DECEMBER 16, 2006

She said, ”I’m pleased I can ask My Father questions any time I like. I can even ask the same question over and over until I understand the answer. I am that close to Him, even One within myself. We have this knowing of each other. And I am so pleased; so blessed. He is so constantly open and attentive. I bow to His wondrous glory, ever present in my immediate necessary hearing of faith and/or knowing. It is like living in the center of the library of God.

Humbled to tears, I recognize the truth of her declaration. What a marvelous understanding. It is such a joy to hear this, another confirmation of her Spirit relationship. The coming of the Lord is making the day brighter and brighter. I feel Him in my very bones.

Let us behold the halo of His appearance across the whole plane of vision. He is visible with arms outstretched over all creation, and we especially see Him in, and over those that are coming and going in the circles that we meet. It is wonderful.

It is written, “Why neglect so great a salvation,” but I would like to add, “Let us take advantage of this great salvation. ” The risen One Of Righteousness Is going forth. It is our pleasure to hold the banner higher and higher because we know Him. The Great Quickening Is Here. We ask, “Expand our vision now. Reveal Yourself Within us Our Great King. Let us be God Love to all men.

There is a definite pure work completed at the cross as He became conqueror of all limitation and carnality; and as He arose again in our hearts.

Ah, the heart; the Precious Presence of Salvation’s Lamb. Did Jesus pay it all? Yeah! His shed blood revealed The Holy Spirit; apprehended the earth and the fullness thereof. Grace became the end of the old, and the opening/unveiling of the all new. Don’t the Spirit make it felt? Doesn’t He even strengthen your walk? Doesn’t He smile upon the work of your hands?

Doesn’t He make your every thought and action glow? This is all things made new my love; all things made new. We snuggle into the fullness of His Presence with not one plea, while we feast upon the foreordained perfection that He Is. We marvel that He prepared a table of Himself so complete that words cannot explain. This is The Kingdom of God; The Place of His Life; The Only Life That There Is. This Is The Eternal Rest Given At The Cross, and placed within us not to be neglected or unknown.


He came As The Holy Ghost Wooing and Being what we can never become, except as Him. We are bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh, mind of His mind; a free gift. Grace replaces all negligence, as He leads us and guides us In Himself. We are endowed with Himself, able to do all things. In this hour, He is appearing again first to one then another, showing His immeasurable goodness and mercy. He is opening Heaven after Heaven as men’s hearts are able to receive Him. He is showing us that He Is All Love and All Mercy; that there is no darkness in Him whatsoever. He is doing for man what religion has never been able to do.

Isn’t it written that when He shall appear, we shall be like Him? Grace makes it so, right now, as He Is Come In The Flesh, The New Living Creature, unveiling The Glory of The Father Mansion after Mansion. Daily and minutely we have our intimate connection that may never be broken. Many have already found their rightful intimate place of comfort.

There comes an end to teaching when we discover that we are as He Is. Then, there is Living and Being forever and ever! Be and Live Dear Friend!




INTIMACY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 12-16-06          1


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