To be lost in praise of the One God

Is to be in a place of complete abandon

Of high intoxication in the Ruach HaKodesh*

Lost in His presence


Time stands still as your heart keeps beating

Your lips sing forth a freedom

And your spirit soars to meet Him

In His high place


Forgetting all troubles


Swirling and dancing in His arms

Twirling across the floor

Intoxicated with His smell

His face and fiery eyes


His laughter is a waterfall of living water

Rushing into your soul

Filling every dry place

Every aching lost emotion with His healing


He is better than any worldly self-indulgent medication

Better than any earthly wisdom or knowledge

For He is all things and has no need to be self-impressed


He is the Maker of all things and all the creation

Bows before Him

He is King of Kings

And we may draw near without fear

Of being destroyed because it pleases Him to

Love us and to pour mercy upon us and to allow us

To share in His goodness and peace for all eternity


I bow before you my King because you have redeemed me

from myself

From all my thoughts and wisdom which are only base metal

You bring me to my feet and choose me to dance with and

to dwell in Thee

Forever. Free.

*Hebrew transliteration of Holy Breath of God, wind of the

Spirit, Holy Spirit


© 2005, Maribeth Schlobohm

                 All Rights Reserved



INTOXICATION [Maribeth Schlobohm] ~ POEM         1


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