord spoke plainly to me that I was to get up and leave the meeting. 

I quickly gathered my belongings and made my exit.  As I came out onto the street, I saw a small revival tent set up just a block or so away from my present location.  So, I proceeded in that direction, but as I approached the tent, I had a strong ‘inner knowing’ that it was not this location where I was to be.  I continued to walk down the street and soon found myself passing what I would have referred to as a flop house.  As I passed by this establishment, I saw a very unkept man approaching me on the sidewalk.  I found myself making an opportunity to speak with this man.  The words that emitted through my mouth were:  God has sent me to you!  The man was visibly very shaken by those words. 

He immediately began to share with me what had happened in his life only moments before we had this chance meeting!  He shared with me that he had been sitting on the river’s edge – underneath the Congress Ave. Bridge – only a few hundred feet from where we were standing on Congress Ave.  He said he stood up and threw his last full whiskey bottle into the river and cried out to God and said:  If you are real, God, send someone to me!  He shared with me that he had wanted a change in his life so badly that he cried out in his desperation… not out of faith… at least not fully formed faith, but God met him right where he was!  And I was so blessed to be used as God’s feet to walk into this man’s life. 

This chance meeting took place many years ago, but it hasn’t been all that long ago that I heard from the man in this story and we again shared the remembrance of this life-changing event in our more recent conversation.  Today this man has continued on to walk in the change of heart and lifestyle that began that day and is still serving the Lord. END QUOTE 

Editor’s Note:

God desires to “show Himself” – to reveal – to appear – to confirm His existence to all of mankind!  And He desires each of us to be His representatives walking on this planet… to assist in bringing this kind of confirmation that “God is Real” to all of mankind! 

Did Charles want to leave the meeting he was attending in Austin?  Probably not… probably he must have wondered in his natural mind… “I wonder why I’m being called out of here.”  But his “inner knowing” was strong and sure and he desired to obey the Christ within. It was this “Not I, but Christ” experience that produced a life-changing moment for another person who was crying out in desperation… grabbing at the last straw he could imagine… just maybe God is real… just maybe He will hear my cry and do something to meet me where I am in my desire to change my lifestyle!  And along came Roby… along came Christ dressed up as Roby…






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