FEBRUARY 24, 2007

Among those involved in various religious activities, there is much talk about satan and much fear is produced by some of this talk.  I ask the question: 


            A. A creation of god

B. An angel

C. He was created before man.

D. He could not satisfy the heart desire of God – the desire to have an

intimate relationship with His created being.


A. He was created by God.

B. He is not an angel.

C. He was created to satisfy the heart desire of God – to have an intimate relationship with his created being.

Why did God come to the Garden of Eden daily to talk with Adam?  He wanted to have a special time every day to “discuss things” with this special one He had created.  He wanted to be able to share His heart with this creation.

You might say, “He had all the angels to talk with.  Why didn’t he just talk with them and find the satisfaction He desired from an intimate relationship with them?  I suspect He may have tried to do just that… and quickly discovered that was not fulfilling His heart’s desire.  What were the angels lacking that prevented them from entering into the type of intimate relationship God desired?  They were not triune beings… was that a key to what was lacking?  I don’t claim to have the answer to this question… but I can see clearly that this lack was the “prompt” that may have caused Father to create man for His pleasure – the pleasure of sharing in an intimate relationship.

In l985, I spent several weeks in Europe.  I shared this trip with a female acquaintance that I did not know intimately.  We had never even gone on an over-night trip together, much less shared any extended time with one another.  We both had the desire to make a trip like this and we both had the finances to do so.  These were the only factors that brought us together.  Consequently, each of us were compromised in our ability to fully enjoy the richness that could have been available to each one of us – had we shared this time with someone that we had developed a fully intimate relationship with – someone that knew our heart throbs, shared our various interests, and was truly unselfish in their manner of living.

Through the years since this trip was made, I’ve had little to no contact with this person.  The trip did not bring us into the intimacy that was lacking… it only provided opportunity for us to discover how very little we had as common interests and gave us no reason to pursue a deeper relationship.  Consequently, you might say, death was brought to the relationship.  I mention this situation only as an example to attempt an explanation of what I’m about to say. 

Man fears Satan because he does not know who he is – does not know the purpose for which he was created.  And until he comes into the place of understanding, he will never know the Plan and Purpose for his life.  He may have parts to the puzzle – a few threads to begin his tapestry – a few road signs to begin his journey… but he can never see “The Big Picture” until he comes to understand that his primary purpose for existence is to be a FRIEND of GOD – to have an INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with God and only in that relationship will he ever truly

  1. Know the heart of God. 

2. Know the Plans of God

3. See God’s Big Picture

4. Know true intimacy

True intimacy provides an atmosphere of trust – a safe place to share all of your desires, dreams, plans, hopes… a place where open discussions can bring forth final plans and see completion – see dreams become reality. 

We all know certain people who speak much about “doing the Will of God – wanting to be used by God – wanting to fulfill the Plans and Purposes of God,” but years go by and little to no progress is made in the spiritual lives of these folks.  What is happening here?  Why do they seem to be on a treadmill going nowhere?  Why do they continue to speak all of their heart desires… and yet never see any of them fulfilled?  What is the missing link that stops all forward progress… that prevents any tangible completion of their hopes and dreams? 

I propose that the missing link is a lack of intimacy with the Creator… their own lack of discipline to sit quietly before God and patiently wait on Him to speak to them.  I personally believe that He desires to speak to His creation even more than many of them desire to hear Him… but only quiet time alone, seeking the voice of God will break the cycle of impotence in the Spirit Realm.  In the natural, human life cannot be produced without an intimate physical relationship between two human beings… and in the spiritual realm, intimacy is also essential for life in the spirit to come forth.  It is this lack of intimacy between God and Man that is causing the degeneration of spirit life in so many. 

Many of us in American today are asking questions such as:

a.What is happening to morality in our nation?

b.Why are gangs having such success among our young people?

c.What is the attraction that causes so many to turn to drugs?

d.Why is our crime rate steadily on the increase in so many areas?

e.Why does America have such a large homeless population?

This list is endless… but you get the idea!  What is our society lacking that is giving place to this kind of degeneration?  I wholeheartedly believe and declare loudly that our society, as a whole, has largely abandoned the need to spend time along with God.  We have severed our intimate connection with the only Source of Life. 

God tells us that we can know the TRUTH and that the TRUTH will SET US FREE.  TRUTH on every subject is only known through total intimacy with Father.  TRUTH is a person… and it is intimacy with that person that will reveal ALL of the TRUTH. 

God desires not only that we have LIFE, but that we have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.  Few have come to understand just what a wonderful PLAN for LIFE Father really desires us to know, accept and enjoy.  But we will never move into that realm of PEACE, JOY, SAFETY, TRUST, CONFIDENCE, TRUTH and UNDERSTANDING outside of the REALM of INTIMACY with Father.

True LIFE can never come forth for man until he unselfishly comes into relationship with GOD – and the outpouring of that relationship will most often result in holy intimacy with another human being.  The intimacy with Father enables man to be part of an intimate relationship with another human being… allowing him to fully open himself to that relationship.  This is an enablement from Father that will ultimately produce LIFE in both parties and possibly produce the LIFE of others through this intimacy.   It is this lack of INTIMACY with Father and the lack of producing intimacy with another that I truly believe is why divorce is so rampant in today’s society in America – and perhaps around the world.

Many people are forsaking relationship in their SPIRITUAL life – substituting religion in it’s place. Likewise, so very many are also forsaking the treasure of intimacy in their PHYSICAL lives – substituting entertainment [pornography, alternate lifestyles, etc.] in the place of a viable depth of sharing before God with their mate.  For so many, their SOULISH realm is in no better condition… possessing an untrained mind that wanders, without discipline, into areas of thought that is without health or life. 

There is HEALTH and LIFE available to all in the SILENT PRESENCE of GOD ALMIGHTY.  He will re-create within man a MIND that will OBEY His Will, a WILL that will line up with His Will, and will HEAL all EMOTIONAL DAMAGE present in any man. He will give LIFE in ALL areas.












































INTIMACY REMOVES ALL FEAR [Sunny Orly Coffman] 2-24-07          1


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