AUGUST 4, 2009

 “To the American Christian, no ministry is more important than that which occurs in the workplace.”


I said it.

If I say no other sentence for the rest of my life, I can rest peacefully knowing that I have made that final statement.

The ball’s in your court.

We can argue that our most important ministry is our support of the Institutional Church. Sorry, that takes money and money is earned from our jobs.

We can argue that our most important ministry is soul-winning. If we REALLY believed that, we make a more deliberate effort to better prepare this vast army of Christian employees to do more with the opportunity they’ve been given, spending up to 70% of their lives rubbing shoulders with the lost while in the workplace.

We can argue that our most important ministry is our care of widows and orphans. Again, that takes money and money is earned through our jobs.

With that perspective in mind, let’s talk about the dollars we earn from our jobs. We have all probably heard the use of phrases such as “entertainment dollar” and “food dollar.” Truth is, there is absolutely nothing that differentiates this dollar from that. There is ONLY One Dollar and EVERYONE – including the local Church – is contending for it. Whether we’re supporting a missionary, feeding starving children, taking a cruise or buying a new flat-screen TV, it’s our time invested, our dollars earned, our families neglected, our dreams ignored, that puts money in, or takes it from, our pockets.

With paycheck in hand, we must have our mind’s renewed so that we can make a wiser decision regarding WHERE we intend to sow that money: a six-pack of beer, a hamburger, a magazine… these are the kinds of choices that the working American must make, all stemming from that first mutual, initial step: getting out of bed with the dreaded alarm clock and joining the rat race, trading our precious time for compensation and doing so for decades.


What if millions of Christian Americans were being better prepared regarding the stewardship of their time, their money, the very Spirit of Christ within them…think that might make a difference from city to city?

What if working Christians were taking time to pray, study Scripture, learn about strengthening their marriages, the holiness of work, sometimes even while they’re on the job…think America could experience the benefit of that renewal from sea to shining sea?

What if Christians in the workforce throughout this nation began praying together – all denominational differences aside – on a regular basis…think this land of ours would start to see the spiritual revival so many have been praying for?

What if God’s army in the workplace would start making positive declarations over their corporations, coworkers, employers and government leaders…think we’d be able to reverse the recession? Stop a bankruptcy? Save some jobs? See a business flourish? Experience more “widow of Zarephath” situations in the midst of famines and economic downturns? Throw our enemies into confusion and see God’s Kingdom advanced?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! You’d better believe it!

We can complain, argue, lobby, cheer for FoxNews and throw Tea Parties till we’re blue in the face…the ONLY answer to the world’s problems is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The greatest force we have to counter the Dems, Libs, Acorn and even the so-called Republican Party, I contend, is the ill-equipped, malnourished, intimidated Body of Christ that has been strategically placed by God in the workforce throughout this nation, but are generally clueless as to the ministry they each possess.



I recently received this message from a California minister (June ’09): “…this week, a small local church called me to be their pastor, and I accepted the position.  I want to make sure I’m equipping them to be ministers in their workplace.  Do you have any ideas about how to do that?  I’ve preached there a few times already.  One time, I mentioned that the Bible doesn’t make any distinction between sacred and secular work–that all Christians are ministers, wherever they are.  A few days later, one of the members came to me and said, “You know, I never thought of my job as a ministry before.  It’s really got me thinking about how I can make a difference for Christ at my job!”  What a blessing!”

“Workplace believers seldom feel served by their churches in their jobs and careers on issues of faith and biblical ethics.” – Pete Hammond, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Is workplace ministry part of most local churches today? Sadly, no. In many cases, where it CAN be found, it’s merely as another bolt-on evangelism program that isn’t taken too seriously by leadership.

Consider this statement by Doug Sherman, Author of “Your Work,

Matters to God”: “Our surveys reveal that 90-97% of Christians have never heard a sermon relating biblical principles to their work life.”

Most church members have never been trained, equipped and released into the workplace by their church leaders, the one place where they spend 60-70% of their waking hours. The problem is that the teaching Christians DO receive is often irrelevant for what most Christians need in order to impact their own ministries at work.

As a result, this ill-equipped, malnourished Christian Workforce army is having little impact. We have no greater opportunity to rub shoulders with the lost and build relationships that could impact lives than we have on the job.

Sadly, week after week, Christians – just like non-Christians – miss one opportunity after another, accepting instead to exchange time for money. Frankly, many are bolder in sharing information about their multi-level business or selling chocolate bars at work for their kid’s soccer team. Too often, when we DO dare open our mouths, we say the most repulsive, condemning and irrelevant things. We do little more than to further alienate ourselves rather than make others jealous for what we’ve supposedly found in Christ.

Something needs to change. Now.

In my own attempt to Encourage and Equip Christians in the workforce, I am making available a FREE Ezine called “Workforce Communiqué” as well as a new Internet Radio program called “The Church @ Work,” YouTube videos, this Workplace BLOG, a website, and I’m making myself available for speaking engagements. In addition, I am offering FREE booklets on (Go there and SEARCH “Michael Tummillo”).

Please avail yourselves of these resources. Contact me at

Every blessing,
















































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